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Associations of Total, Cognitive/Affective, and Somatic Depressive Symptoms and Antidepressant Use with Cardiovascular Disease-Relevant Biomarkers in HIV: Veterans Aging Cohort Study
Stewart, Jesse CStewart, Jesse CStewart, Jesse CJC, StewartBM, PolankaPolanka, Brittanny MPolanka, Brittanny MPolanka, Brittanny MSo-Armah, Kaku AKA, So-ArmahSo-Armah, Kaku ASo-Armah, Kaku AWhite, Jessica RWhite, Jessica RWhite, Jessica RJR, WhiteSK, GuptaGupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KS, KunduKundu, SumanKundu, SumanKundu, SumanCH, ChangChang, Chung-Chou HChang, Chung-Chou HChang, Chung-Chou HFreiberg, Matthew SFreiberg, Matthew SMS, Freiberg and Freiberg, Matthew S
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Elevated cardiac risk score by Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease calculation is associated with albuminuria in older people living with HIV
Johnston, CarrieIfeagwu, Kene-ChukwuSiegler, EugeniaDerry, HeatherBurchett, ChelsieRice, MichelleGupta, SamirChoi, Mary and Glesby, Marshall
AIDS, vol. 34, (no. 6), pp. 949, 2020-May-1. | Journal Article
Inhibitory Effects of Probenecid on Pharmacokinetics of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate and Emtricitabine for On‐Demand HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis
Liu, Stephanie NLiu, Stephanie NLiu, Stephanie NGufford, Brandon TGufford, Brandon TGufford, Brandon TLu, Jessica Bo LiLu, Jessica Bo LiLu, Jessica Bo LiBushman, Lane RBushman, Lane RBushman, Lane RAnderson, Peter LAnderson, Peter LAnderson, Peter LBergstrom, Richard FBergstrom, Richard FBergstrom, Richard FDesta, ZeruesenayDesta, ZeruesenayDesta, ZeruesenayGupta, Samir KGupta, Samir K and Gupta, Samir K
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Gupta, SamirLi, Dan and El Serag, Hashem
(pp. 403-404). July 2020
GCH1 haplotypes and cardiovascular risk in HIV
Slaven, JamesHaas, DavidLiu, ZiyueStein, JamesBrown, Todd and Gupta, Samir
AIDS, vol. 33, (no. 10), pp. 1671, 2019-August-1. | Journal Article
HIV-Nef Protein Transfer to Endothelial Cells Requires Rac1 Activation and Leads to Endothelial Dysfunction Implications for Statin Treatment in HIV Patients
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Circulation Research, vol. 125, (no. 9), pp. 820, 2019-October-11. | Journal Article
Insomnia as an Independent Predictor of Incident Cardiovascular Disease in HIV: Data From the Veterans Aging Cohort Study
Polanka, BrittannyPolanka, BrittannyPolanka, BrittannyBM, PolankaKundu, SumanS, KunduKundu, SumanKundu, SumanSo-Armah, KakuSo-Armah, KakuKA, So-ArmahSo-Armah, KakuFreiberg, MatthewMS, FreibergFreiberg, MatthewFreiberg, MatthewSK, GuptaGupta, SamirGupta, SamirGupta, SamirBedimo, RogerBedimo, RogerRJ, BedimoBedimo, RogerBudoff, MatthewBudoff, MatthewBudoff, MatthewMJ, BudoffButt, AdeelButt, AdeelAA, ButtButt, AdeelChang, Chung-ChouCH, ChangChang, Chung-ChouChang, Chung-ChouGottlieb, StephenGottlieb, StephenSS, GottliebGottlieb, StephenMarconi, VincentMarconi, VincentMarconi, VincentVC, MarconiWomack, JulieJA, WomackWomack, JulieWomack, JulieJC, StewartStewart, JesseStewart, Jesse and Stewart, Jesse
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 81, (no. 1), pp. 117, 2019-May-1. | Journal Article
Renal safety of tenofovir alafenamide vs. tenofovir disoproxil fumarate: a pooled analysis of 26 clinical trials
Gupta, SamirPost, FrankArribas, JoséEron, JosephWohl, DavidClarke, AmandaSax, PaulStellbrink, Hans-JürgenEsser, StefanPozniak, AntonPodzamczer, DanielWaters, LauraOrkin, ChloeRockstroh, JürgenMudrikova, TatianaNegredo, EugeniaElion, RichardGuo, SusanZhong, LijieCarter, ChristophMartin, HalBrainard, DianaSenGupta, Devi and Das, Moupali
AIDS, vol. 33, (no. 9), pp. 1465, 2019-July-15. | Journal Article
Endothelial Colony Forming Cell Function Is Reduced in HIV.
Gupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KLiu, ZiyueLiu, ZiyueSims, Emily CSims, Emily CRepass, Matthew JRepass, Matthew JHaneline, Laura SHaneline, Laura SYoder, Mervin C and Yoder, Mervin C
The Journal of infectious diseases, September 18, 2018. | Journal Article
Gupta, Satyendra
IUP Journal of Structural Engineering, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 5-6, Jan 2018. | Journal Article
Immune reconstitution in ART treated, but not untreated HIV infection, is associated with abnormal beta cell function
Sims, Emily KSims, Emily KPark, GracePark, GraceMather, Kieren JMather, Kieren JMirmira, Raghavendra GMirmira, Raghavendra GLiu, ZiyueLiu, ZiyueGupta, Samir K and Gupta, Samir K
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Long-term kidney function, proteinuria, and associated risks among HIV-infected and uninfected men
Palella, FrankPalella, Frank JLi, XiuhongLi, XiuhongGupta, SamirGupta, Samir KEstrella, MichelleEstrella, Michelle MPhair, JohnPhair, John PMargolick, Joseph BMargolick, JosephDetels, RogerDetels, RogerKingsley, LawrenceKingsley, LawrenceJacobson, Lisa and Jacobson, Lisa P
AIDS, vol. 32, (no. 10), pp. 1256, 2018-March-20. | Journal Article
Women have enhanced bone loss associated with phosphaturia and CD4 cell restoration during initial antiretroviral therapy.
Kalayjian, Robert CAlbert, Jeffrey MCremers, SergeGupta, Samir KMcComsey, Grace AKlingman, Karin LFichtenbaum, Carl JBrown, Todd T and Taiwo, Babafemi O
AIDS (London, England), August 20, 2018. | Journal Article
BCL6 represses antiviral resistance in follicular T helper cells.
Amet, TohtiAmet, TohtiSon, Young MinSon, Young MinJiang, LiJiang, LiCheon, In SuCheon, In SuHuang, SuHuang, SuGupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KDent, Alexander LDent, Alexander LMontaner, Luis JMontaner, Luis JYu, QiguiYu, QiguiSun, Jie and Sun, Jie
Journal of leukocyte biology, May 26, 2017. | Journal Article
Bone mineral density reductions after tenofovir disoproxil fumarate initiation and changes in phosphaturia: a secondary analysis of ACTG A5224s.
Gupta, Samir KYeh, EuniceKitch, Douglas WBrown, Todd TVenuto, Charles SMorse, Gene DHa, BelindaMelbourne, Kathleen and McComsey, Grace A
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Editorial Comment.
Gupta, Shubham
The Journal of urology, March 29, 2017. | Journal Article
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HIV infection, antiretroviral therapy, and measures of endothelial function, inflammation, metabolism, and oxidative stress
Dysangco, AndrewLiu, ZiyueStein, JamesDubé, Michael and Gupta, Samir
PLoS One, vol. 12, (no. 8), Aug 2017. | Journal Article
MMPs/TIMPs imbalances in the peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid are associated with the pathogenesis of HIV-1-associated neurocognitive disorders: A pilot study.
Xing, YanyanXing, YanyanShepherd, NicoleShepherd, NicoleLan, JieLan, JieLi, WeiLi, WeiRane, SushmitaRane, SushmitaGupta, SamirGupta, Samir KZhang, ShanxiangZhang, ShanxiangDong, JunDong, JunYu, Qigui and Yu, Qigui
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A pilot trial of pentoxifylline on endothelial function and inflammation in HIV-infected patients initiating antiretroviral therapy.
Gupta, Samir KDubé, Michael PStein, James HClauss, Matthias A and Liu, Ziyue
AIDS (London, England), vol. 30, (no. 13), pp. 2139-2142, August 24, 2016. | Journal Article
A randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial of N-acetylcysteine on oxidative stress and endothelial function in HIV-infected older adults receiving antiretroviral treatment.
Gupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KKamendulis, Lisa MKamendulis, Lisa MClauss, Matthias AClauss, Matthias ALiu, Ziyue and Liu, Ziyue
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Association Between Depressive Disorders and Incident Acute Myocardial Infarction in Human Immunodeficiency Virus–Infected Adults: Veterans Aging Cohort Study
Khambaty, TasneemKhambaty, TasneemT, KhambatyStewart, Jesse CStewart, Jesse CJC, StewartGupta, Samir KGupta, Samir KSK, GuptaCH, ChangChang, Chung-Chou HChang, Chung-Chou HBedimo, Roger JRJ, BedimoBedimo, Roger JBudoff, Matthew JBudoff, Matthew JMJ, BudoffAA, ButtButt, Adeel AButt, Adeel ACrane, HeidiCrane, HeidiH, CraneGibert, Cynthia LGibert, Cynthia LCL, GibertLeaf, David ALeaf, David ADA, LeafRimland, DavidRimland, DavidD, RimlandHA, TindleTindle, Hilary ATindle, Hilary ASo-Armah, Kaku ASo-Armah, Kaku AKA, So-ArmahJustice, Amy CAC, JusticeJustice, Amy CFreiberg, Matthew SMS, Freiberg and Freiberg, Matthew S
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Efficacy, safety, bone and metabolic effects of HIV nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor BMS-986001 (AI467003): a phase 2b randomised, controlled, partly blinded trial.
Gupta, Samir KMcComsey, Grace ALombaard, JohnEchevarría, JuanOrrell, CatherineAvihingsanon, AnchaleeOsiyemi, OlayemiSantoscoy, MarioRay, NeelanjanaStock, David AJoshi, Samit RHanna, George J and Lataillade, Max
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