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Heterogeneity in COVID-19 patient volume, characteristics and outcomes across US Department of Veterans Affairs facilities: an observational cohort study
BMJ Open. | Journal Article
Abstract P200: The Heart and Cannabis Cohort (THC Cohort): Associations Between Cannabis Use and Cardiovascular Health at Cohort Inception
Keyhani, SalomehCohen, BethBravata, Dawn MVali, MarziehHoggatt, KatherineAustin, PeterGrunfeld, Carl and Shlipak, Michael
Circulation, vol. 141, (no. Suppl_1), 2020-03-03. | Journal Article
Evaluating the feasibility of implementing a Telesleep pilot program using two-tiered external facilitation
Rattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas AKhaw, AndrewKhaw, AndrewKhaw, AndrewMcGrath, MackenzieMcGrath, MackenzieMcGrath, MackenzieDamush, Teresa MDamush, Teresa MDamush, Teresa MMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JLenet, AdamLenet, AdamLenet, AdamStahl, StephanieStahl, StephanieStahl, StephanieFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferGuenther, DavidGuenther, DavidGuenther, DavidHomoya, Barbara JHomoya, Barbara JHomoya, Barbara JBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn M and Bravata, Dawn M
BMC health services research, vol. 20, (no. 1), pp. 357, 2020-Apr-26. | Journal Article
Identifying predictors of adherence to positive airway pressure: the next step in implementing sleep apnea management for patients with cerebrovascular events
Bravata, Dawn M
Sleep Medicine, vol. 66, pp. 242, February 2020. | Journal Article
Physiological Traits and Adherence to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment in Patients with Stroke
Zinchuk, Andrey VRedeker, Nancy SChu, Jen-HwaLiang, JiashengStepnowsky, CarlBrandt, Cynthia ABravata, Dawn MWellman, AndrewSands, Scott A and Yaggi, Henry K
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 2020-Feb-21. | Journal Article
Sleep for Stroke Management and Recovery Trial (Sleep SMART): Rationale and methods
Brown, Devin LDurkalski, ValerieDurmer, Jeffrey SBroderick, Joseph PZahuranec, Darin BLevine, Deborah AAnderson, Craig SBravata, Dawn MYaggi, H KlarMorgenstern, Lewis BMoy, Claudia S and Chervin, Ronald D
International Journal of Stroke, pp. 1747493020903979, 2020-02-04. | Journal Article
The quality of medication optimization among patients with transient ischemic attack or minor stroke
Myers, JaclynBravata, Dawn MSico, JasonMyers, LauraChaturvedi, SeemantCheng, EricBaye, Fitsum and Zillich, Alan J
Journal of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, vol. 3, (no. 1), pp. 46, February 2020. | Journal Article
Abstract WP361: Temporal Variation in Facility Performance of Process Measures After Transient Ischemic Attack in the Veterans Health Administration: Predictors and Association With Ischemic Stroke Incidence
Levine, Deborah APerkins, Anthony JSico, Jason JMyers, LauraPhipps, Michael SZhang, YingFerguson, Jared B and Bravata, Dawn M
Stroke, vol. 50, (no. Suppl_1), 2019-02-00. | Journal Article
Abstract WP514: Association Between Statin Utilization and Short- and Long-term Mortality Among Patients With TIA and Ischemic Stroke
Sico, JasonHu, XinOfner, SusanBaye, FitsumDearborn, JenniferConcato, JohnMyers, Laura and Bravata, Dawn
Stroke, vol. 50, (no. Suppl_1), 2019-02-00. | Journal Article
Adapting Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy to Where Patients Live: A Comparative Case Study
Miech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MYaggi, H KlarYaggi, H KlarYaggi, H KlarAustin, CharlesAustin, CharlesAustin, CharlesTobias, Lauren ATobias, Lauren ATobias, Lauren AFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredMatthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne S and Matthias, Marianne S
Cureus, vol. 11, (no. 2), pp. e4078, 2019-Feb-15. | Journal Article
Modelling care quality for patients after a transient ischaemic attack within the US Veterans Health Administration
Arling, GregSico, Jason JReeves, Mathew JMyers, LauraBaye, Fitsum and Bravata, Dawn M
BMJ Open Quality, vol. 8, (no. 4), pp. e000641, 20191204. | Journal Article
Power calculation in stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial with reduced intervention sustainability effect
Li, JingZhang, YingMyers, Laura J and Bravata, Dawn M
Journal of biopharmaceutical statistics, pp. 1, 2019-Jul-18. | Journal Article
Processes of Care Associated With Risk of Mortality and Recurrent Stroke Among Patients With Transient Ischemic Attack and Nonsevere Ischemic Stroke
Bravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MMyers, Laura JMyers, Laura JReeves, MathewReeves, MathewCheng, Eric MCheng, Eric MBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumOfner, SusanOfner, SusanMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaSico, Jason JSico, Jason JZillich, AlanZillich, AlanPhipps, MichaelPhipps, MichaelWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SChaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengPerkins, Anthony JPerkins, Anthony JZhang, YingZhang, YingArling, Greg and Arling, Greg
JAMA Network Open, vol. 2, (no. 7), pp. e196716, 2019-07-03. | Journal Article
Risk Prediction Tools to Improve Patient Selection for Carotid Endarterectomy Among Patients With Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis
Keyhani, SalomehMadden, ErinCheng, Eric MBravata, Dawn MHalm, EthanAustin, Peter CGhasemiesfe, MehrnazAbraham, Ann SZhang, Alysandra J and Johanning, Jason M
JAMA Surgery, vol. 154, (no. 4), pp. 344, 2019-04-01. | Journal Article
The prospectively-reported implementation update and score (PRIUS): a new method for capturing implementation-related developments over time
Miech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JRattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas ABravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MHomoya, Barbara JHomoya, Barbara JHomoya, Barbara JHomoya, Barbara JMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferDamush, Teresa MDamush, Teresa MDamush, Teresa M and Damush, Teresa M
BMC health services research, vol. 19, (no. 1), pp. 124, 2019-Feb-14. | Journal Article
The protocol-guided rapid evaluation of veterans experiencing new transient neurological symptoms (PREVENT) quality improvement program: rationale and methods
Bravata, D. M.Myers, L. J.Homoya, B.Miech, E. J.Rattray, N. A.Perkins, A. J.Zhang, Y.Ferguson, J.Myers, J.Cheatham, A. J.Murphy, L.Giacherio, B.Kumar, M.Cheng, E.Levine, D. A.Sico, J. J.Ward, M. J. and Damush, T. M.
BMC Neurology, vol. 19. | Journal Article
Association between admission haematocrit and mortality among men with acute ischaemic stroke.
Sico, Jason JMyers, Laura JFenton, Brenda JConcato, JohnWilliams, Linda S and Bravata, Dawn M
Stroke and vascular neurology, vol. 3, (no. 3), pp. 160-168, September 2018. | Journal Article
Association Between Antithrombotic Medication Use After Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve Replacement and Outcomes in the Veterans Health Administration System.
Bravata, Dawn MCoffing, Jessica MKansagara, DevanMyers, JenniferMurphy, LaurenHomoya, Barbara JPerkins, Anthony JSnow, KathrynQuin, Jacquelyn AZhang, Ying and Myers, Laura J
JAMA surgery, pp. e184679, December 26, 2018. | Journal Article
Comparison of Risk Factor Control in the Year After Discharge for Ischemic Stroke Versus Acute Myocardial Infarction
Bravata, DawnBravata, Dawn MBravata, DawnDaggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneBrosch, JaredBrosch, JaredBrosch, JaredSico, Jason JSico, JasonSico, JasonBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumMyers, LauraMyers, LauraMyers, Laura JRoumie, ChristianneRoumie, Christianne LRoumie, ChristianneCheng, EricCheng, EricCheng, EricCoffing, JessicaCoffing, JessicaCoffing, JessicaArling, GregArling, Greg and Arling, Greg
Stroke, vol. 49, (no. 2), pp. 303, 2018-February. | Journal Article
Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Apnea in Patients With Acute Cerebrovascular Disease.
Bravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, D.M.Sico, JasonSico, J.Sico, JasonVaz Fragoso, C.A.Vaz Fragoso, Carlos AVaz Fragoso, Carlos AMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, E.J.Matthias, M.S.Matthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SLampert, RachelLampert, R.Lampert, RachelWilliams, Linda SWilliams, L.S.Williams, Linda SConcato, J.Concato, JohnConcato, JohnIvan, C.S.Ivan, Cristina SIvan, Cristina SFleck, J.D.Fleck, J DFleck, J DTobias, LaurenTobias, LaurenTobias, L.Austin, CharlesAustin, C.Austin, CharlesFerguson, JaredFerguson, J.Ferguson, JaredRadulescu, RaduRadulescu, RaduRadulescu, R.Iannone, L.Iannone, LynneIannone, LynneOfner, S.Ofner, SusanOfner, SusanTaylor, StanleyTaylor, S.Taylor, StanleyQin, L.Qin, LiQin, LiWon, ChristineWon, ChristineWon, C.Klar Yaggi, H.Yaggi, H KlarYaggi, H Klar and Roudebush, R.L.
Journal of the American Heart Association, vol. 7, (no. 16), pp. e008841, August 21, 2018. | Journal Article
Economic Assessment of 4 Approaches to the Diagnosis and Initial Treatment of Sleep Apnea
Bravata, Dawn MLightner, NancyYaggi, H Klar and Miech, Edward J
Respiratory care, vol. 63, (no. 1), pp. 61, 2018-Jan. | Journal Article
Evaluating the effect of a Participatory Music Program on the Quality of Life and Community Reintegration of Homeless Veterans in Indianapolis
Cheng, PhillipCheng, PhillipMyers, LauraMyers, LauraLillie, AimeeLillie, AimeeMyers, JenniferMyers, JenniferCrow, ShannonCrow, ShannonRattray, NickRattray, NickWasmuth, SallyWasmuth, SallyHook, BrittanyHook, BrittanyLustig, AnnLustig, AnnBurns, DebBurns, DebBravata, Dawn and Bravata, Dawn
Proceedings of IMPRS, vol. 1, (no. 1), 2018-12-07. | Journal Article
MELodica Orchestra for DYspnea (MELODY): A Randomized Safety, Feasibility, and Efficacy Pilot
McGrath, MackenzieBurns, Debra SCrow, ShannonLillie, AimeeMyers, Laura JMyers, JenniferPerkins, Anthony JRattray, NicholasSmith, JosephWasmuth, Sally and Bravata, Dawn M
Proceedings of IMPRS, vol. 1, (no. 1), 2018-12-07. | Journal Article
Polysomnographic phenotypes and their cardiovascular implications in obstructive sleep apnoea
Zinchuk, Andrey VJeon, SangchoonKoo, Brian BYan, XitingBravata, Dawn MQin, LiSelim, Bernardo JStrohl, Kingman PRedeker, Nancy SConcato, John and Yaggi, Henry K
Thorax, vol. 73, (no. 5), pp. 480, 20180500. | Journal Article
Postā€stroke hypertension control and receipt of health care services among veterans
Kohok, Dhanashri DSico, Jason JBaye, FitsumMyers, LauraCoffing, JessicaKamalesh, Masoor and Bravata, Dawn M
The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, vol. 20, (no. 2), pp. 387, February 2018. | Journal Article