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"We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know” – A Qualitative Study of Medical Student Perceptions of Student Affairs. Proceedings of IMPRS
. | Journal Article
Ask the parents: Testing the acceptability and usability of a hypospadias decision aid
Binion, KelseyBinion, KelseyMiller, AndrewMiller, AndrewMisseri, RosaliaMisseri, RosaliaKaefer, MartinKaefer, MartinLongtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaCarroll, AaronCarroll, AaronWiehe, Sarah EWiehe, Sarah E.Chan, Katherine H and Chan, Katherine H.
Journal of Pediatric Urology. | Journal Article
It is essential to connect: Evaluating a Science Communication Boot Camp
Longtin, KristaWisner, Rebecca and Organ, Jason M.
The Anatomical Record. | Journal Article
Exploring How the Terms “Black” and “African American” May Shape Health Communication Research
Health Communication. | Journal Article
Rethinking graduate student socialization and identification: how the communication discipline can help
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaBrann, MariaRidley-Merriweather, Katherine E. and Bach, Betsy Wackernagel
Communication Education, vol. 70, pp. 120–122. | Journal Article
Fostering Interdisciplinary Boundary Spanning in Health Communication: A Call for a Paradigm Shift
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaKerr, Anna M.Kerr, Anna M.Kerr, Anna MShaunfield, SaraShaunfield, SaraShaunfield, SaraKoenig, Christopher JKoenig, Christopher J.Koenig, Christopher J.Bylund, Carma L.Bylund, Carma L.Bylund, Carma LClayton, Margaret F.Clayton, Margaret F and Clayton, Margaret F.
Health Communication, pp. 1–9. | Journal Article
If I Quit in the Clinic and Do Nothing but Teach, I’m Going to Be Looking for a New Job: An Exploration of Uncertainty Management in Medical Education
Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista J. and Hernandez, Rachael A.
Communication Studies, vol. 71, pp. 724–739. | Journal Article
“It’s Hidden, After All:” A Modified Delphi Study Exploring Faculty and Students’ Perceptions of a Graduate Professional Seminar in Communication
Journal of Communication Pedagogy. | Journal Article
Science Communication Boot Camp: An American Association for Anatomy program to empower members with skills in effective public communication strategies
Organ, JasonOrgan, JasonHoffmann-Longtin, Krista and Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista
The FASEB Journal, vol. 34, (no. S1), pp. 1, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
The Conscientious Use of Images Illustrating Diversity in Medical Education Marketing
Hernandez, RachaelHernandez, RachaelHernandez, RachaelHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaPatrick, ShawnPatrick, ShawnPatrick, ShawnTucker-Edmonds, BrownsyneTucker-Edmonds, BrownsyneTucker-Edmonds, BrownsyneRucker, SydneyRucker, SydneyRucker, SydneyLivingston, NikkiLivingston, Nikki and Livingston, Nikki
Academic Medicine, pp. 1, 2020-May-12. | Journal Article
Active Learning on Center Stage: Theater as a Tool for Medical Education
Hobson, Wendy LHoffmann-Longtin, KristaLoue, SanaLove, Linda MLiu, Howard YPower, Christine M and Pollart, Susan M
MedEdPORTAL : the journal of teaching and learning resources, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 10801, 2019-01-30. | Journal Article
Development of an empathy and clarity rating scale to measure the effect of medical improv on end-of-first-year OCSE performance: a pilot study
Terregino, Carol ATerregino, Carol A.Copeland, H. LieselCopeland, H. LieselSarfaty, Suzanne CSarfaty, Suzanne C.Lantz-Gefroh, ValeriLantz-Gefroh, ValeriHoffmann-Longtin, Krista and Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista
Medical Education Online, vol. 24, (no. 1), pp. 1666537, 1/1/2019. | Journal Article
Hearing Is Believing: Using Audio Feedback in the Online Interpersonal Communication Course
Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista
Journal of Communication Pedagogy, vol. 2, pp. 102, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Tailoring the Professional Development of Volunteer Clinical Faculty at Regional Medical Campuses
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaTorbeck, LauraTorbeck, LauraTorbeck, LauraNalin, PeterNalin, PeterNalin, PeterCico, Stephen JohnCico, Stephen John and Cico, Stephen John
Journal of Regional Medical Campuses, vol. 2, (no. 2), 2019-07-19. | Journal Article
A Call for a Body of Evidence About the Impact of Faculty Development
Hoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaMerckle, RyanMerckle, RyanPalmer, Megan M. and Palmer, Megan M
Assessment Update, vol. 30, pp. 6–15. | Journal Article
Teaching advocacy communication to pediatric residents: the efficacy of applied improvisational theater (AIT) as an instructional tool
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SWeinstein, ElizabethWeinstein, ElizabethWeinstein, Elizabeth and Weinstein, Elizabeth
Communication Education: Communication and Instruction beyond the Traditional Classroom, vol. 67, (no. 4), pp. 459, 10/2/2018. | Journal Article
Twelve tips for using applied improvisation in medical education
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaRossing, Jonathan P and Weinstein, Elizabeth
Medical Teacher, vol. 40, (no. 4), pp. 356, 4/3/2018. | Journal Article
Palmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan M.Palmer, Megan MHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaRibera, TonyRibera, TonyRibera, TonyDankoski, Mary E.Dankoski, Mary EDankoski, Mary ERibera, Amy KRibera, Amy KRibera, Amy K.Laird, Tom F. NelsonLaird, Tom F. Nelson and Laird, Tom F. Nelson
To Improve the Academy, vol. 32, pp. 89–106. | Journal Article
Bridging the gap for future clinician-educators
Dilly, Christen KDilly, Christen KCarlos, W GrahamCarlos, W GrahamHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaBuckley, JohnBuckley, JohnBurgner, Anna and Burgner, Anna
The Clinical Teacher, vol. 15, pp. 488–493. | Journal Article
Stepping Stones: A Leadership Development Program to Inspire and Promote Reflection Among Women Faculty and Staff
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary S(Chism) Schmidt, LaurenChism Schmidt, LaurenChism Schmidt, LaurenChism Schmidt, LaurenWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily CPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MDankoski, Mary EDankoski, Mary EDankoski, Mary E and Dankoski, Mary E
To Improve the Academy, vol. 36, (no. 2), pp. 136, 2017-06-00. | Journal Article
Twelve tips for using applied improvisation in medical education
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaRossing, Jonathan P. and Weinstein, Elizabeth
Medical Teacher, vol. 40, pp. 351–356. | Journal Article
Improv(ing) the Academy: Applied Improvisation as a Strategy for Educational Development
Rossing, Jonathan P. and Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista
To Improve the Academy, vol. 35, pp. 303–325. | Journal Article
A Competency-Based Approach to Recruiting, Developing, and Giving Feedback to Department Chairs
Palmer, MeganPalmer, MeganPalmer, MeganHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyBogdewic, Stephen PBogdewic, StephenBogdewic, StephenDankoski, MaryDankoski, Mary and Dankoski, Mary E
Academic Medicine, vol. 90, (no. 4), pp. 430, 2015-April. | Journal Article
Despite Faculty Skepticism: Lessons from a Graduate-Level Seminar in a Hybrid Course Environment
Palmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MShaker, GenevieveShaker, GenevieveShaker, GenevieveHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, Krista and Hoffmann-Longtin, Krista
College Teaching, vol. 62, (no. 3), pp. 106, 7/3/2014. | Journal Article
Just Ask: Using Faculty Input to Inform Communication Strategies
Hoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann‐Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaPalmer, Megan M.Palmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MPalmer, Megan MWelch, Julie LWelch, Julie L.Welch, Julie LWelch, Julie LWelch, Julie LWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily CWalvoord, Emily C.Walvoord, Emily CDankoski, Mary E.Dankoski, Mary EDankoski, Mary EDankoski, Mary E and Dankoski, Mary E
To Improve the Academy, vol. 33, pp. 37–56. | Journal Article