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Selenium level and depressive symptoms in a rural elderly Chinese cohort.
Gao, SujuanJin, YinlongUnverzagt, Frederick WLiang, ChaokeHall, Kathleen SCao, JingxiangMa, FengMurrell, Jill RCheng, YibinLi, PingBian, Jianchao and Hendrie, Hugh C
BMC psychiatry, vol. 12, pp. 72, 2012. | Journal Article
The changes of GA level and signaling are involved in the regulation of mesocotyl elongation during blue light mediated de-etiolation in Sorghum bicolor
Gao, SujuanGao, SujuanXie, XiuzhiXie, XiuzhiYang, SongguangYang, SongguangChen, ZhaopingChen, ZhaopingWang, Xiaojing and Wang, Xiaojing
Molecular Biology Reports, vol. 39, (no. 4), pp. 4100, 20120400. | Journal Article
Accelerated Weight Loss and Incident Dementia in an Elderly African-American Cohort
Gao, SujuanNguyen, James THendrie, Hugh CUnverzagt, FrederickHake, AnnSmith Gamble, Valerie and Hall, Kathleen S
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 59, (no. 1), pp. 18-25, Jan 2011. | Journal Article
Developmental trajectories of forward and backward digit spans in deaf children with cochlear implants
Harris, Michael SHarris, Michael SPisoni, David BPisoni, David BKronenberger, William GKronenberger, William GGao, SujuanGao, SujuanCaffrey, Helena MCaffrey, Helena MMiyamoto, Richard T and Miyamoto, Richard T
Cochlear Implants International: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, vol. 12, (no. sup1), pp. S88, 5/1/2011. | Journal Article
Diabetes and cognitive decline in elderly African Americans: A 15-year follow-up study
Wessels, Alette MLane, Kathleen AGao, SujuanHall, Kathleen SUnverzagt, Frederick and Hendrie, Hugh C
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, (no. 4), pp. 418-424, 2011. | Journal Article
Effect of shock wave number on renal oxidative stress and inflammation
Clark, DanClark, Daniel LConnors, Bret AConnors, Bret AEvan, Andrew PEvan, Andrew PHanda, Rajash KHanda, Rajash KGao, Sujuan and Gao, Sujuan
BJU International, vol. 107, (no. 2), pp. 322, January 2011. | Journal Article
Hypertension and incident dementia in community-dwelling elderly Yoruba Nigerians.
Ogunniyi, ALane, K ABaiyewu, OlusegunGao, SujuanGureje, OyeUnverzagt, Frederick WMurrell, Jill RSmith Gamble, ValerieHall, Kathleen S and Hendrie, H C
Acta neurologica Scandinavica, vol. 124, (no. 6), pp. 396-402, 2011/Dec. | Journal Article
Incidence and Risk Factors for Cognitive Impairment No Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in African Americans
Unverzagt, Frederick WUnverzagt, Frederick WOgunniyi, AdesolaOgunniyi, AdesolaTaler, VanessaTaler, VanessaGao, SujuanGao, SujuanLane, Kathleen ALane, Kathleen ABaiyewu, OlusegunBaiyewu, OlusegunGureje, OyeGureje, OyeSmith-Gamble, ValerieSmith-Gamble, ValerieHake, AnnHake, AnnHendrie, Hugh CHendrie, Hugh CHall, Kathleen S and Hall, Kathleen S
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders, vol. 25, (no. 1), pp. 10, 2011 Jan-Mar. | Journal Article
O3‐06‐03: Estimating transitional probabilities to dementia and cognitive impairment
Gao, SujuanGao, SujuanUnverzagt, FrederickUnverzagt, FrederickHake, Ann MarieHake, AnnHendrie, HughHendrie, HughHall, Kathleen Steele and Hall, Kathleen
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, pp. S510, July 2011. | Journal Article
O3‐06‐07: Statin use and incident dementia and Alzheimer's disease in elderly African‐Americans
Hake, Ann MarieHake, AnnGao, SujuanGao, SujuanLane, KatieLane, KatieUnverzagt, FrederickUnverzagt, FrederickSmith‐Gamble, ValerieSmith-Gamble, ValerieMurrell, JillMurrell, JillOgunniyi, AdesolaOgunniyi, AdesolaBaiyewu, OlesegunBaiyewu, OlesegunTaylor, StanleyTaylor, StanleyHendrie, HughHendrie, HughHall, Kathleen and Hall, Kathleen
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, pp. S512, July 2011. | Journal Article
P2‐432: Who refuses diagnostic assessment for dementia?
Fowler, NicoleFowler, NicoleGao, SujuanGao, SujuanFrame, AmieFrame, AmiePerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickBoustani, Malaz and Boustani, Malaz
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, pp. S452, July 2011. | Journal Article
P2‐433: Patients’ attitudes and acceptance of dementia screening in primary care
Fowler, NicoleFowler, NicoleGao, SujuanGao, SujuanFrame, AmieFrame, AmiePerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickBoustani, Malaz and Boustani, Malaz
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, pp. S453, July 2011. | Journal Article
Trends in the incidence and prevalence of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and cognitive impairment in the United States
Rocca, Walter APetersen, Ronald CKnopman, David SHebert, Liesi EEvans, Denis AHall, Kathleen SGao, SujuanUnverzagt, FrederickLanga, Kenneth MLarson, Eric B and White, Lon R
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 80-93, 2011. | Journal Article
Clark, DanielHanda, RajashJohnson, CynthiaConnors, BretEvan, Andrew and Gao, Sujuan
Journal of Urology, The, vol. 183, (no. 4), pp. e762, 2010. | Journal Article
A collaborative Alzheimer disease research exchange using a community-based Helpline as a recruitment tool
Austrom, Mary GAustrom, Mary GuerrieroAustrom, Mary GuerrieroBachman, JenniferBachman, JenniferBachman, JenniferAltmeyer, LindaAltmeyer, LindaAltmeyer, LindaGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanFarlow, MartinFarlow, Martin and Farlow, Martin
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders, vol. 24 Suppl, pp. S49, 2010 Jul-Sep. | Journal Article
Differences in medication use in the Alzheimer's disease neuroimaging initiative: analysis of baseline characteristics
Epstein, Noam UEpstein, Noam UEpstein, Noam USaykin, AndrewSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanFarlow, Martin RFarlow, Martin R and Farlow, Martin R
Drugs & aging, vol. 27, (no. 8), pp. 686, 2010-Aug-01. | Journal Article
P3‐023: Leisure activities and cognitive decline in a rural elderly Chinese cohort
Gao, SujuanGao, SujuanJin, YinlongJin, YinlongHall, KathleenHall, Kathleen SLiang, ChaokeLiang, ChaokeUnverzagt, FrederickUnverzagt, Frederick WJi, RongdiJi, RongdiMurrell, Jill RMurrell, JillCao, JingxiangCao, JingxiangMa, FengMa, FengYing, BoYing, BoChen, YibinChen, YibinLi, PingLi, PingBian, JianchaoBian, JianchaoHendrie, Hugh and Hendrie, Hugh C
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 6, pp. S455, July 2010. | Journal Article
P3‐156: Cognition and brain structure in Gerstmann‐Straussler‐Scheinker disease (PRNP F198S)
Unverzagt, FrederickUnverzagt, Frederick WUnverzagt, Frederick WUnverzagt, Frederick WUnverzagt, Frederick WFarlow, Martin RFarlow, MartinFarlow, Martin RFarlow, Martin RFarlow, Martin RGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanSaykin, AndrewSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JMurrell, Jill RMurrell, JillMurrell, Jill RMurrell, Jill RMurrell, Jill RRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, ShannonRisacher, Shannon LLane, KathleenLane, Kathleen ALane, Kathleen ALane, Kathleen ALane, Kathleen AWest, John DWest, John DWest, JohnWest, John DWest, John DMatthews, Brandy RMatthews, Brandy RMatthews, BrandyMatthews, Brandy RMatthews, Brandy RPiccardo, PedroPiccardo, PedroPiccardo, PedroPiccardo, PedroPiccardo, PedroMiravalle, LeticiaMiravalle, LeticiaMiravalle, LeticiaMiravalle, LeticiaMiravalle, LeticiaVidal, Ruben GVidal, Ruben GVidal, RubenVidal, Ruben GVidal, Ruben GGhetti, BernardinoGhetti, BernardinoGhetti, BernardinoGhetti, Bernardino and Ghetti, Bernardino
Alzheimer's & Dementia, vol. 6, pp. S495, July 2010. | Journal Article
Renal functional effects of simultaneous bilateral single-tract percutaneous access in pigs
Handa, Rajash KHanda, RajashHanda, RajashJohnson, CynthiaJohnson, CynthiaJohnson, Cynthia DConnors, BretConnors, Bret AConnors, BretGao, SujuanGao, SujuanGao, SujuanEvan, AndrewEvan, Andrew PEvan, AndrewMiller, NicoleMiller, Nicole LMiller, NicoleMatlaga, BrianMatlaga, Brian RMatlaga, BrianLingeman, James ELingeman, James and Lingeman, James
BJU International, vol. 105, (no. 1), pp. 128, January 2010. | Journal Article
Study on selenium exposure level related to cognitive function in rural elderly people
Cheng, YibinJin, YinlongMa, FengLiang, ChaokeLiu, YaBian, JianchaoLi, Ping and Gao, Sujuan
Wei sheng yan jiu = Journal of hygiene research, vol. 39, (no. 4), pp. 483, 2010-Jul. | Journal Article
Time-Course for Recovery of Renal Function After Unilateral (Single-Tract) Percutaneous Access in the Pig
Handa, Rajash KHanda, Rajash KWillis, Lynn RWillis, Lynn RConnors, Bret AConnors, Bret AGao, SujuanGao, SujuanEvan, Andrew PEvan, Andrew PKim, Samuel CKim, Samuel CTinmouth, William WTinmouth, William WLingeman, James E and Lingeman, James E
Journal of endourology, vol. 24, (no. 2), pp. 288, 2010-Feb. | Journal Article
Assessment of Renal Injury With a Clinical Dual Head Lithotriptor Delivering 240 Shock Waves per Minute
Handa, Rajash KHanda, RajashMc Ateer, James AMcAteer, JamesEvan, Andrew PEvan, AndrewConnors, Bret AConnors, BretPishchalnikov, Yuri APishchalnikov, YuriGao, Sujuan and Gao, Sujuan
Journal of Urology, The, vol. 181, (no. 2), pp. 889, 2009. | Journal Article
Cardiovascular risk factors and incident Alzheimer disease: a systematic review of the literature.
Purnell, ChristiannaGao, SujuanCallahan, Christopher M and Hendrie, Hugh C
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders, vol. 23, (no. 1), pp. 1-10, 2009 Jan-Mar. | Journal Article
Correlates of depressive symptoms in rural elderly Chinese
Gao, SujuanJin, YinlongUnverzagt, FrederickLiang, ChaokeHall, Kathleen SMa, FengMurrell, Jill RCheng, YibinMatesan, JanettaLi, PingBian, Jianchao and Hendrie, Hugh C
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol. 24, (no. 12), pp. 1358-1366, 2009. | Journal Article
Effect of initial shock wave voltage on shock wave lithotripsy-induced lesion size during step-wise voltage ramping
Connors, Bret AConnors, BretEvan, Andrew PEvan, AndrewBlomgren, Philip MBlomgren, PhilipHanda, Rajash KHanda, RajashWillis, Lynn RWillis, LynnGao, Sujuan and Gao, Sujuan
BJU International, vol. 103, (no. 1), pp. 107, January 2009. | Journal Article