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Evaluation of the NG-Test CARBA 5 Lateral Flow Assay with an IMP-27-Producing Morganella morganii and Other Morganellaceae
Tarlton, Nicole JTarlton, Nicole JWallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan APotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FZhang, KailunZhang, KailunDantas, GautamDantas, GautamDubberke, Erik RDubberke, Erik RBurnham, Carey-Ann DBurnham, Carey-Ann DYarbrough, Melanie L and Yarbrough, Melanie L
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Evaluation of Variability in Interpretation of Disk Diffusion Testing for Cefiderocol Using Different Brands of Mueller-Hinton Agar
Potter, Robert FWallace, Meghan AMuenks, Carol EAlvarado, KellyYarbrough, Melanie L and Burnham, Carey-Ann D
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The Effects of “Media Tech Neck”: The Impact of Spinal Flexion on Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Videos. Communication Research
. | Journal Article
Genomic Surveillance of Clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates Reveals an Additive Effect of Carbapenemase Production on Carbapenem Resistance
Diorio-Toth, LukeDiorio-Toth, LukeIrum, SidraIrum, SidraPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FWallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan AArslan, MuhammadArslan, MuhammadMunir, TehminaMunir, TehminaAndleeb, SaadiaAndleeb, SaadiaBurnham, Carey-Ann DBurnham, Carey-Ann DDantas, Gautam and Dantas, Gautam
Microbiology spectrum, vol. 10, (no. 3), pp. e0076622, 20220531. | Journal Article
Motivation system approach to understand ad processing following various game outcomes. Sport Management Review
. | Journal Article
Multiplatform Assessment of Saliva for SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Detection in Symptomatic Healthcare Personnel and Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department
Potter, Robert FRansom, Eric MWallace, Meghan AJohnson, CaitlinKwon, Jennie HBabcock, Hilary MEby, Charles SAnderson, Neil WParikh, Bijal A and Burnham, Carey-Ann D
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The Influence of Visual Frame Combinations in Solutions Journalism Stories. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
Midberry, JenniferMidberry, JenniferBrown, Danielle K.Brown, Danielle K.Potter, Robert F.Potter, Robert F.Comfort, Ryan N. and Comfort, Ryan N.
A Visual Interactive Narrative Intervention (VINI) for aphasia education: Can digital applications administer augmented input to educate stroke survivors with aphasia?
Velez, John A.Keene, Justin RobertCorwin, MelindaElko, Stacy and Potter, Robert F.
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Do not sound like an announcer. The emphasis strategy in commercials
Rodero, Emma and Potter, Rob F.
Psychology & Marketing. | Journal Article
Evaluation of PCR cycle threshold values by patient population with the quidel lyra SARS-CoV-2 assay
Potter, Robert F.Abro, BroojEby, Charles S.Burnham, Carey-Ann D.Anderson, Neil W. and Parikh, Bijal A.
Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease, vol. 101, (no. 2), pp. 115387, 2021-10-01. | Journal Article
Breakpoint beware: reliance on historical breakpoints for Enterobacteriaceae leads to discrepancies in interpretation of susceptibility testing for carbapenems and cephalosporins and gaps in detection of carbapenem-resistant organisms
Yarbrough, Melanie LYarbrough, Melanie LYarbrough, Melanie L.Wallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan A.Potter, Robert F.Potter, Robert FPotter, Robert FD'Souza, Alaric WD’Souza, Alaric W.D'Souza, Alaric WDantas, GautamDantas, GautamDantas, GautamBurnham, Carey-Ann D.Burnham, Carey-Ann D and Burnham, Carey-Ann D
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Comparison of Extraction Methods and Thermocyclers for SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Detection Using Clinical Specimens
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Journal of clinical microbiology, vol. 58, (no. 10), 20200922. | Journal Article
The effectiveness of various video ad-choice formats
Journal of Marketing Communications. | Journal Article
Effect of Vocal-Pitch Difference on Automatic Attention to Voice Changes in Audio Messages
Potter, Robert FPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FJamison-Koenig, Edgar JJamison-Koenig, Edgar JJamison Koenig, Edgar JLynch, TeresaLynch, TeresaLynch, TeresaSites, JoshuaSites, Joshua and Sites, Joshua
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Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae: a Cross-Sectional Study of Isolates Recovered from Routine Urine Cultures in a High-Incidence Setting
Bailey, Adam LBailey, Adam LPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FWallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan AJohnson, CaitlinJohnson, CaitlinDantas, GautamDantas, GautamBurnham, C A and Burnham, Carey-Ann D
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Mates or Married? Implications of Gender Composition and Physical Intimacy on Evaluation of Images Tested for Advertising
Read, Glenna LInnis, Isaiah Jvan Driel, Irene I and Potter, Robert F
Communication Research Reports, vol. 36, (no. 3), pp. 230, 5/27/2019. | Journal Article
The effects of emotions on cognitive effort while processing mediated stadium-embedded advertising: A dynamic motivational systems approach
Lee, MinkyoLee, MinkyoPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FPedersen, Paul M and Pedersen, Paul M
European Sport Management Quarterly, pp. 20, 2019-01-16. | Journal Article
Same-Sex Couples in Advertisements: An Investigation of the Role of Implicit Attitudes on Cognitive Processing and Evaluation
Read, Glenna Lvan Driel, Irene I and Potter, Robert F
Journal of Advertising, vol. 47, (no. 2), pp. 197, 4/3/2018. | Journal Article
Superficieibacter electus gen. nov., sp. nov., an Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase Possessing Member of the Enterobacteriaceae Family, Isolated From Intensive Care Unit Surfaces.
Potter, Robert FPotter, Robert FD'Souza, Alaric WSouza, Alaric W. DWallace, Meghan AWallace, Meghan AShupe, AngelaPatel, SanketGul, DanishKwon, Jennie HKwon, Jennie HBeatty, WandyAndleeb, SaadiaBurnham, Carey-Ann DBurnham, Carey-Ann DBurnham, Carey-Ann DDantas, Gautam and Burnham, Carey-Ann D
Frontiers in microbiology, vol. 9, pp. 1629, 2018. | Journal Article
The Effectiveness of Advertising Embedded in Televised Sport Programming: How Team Performance Influences Attitude Formation
Lee, MinkyoPotter, RobertLim, Choong and Pederson, Paul
Sport Marketing Quarterly, vol. 27, (no. 4), pp. 221, 20181201. | Journal Article
Th e Eff ectiveness of Advertising Embedded in Televised Sport Programming: How Team Performance Infl uences de Formation
Lee, MinkyoLee, MinkyoPotter, RobertPotter, RobertLim, ChoongLim, ChoongPedersen, Paul and Pedersen, Paul
Sport Marketing Quarterly, vol. 27, (no. 4), pp. 235, 20181201. | Journal Article
The Impact of Cognitive Load on the Cardiac Orienting Response to Auditory Structural Features during Natural Radio Listening Situations
Potter, Robert FPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FSites, JoshuaSites, JoshuaSites, JoshuaJamison Koenig, EdgarJamison-Koenig, EdgarJamison-Koenig, EdgarZheng, XiaZheng, Xia and Zheng, Xia
Journal of Cognition, vol. 1, (no. 1), 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
The Impact of Emotional Words on Listeners’ Emotional and Cognitive Responses in the Context of Advertisements
Communication Research. | Journal Article
The Impact of Emotional Words on Listeners’ Emotional and Cognitive Responses in the Context of Advertisements
Lee, Sungkyoung and Potter, Robert F
Communication Research, pp. 9365021876552, 2018-04-12. | Journal Article
Triggering Insight: Using Neuroscience to Understand How Priming Changes Individual Cognition during Electronic Brainstorming
Minas, Randall KMinas, Randall KDennis, Alan RDennis, Alan RPotter, Robert FPotter, Robert FKamhawi, Rasha and Kamhawi, Rasha
Decision Sciences, vol. 49, (no. 5), pp. 826, 2018-10-00. | Journal Article