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Leading Organizational Cultural Competency: Nurse Leader Rounds and Care for Diverse Patients
Ogbolu, YolandaScrandis, DebraFitzpatrick, Grace and Newhouse, Robin
JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, vol. 46, (no. 12), pp. 629, 2016-December. | Journal Article
The Prevalence of Insomnia, Its Demographic Correlates, and Treatment in Nurses Working in Chinese Psychiatric and General Hospitals.
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Perspectives in psychiatric care, vol. 52, (no. 2), pp. 88-94, April 2016. | Journal Article
Policy agenda for nurse-led care coordination
Lamb, G.Lamb, GerriLamb, GerriNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, R.Beverly, ClaudiaBeverly, C.Beverly, ClaudiaToney, Debra AToney, Debra AToney, D.A.Cropley, StaceyCropley, S.Cropley, StaceyWeaver, Charlotte AWeaver, C.A.Weaver, Charlotte AKurtzman, EllenKurtzman, E.Kurtzman, EllenZazworsky, DonnaZazworsky, DonnaZazworsky, D.Rantz, MarilynRantz, MarilynRantz, M.Zierler, B.Zierler, BrendaZierler, BrendaNaylor, MaryNaylor, MaryNaylor, M.Reinhard, SueReinhard, SueReinhard, S.Sullivan, C.Sullivan, CherylSullivan, CherylCzubaruk, KimCzubaruk, K.Czubaruk, KimWeston, MarlaWeston, MarlaWeston, M.Dailey, MaureenDailey, MaureenDailey, M.Peterson, CherylPeterson, Cheryl and Peterson, C.
Nursing Outlook, vol. 63, (no. 4), pp. 530, July-August 2015. | Journal Article
Psychological distress among Chinese immigrants to the USA
Lee, Mei ChingFriedmann, ErikaKverno, KaranNewhouse, RobinZhang, Dou and Thomas, Sue
International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, vol. 8, (no. 2), pp. 161, 4/3/2015. | Journal Article
The patient-centered outcomes research institute: research done differently.
Newhouse, RobinBarksdale, Debra J and Miller, Julie Ann
Nursing research, vol. 64, (no. 1), pp. 72-77. | Journal Article
The Patient-centered Outcomes Research Institute's Role in Advancing Methods for Patient-centered Outcomes Research.
Fleurence, RachaelWhicher, DanielleDunham, KellyGerson, JasonNewhouse, Robin and Luce, Bryan
Medical care, vol. 53, (no. 1), pp. 2-8, January 2015. | Journal Article
Achieving Quality Health Outcomes Through the Implementation of a Spontaneous Awakening and Spontaneous Breathing Trial Protocol
Jones, KimmithJones, KimmithNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, RobinJohnson, KarenJohnson, KarenSeidl, Kristin and Seidl, Kristin
AACN advanced critical care, vol. 25, (no. 1), pp. 42, 2014 Jan-Mar. | Journal Article
Credentialing: The need for a national research agenda
Hickey, Joanne VHickey, Joanne VUnruh, Lynn YUnruh, Lynn YNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PKoithan, MaryKoithan, MaryJohantgen, MegJohantgen, MegHughes, Ronda GHughes, Ronda GHaller, Karen BHaller, Karen BLundmark, Vicki A and Lundmark, Vicki A
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Effectiveness of the Surgical Safety Checklist in Correcting Errors: A Literature Review Applying Reason's Swiss Cheese Model
Collins, Susan JCollins, Susan JNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, Robin PPorter, JodyPorter, JodyTalsma, AkkeNeel and Talsma, Akke Neel
AORN Journal, vol. 100, (no. 1), pp. 79.e5, 2014. | Journal Article
Evidence‐based Practice Versus Evidence‐informed Practice: A Debate That Could Stall Forward Momentum in Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety, Patient Outcomes, and Costs
Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek and Newhouse, Robin
Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing, vol. 11, (no. 6), pp. 349, December 2014. | Journal Article
Nurse Credentialing Research Frameworks and Perspectives for Assessing a Research Agenda
Needleman, JackDittus, Robert SPittman, PatriciaSpetz, Joanne and Newhouse, Robin
NAM Perspectives, vol. 4, (no. 8), 2014-08-21. | Journal Article
Nurses' Work‐Related Stress in China: A Comparison Between Psychiatric and General Hospitals
Qi, Yun-KeQi, Yun‐KeXiang, Yu‐TaoXiang, Yu-TaoAn, Feng-RongAn, Feng‐RongWang, JingWang, JingZeng, Jiao-YingZeng, Jiao‐YingUngvari, G.Ungvari, Gabor SNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, RobinYu, Doris SYu, Doris S. FLai, Kelly YLai, Kelly Y. CDing, Yan‐MingDing, Yan-MingYu, LiuyangYu, LiuyangZhang, Xiang‐YangZhang, Xiang-YangChiu, Helen F and Chiu, Helen F. K
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, vol. 50, (no. 1), pp. 32, January 2014. | Journal Article
Prevalence of Nurses' Smoking Habits in Psychiatric and General Hospitals in China
An, Feng-RongAn, Feng-RongXiang, Yu-TaoXiang, Yu-TaoYu, LiuyangYu, LiuyangDing, Yan-MingDing, Yan-MingUngvari, G.Ungvari, Gabor SChan, Sally WChan, Sally Wai-chiYu, Doris S.FYu, Doris SLai, Kelly Y.CLai, Kelly YQi, Yun-KeQi, Yun-KeZeng, Jiao-YingZeng, Jiao-YingWu, Ping-PingWu, Ping-PingHou, Zhi-JiaolongHou, Zhi-JiaolongCorrell, Christoph UCorrell, Christoph UNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, RobinChiu, Helen F and Chiu, Helen F.K
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, vol. 28, (no. 2), pp. 122, April 2014. | Journal Article
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): information for academic nursing.
Barksdale, Debra JNewhouse, Robin and Miller, Julie Ann
Nursing outlook, vol. 62, (no. 3), pp. 192-200. | Journal Article
The patient-centered outcomes research institute: research done differently
Newhouse, RobinBarksdale, Debra and Miller, Julie
Nursing Research (New York), vol. 63, (no. 6), pp. 72, 20141101. | Journal Article
Universal Glove and Gown Use and Acquisition of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in the ICU
Harris, Anthony DHarris, Anthony DPineles, LisaPineles, LisaBelton, BeverlyBelton, BeverlyJohnson, J. KristieJohnson, J. KristieShardell, MichelleShardell, MichelleLoeb, MarkLoeb, MarkNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, RobinDembry, LouiseDembry, LouiseBraun, BarbaraBraun, BarbaraPerencevich, Eli NPerencevich, Eli NHall, Kendall KHall, Kendall KMorgan, Daniel J and Morgan, Daniel J
Survey of Anesthesiology, vol. 58, (no. 4), pp. 159, 2014-08-00. | Journal Article
Advancing Research: American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Research Council Mission and Accomplishments
Newhouse, Robin P and Newhouse, Robin
JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, vol. 43, (no. 5), pp. 244, 2013-May. | Journal Article
A Phased Cluster-randomized Trial of Rural Hospitals Testing a Quality Collaborative to Improve Heart Failure Care: Organizational Context Matters
Newhouse, RobinNewhouse, R.P.Newhouse, Robin PHimmelfarb, CherylDennison Himmelfarb, CherylDennison Himmelfarb, C.Morlock, L.Morlock, LauraMorlock, LauraFrick, KevinFrick, K.D.Frick, Kevin DPronovost, PeterPronovost, PeterPronovost, P.Liang, Y.Liang, Yulan and Liang, Yulan
Medical Care, vol. 51, (no. 5), pp. 403, 20130501. | Journal Article
Data Analytics: Making the Most of Input With Strategic Output
Murphy, LynMurphy, Lyn SWilson, MarisaWilson, Marisa LNewhouse, Robin and Newhouse, Robin P
JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, vol. 43, (no. 7/8), pp. 370, 2013-July/August. | Journal Article
Descriptive Survey of the Contextual Support for Nursing Research in 15 Countries
Curationis. | Journal Article
Evidence‐Based Practice Process Quality Assessment: EPQA Guidelines
Lee, Mei ChingLee, Mei CJohnson, Karen LJohnson, Karen LNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PWarren, Joan I and Warren, Joan I
Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing, vol. 10, (no. 3), pp. 149, August 2013. | Journal Article
Frequency and Risk Factors of Workplace Violence on Psychiatric Nurses and its Impact on their Quality of Life in China
Zeng, Jiao-YingAn, Feng-RongXiang, Yu-TaoQi, Yun-KeUngvari, G.Newhouse, Robin PYu, Doris SLai, Kelly YYu, Liu-YangDing, Yan-MingTang, Wai KWu, Ping-PingHou, Zhi-Jiaolong and Chiu, Helen F
Psychiatry Research. | Journal Article
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Education in Social Work
Bellamy, Jennifer LBellamy, Jennifer LMullen, Edward JMullen, Edward JSatterfield, Jason MSatterfield, Jason MNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PFerguson, MollyFerguson, MollyBrownson, Ross CBrownson, Ross CSpring, Bonnie and Spring, Bonnie
Research on Social Work Practice, vol. 23, (no. 4), pp. 436, 20130700. | Journal Article
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Education in Social Work: A Transdisciplinary Approach
Bellamy, JenniferBellamy, JenniferBellamy, JenniferMullen, EdwardMullen, Edward JMullen, EdwardSatterfield, JasonSatterfield, Jason MSatterfield, JasonNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, RobinFerguson, MollyFerguson, MollyFerguson, MollyBrownson, RossBrownson, RossBrownson, Ross CSpring, BonnieSpring, Bonnie and Spring, Bonnie
2013. | Journal Article
Improving Care Transitions Through Meaningful Use Stage 2: Continuity of Care Document
Murphy, LynMurphy, Lyn SWilson, MarisaWilson, Marisa LNewhouse, Robin and Newhouse, Robin P
JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, vol. 43, (no. 2), pp. 65, 2013-February. | Journal Article