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Proteomic Analysis of the Spinophilin Interactome in Rodent Striatum Following Psychostimulant Sensitization
Watkins, Darryl SWatkins, Darryl STrue, Jason DTrue, Jason DMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LBaucum, Anthony J and Baucum, 2nd, Anthony J
Proteomes, vol. 6, (no. 4), pp. 53, 2018-Dec-17. | Journal Article
Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis identifies novel functional pathways of tumor suppressor DLC1 in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer
Gökmen-Polar, YesimGökmen-Polar, YesimTrue, Jason DTrue, Jason DVieth, EdytaVieth, EdytaGu, YuanGu, YuanGu, XiaopingGu, XiaopingQi, Guihong DQi, Guihong DMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LBadve, Sunil S and Badve, Sunil S
PloS one, vol. 13, (no. 10), pp. e0204658, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Function of inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase isoform α (IBTKα) in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis links autophagy and the unfolded protein response
Willy, Jeffrey AWilly, Jeffrey AWilly, Jeffrey AWilly, Jeffrey AYoung, Sara KYoung, Sara KYoung, Sara KYoung, Sara KMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerStevens, James LStevens, James LStevens, James LStevens, James LMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CWek, Ronald CWek, Ronald CWek, Ronald C and Wek, Ronald C
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 292, (no. 34), pp. 14065, 2017-08-25. | Journal Article
Phosphopeptide mapping of DLC1 in ER+ breast cancer reveals AMOTL2, a key hippo pathway component, as an important target
Gokmen-Polar, YesimGokmen-Polar, YesimTrue, Jason DTrue, Jason DVieth, EdytaVieth, EdytaQi, Guihong DQi, Guihong DMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LBadve, Sunil S and Badve, Sunil S
Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 35, (no. 15_suppl), pp. 11592, 2017-05-20. | Journal Article
Phosphatase Rtr1 Regulates Global Levels of Serine 5 RNA Polymerase II C-Terminal Domain Phosphorylation and Cotranscriptional Histone Methylation
Hunter, Gerald OFox, Melanie JSmith-Kinnaman, Whitney RGogol, MadelaineFleharty, Brian and Mosley, Amber L
Molecular and cellular biology, vol. 36, (no. 17), pp. 2245, 2016-09-01. | Journal Article
Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Protein Interactions during Transcription Reveals a Role for Casein Kinase II in Polymerase-associated Factor (PAF) Complex Phosphorylation and Regulation of Histone H2B Monoubiquitylation
Bedard, Lynn GlowczewskiBedard, Lynn GlowczewskiDronamraju, RaghuvarDronamraju, RaghuvarKerschner, Jenny LKerschner, Jenny LHunter, Gerald OHunter, Gerald OAxley, Elizabeth DeVliegerAxley, Elizabeth DeVliegerBoyd, Asha KBoyd, Asha KStrahl, Brian DStrahl, Brian DMosley, Amber L and Mosley, Amber L
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 291, (no. 26), pp. 13420, 2016-Jun-24. | Journal Article
Rrp6: Integrated roles in nuclear RNA metabolism and transcription termination
Fox, Melanie J and Mosley, Amber L
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: RNA, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 104, January/February 2016. | Journal Article
A Role for Widely Interspaced Zinc Finger (WIZ) in Retention of the G9a Methyltransferase on Chromatin
Simon, Jeremy MSimon, Jeremy MParker, Joel SParker, Joel SLiu, FengLiu, FengRothbart, Scott BRothbart, Scott BAit-Si-Ali, SlimaneAit-Si-Ali, SlimaneStrahl, Brian DStrahl, Brian DJin, JianJin, JianDavis, Ian JDavis, Ian JMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LPattenden, Samantha G and Pattenden, Samantha G
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 290, (no. 43), pp. 26102, 2015-Oct-23. | Journal Article
The exosome component Rrp6 is required for RNA polymerase II termination at specific targets of the Nrd1-Nab3 pathway.
Fox, Melanie JFox, Melanie JGao, HongyuGao, HongyuSmith-Kinnaman, Whitney RSmith-Kinnaman, Whitney RLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongMosley, Amber L and Mosley, Amber L
PLoS genetics, vol. 11, (no. 2), pp. e1004999, 2015. | Journal Article
Transcriptional Activity of the Islet β Cell Factor Pdx1 Is Augmented by Lysine Methylation Catalyzed by the Methyltransferase Set7/9
Maganti, Aarthi VMaganti, Aarthi VMaier, BernhardMaier, BernhardTersey, Sarah ATersey, Sarah ASampley, Megan LSampley, Megan LMosley, Amber LMosley, Amber LÖzcan, SabireÖzcan, SabirePachaiyappan, BoobalanPachaiyappan, BoobalanWoster, Patrick MWoster, Patrick MHunter, Chad SHunter, Chad SStein, RolandStein, RolandMirmira, Raghavendra G and Mirmira, Raghavendra G
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 290, (no. 15), pp. 9822, 2015-Apr-10. | Journal Article
RPRD1A and RPRD1B are human RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain scaffolds for Ser5 dephosphorylation.
Ni, ZuyaoXu, ChaoGuo, XinghuaHunter, Gerald OKuznetsova, Olga VTempel, WolframMarcon, EdytaZhong, GuoqingGuo, HongboKuo, Wei-Hung WLi, JoyceYoung, PeterOlsen, Jonathan BWan, CuihongLoppnau, PeterEl Bakkouri, MajidaSenisterra, Guillermo AHe, HaoHuang, HaimingSidhu, SachdevEmili, AndrewMurphy, ShonaMosley, AmberArrowsmith, Cheryl HMin, Jinrong and Greenblatt, Jack F
Nature structural & molecular biology, vol. 21, (no. 8), pp. 686-95, 2014/Aug. | Journal Article
Rtr1 is a dual specificity phosphatase that dephosphorylates Tyr1 and Ser5 on the RNA polymerase II CTD.
Hsu, Peter LYang, FanSmith-Kinnaman, WhitneyYang, WenSong, Jae-EunMosley, Amber and Varani, Gabriele
Journal of molecular biology, vol. 426, (no. 16), pp. 2970-81, 2014/Aug/12. | Journal Article
The interactome of the atypical phosphatase Rtr1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Smith-Kinnaman, Whitney RBerna, Michael JHunter, Gerald OTrue, Jason DHsu, PeterCabello, Gabriela IFox, Melanie JVarani, Gabriele and Mosley, Amber L
Molecular bioSystems, vol. 10, (no. 7), pp. 1730-1741, July 2014. | Journal Article
The role of IMP dehydrogenase 2 in Inauhzin-induced ribosomal stress
Zhang, QiZhou, XiangWu, RuiZhiMosley, AmberZeng, Shelya XXing, Zhen and Lu, Hua
eLife, vol. 3, 2014-Oct-27. | Journal Article
Expression and purification of functional human glycogen synthase-1 (hGYS1) in insect cells
Khanna, MayKhanna, MayKhanna, MayImasaki, TsuyoshiImasaki, TsuyoshiImasaki, TsuyoshiChikwana, Vimbai MChikwana, Vimbai MChikwana, Vimbai MPerez-Miller, SamanthaPerez-Miller, SamanthaPerez-Miller, SamanthaHunter, Gerald OHunter, Gerald OHunter, Gerald OMosley, AmberMosley, AmberMosley, AmberTakagi, YuichiroTakagi, YuichiroTakagi, YuichiroHurley, Thomas DHurley, Thomas D and Hurley, Thomas D
Protein Expression and Purification, vol. 90, (no. 2), pp. 83, August 2013. | Journal Article
Quantitative proteomics demonstrates that the RNA polymerase II subunits Rpb4 and Rpb7 dissociate during transcriptional elongation.
Mosley, AmberHunter, Gerald OSardiu, Mihaela ESmolle, MichaelaWorkman, Jerry LFlorens, Laurence and Washburn, Michael
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, vol. 12, (no. 6), pp. 1530-8, 2013/Jun. | Journal Article
Examining the complexity of human RNA polymerase complexes using HaloTag technology coupled to label free quantitative proteomics.
Daniels, Danette LMéndez, JacquiMosley, AmberRamisetty, Sreenivasa RMurphy, NancyBenink, HélèneWood, Keith VUrh, Marjeta and Washburn, Michael
Journal of proteome research, vol. 11, (no. 2), pp. 564-75, 2012/Feb/3. | Journal Article
Mediator and SAGA have distinct roles in Pol II preinitiation complex assembly and function.
Chen, Xiao-FenLehmann, LynnLin, Justin JVashisht, AjaySchmidt, RyanFerrari, RobertoHuang, ChengyangMcKee, RobinMosley, AmberPlath, KathrinKurdistani, SiavashWohlschlegel, James A and Carey, Michael F
Cell reports, vol. 2, (no. 5), pp. 1061-7, 2012/Nov/29. | Journal Article
Ssu72 phosphatase-dependent erasure of phospho-Ser7 marks on the RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain is essential for viability and transcription termination.
Zhang, David WMosley, AmberRamisetty, Sreenivasa RRodríguez-Molina, Juan BWashburn, Michael and Ansari, Aseem Z
The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 287, (no. 11), pp. 8541-51, 2012/Mar/9. | Journal Article
Highly Reproducible Label Free Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of RNA Polymerase Complexes
Mosley, AmberSardiu, Mihaela EPattenden, Samantha GWorkman, Jerry LFlorens, Laurence and Washburn, Michael
Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, vol. 10, (no. 2), pp. M110.000687-M110.000687, 2011. | Journal Article
Delayed correlation of mRNA and protein expression in rapamycin-treated cells and a role for Ggc1 in cellular sensitivity to rapamycin.
Fournier, Marjorie LPaulson, ArielPavelka, NormanMosley, AmberGaudenz, KarinBradford, William DGlynn, EarlLi, HuaSardiu, Mihaela EFleharty, BrianSeidel, ChristopherFlorens, Laurence and Washburn, Michael
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP, vol. 9, (no. 2), pp. 271-84, 2010/Feb. | Journal Article
A label free quantitative proteomic analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae nucleus
Mosley, AmberFlorens, LaurenceWen, Zhihui and Washburn, Michael
Journal of Proteomics, vol. 72, (no. 1), pp. 110-120, 2009. | Journal Article
Rtr1 is a CTD phosphatase that regulates RNA polymerase II during the transition from serine 5 to serine 2 phosphorylation.
Mosley, AmberPattenden, Samantha GCarey, Michael FVenkatesh, SwaminathanGilmore, Joshua MFlorens, LaurenceWorkman, Jerry L and Washburn, Michael
Molecular cell, vol. 34, (no. 2), pp. 168-78, 2009/Apr/24. | Journal Article
The SIRT2 deacetylase regulates autoacetylation of p300.
Black, Joshua CMosley, AmberKitada, TasukuWashburn, Michael and Carey, Michael F
Molecular cell, vol. 32, (no. 3), pp. 449-55, 2008/Nov/7. | Journal Article
Statistical analysis of membrane proteome expression changes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Zybailov, BorisMosley, AmberSardiu, Mihaela EColeman, Michael KFlorens, Laurence and Washburn, Michael
Journal of proteome research, vol. 5, (no. 9), pp. 2339-47, 2006/Sep. | Journal Article