Research Interests:

  • Applying network-based approaches in understanding disease biology and in drug discovery settings.
  • Exploiting genomic data for gene function prediction
  • Mining genomes for novel antibiotics
  • Integrating data sets stemming from post-genomic technologies

Sarath Chandra Janga leads a team of researchers who seek to identify the molecular players at different scales that interfere with the normal functioning of cellular networks in humans and other model organisms.

Janga also has been examining the fields of epitranscriptomics, exploring RNA modifications: the factors that ultimately control the fate of protein production as DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated to proteins, and how genes are regulated in a cell at post-transcriptional level by RNA-binding proteins as well as long non-coding RNAs.

More broadly, the Janga Lab of Genomics and Systems Biology is developing computational approaches to mine complex and heterogeneous data sources, which are publicly available in biomedical sciences.

Evolution, prediction and structural organization of regulatory networks in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. This has been a long standing interest (please see publications page for some contributions in this direction) and we would like to extend our current understanding by integrating new kinds of regulatory molecules like non-coding RNAs, RNA-binding proteins etc. into this framework though principally focusing on systems-wide understanding of the design principles and constraints.

Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics, Management Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Information Science/Systems, Information Science/Systems, Computer Science, Computer Science
PhD, University of Cambridge, Molecular and Systems Biology, 2010
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Bio-chemical Engineering, Biotechnology
MTech, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Bio-chemical Engineering, Biotechnology