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Nonparametric analysis of nonhomogeneous multi-state processes based on clustered observations
Bakoyannis, Giorgos
2019-12-01. | Journal Article
Nonparametric estimation of the cumulative incidence function under outcome misclassification using external validation data
Edwards, Jessie KEdwards, Jessie K.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosYiannoutsos, Constantin T.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TMburu, Margaret WMburu, Margaret W.Cole, Stephen R. and Cole, Stephen R
Statistics in Medicine. | Journal Article
Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosZhang, YingZhang, YingYiannoutsos, Constantin T and Yiannoutsos, Constantin T
Statistica Sinica, vol. 29, (no. 4), pp. 2083-2104, 2019. | Journal Article
Semiparametric competing risks regression under interval censoring using the R package intccr
Park, JunPark, J.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Yiannoutsos, C.T. and Yiannoutsos, Constantin T
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 173, pp. 167-176. | Journal Article
Current Smokers? Preferences for Receiving Cessation Information in a Lung Cancer Screening Setting
Carter-Harris, LisaCarter-Harris, LisaCarter-Harris, LisaCarter-Harris, LisaCarter Harris, LisaCarter-Harris, L.Schwindt, RhondaSchwindt, RhondaSchwindt, RhondaSchwindt, RhondaSchwindt, R.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Ceppa, DuyKhanhCeppa, Duy KhanhCeppa, DuyKhanhCeppa, D.K.P.Ceppa, DuyKhanhRawl, SusanRawl, SusanRawl, SusanRawl, S.M. and Rawl, Susan
Journal of Cancer Education, vol. 33, pp. 1120-1125. | Journal Article
Pilot Randomized Trial of a Family Management Efficacy Intervention for Caregivers of African American Adolescents with Disruptive Behaviors
Oruche, UkamakaOruche, U.M.Oruche, UkamakaOruche, UkamakaOruche, Ukamaka MarianRobb, Sheri L.Robb, SheriRobb, SheriRobb, SheriRobb, S.L.Draucker, ClaireDraucker, ClaireDraucker, ClaireDraucker, C.B.Draucker, Claire BurkeAalsma, MattAalsma, MattAalsma, MattAalsma, M.Aalsma, MattPescosolido, B.Pescosolido, BernicePescosolido, BernicePescosolido, BernicePescosolido, BerniceChacko, A.Chacko, AnilChacko, AnilChacko, AnilChacko, AnilOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, S.Ofner, SusanBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBrown-Podgorski, B.Brown-Podgorski, BrittanyBrown-Podgorski, BrittanyBrown-Podgorski, Brittany and Brown-Podgorski, Brittany
Child and Youth Care Forum, vol. 47, pp. 803-827. | Journal Article
Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers for Respiratory Failure and Related Mortality Post Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
Rowan, Courtney MarieRowan, Courtney MarieRowan, Courtney MarieMoser, Elizabeth A.SMoser, Elizabeth A.SMoser, Elizabeth A.SBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosPaczesny, SophiePaczesny, Sophie and Paczesny, Sophie
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, vol. 24, (no. 3), pp. S301, 2018-03-00. | Journal Article
Study protocol testing toolkit versus usual care for implementation of screening, brief intervention, referral to treatment in hospitals: A phased cluster randomized approach
Newhouse, RobinNewhouse, RobinNewhouse, R.Janney, MichelleJanney, MichelleJanney, M.Gilbert, AnneGilbert, AnneGilbert, A.Agley, JonAgley, JonAgley, J.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Ferren, M.Ferren, MeloraFerren, MeloraMullins, C DanielMullins, C.D.Mullins, C DanielJohantgen, M.Johantgen, MegJohantgen, MegSchwindt, RhondaSchwindt, RhondaSchwindt, R.Thoele, KelliThoele, K. and Thoele, Kelli
Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, vol. 13. | Journal Article
Symptoms-Based Phenotypes Among Women With Dysmenorrhea: A Latent Class Analysis
Chen, C.X.Chen, C.X.Chen, Chen XOfner, S.Ofner, S.Ofner, SusanBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, G.Kwekkeboom, Kristine LKwekkeboom, K.L.Kwekkeboom, K.L.Carpenter, J.S.Carpenter, J.S. and Carpenter, Janet S
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 40, pp. 1452-1468. | Journal Article
Use of the Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment Program in Indiana Nursing Homes
Hickman, Susan EHickman, Susan EHickman, Susan E.Hickman, S.E.Hickman, Susan ESudore, Rebecca LSudore, Rebecca LSudore, Rebecca LSudore, R.L.Sudore, Rebecca L.Sachs, G.A.Sachs, Greg ASachs, Greg A.Sachs, Greg ASachs, Greg ATorke, Alexia MTorke, A.M.Torke, Alexia MTorke, Alexia M.Torke, Alexia MMyers, A.L.Myers, Anne LMyers, Anne LMyers, Anne LMyers, Anne L.Tang, QingTang, QingTang, Q.Tang, QingTang, QingBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosHammes, Bernard J.Hammes, Bernard JHammes, Bernard JHammes, B.J. and Hammes, Bernard J
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 66, pp. 1096-1100. | Journal Article
An activated Th17-prone T cell subset involved in chronic graft-versus-host disease sensitive to pharmacological inhibition
Forcade, E.Forcade, EdouardForcade, EdouardForcade, EdouardPaz, KatelynPaz, KatelynPaz, K.Paz, KatelynFlynn, RyanFlynn, RyanFlynn, RyanFlynn, R.Griesenauer, BradGriesenauer, BradGriesenauer, B.Griesenauer, BradAmet, TohtiAmet, TohtiAmet, TohtiAmet, T.Li, W.Li, WeiLi, WeiLi, WeiLiu, LiangyiLiu, LiangyiLiu, L.Liu, LiangyiBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosJiang, DiJiang, DiJiang, DiJiang, D.Chu, Hong WeiChu, H.W.Chu, Hong WeiChu, Hong WeiLobera, MercedesLobera, MercedesLobera, M.Lobera, MercedesYang, JianfeiYang, JianfeiYang, JianfeiYang, J.Wilkes, David S.Wilkes, David SWilkes, D.S.Wilkes, David SDu, JingDu, JingDu, J.Du, JingGartlan, KateGartlan, KateGartlan, K.Gartlan, KateHill, G.R.Hill, Geoffrey RHill, Geoffrey R.Hill, Geoffrey RMacDonald, Kelli PaMacDonald, K.P.MacDonald, Kelli PaMacDonald, Kelli P. A.Espada, E.L.Espada, Eduardo LEspada, Eduardo LEspada, Eduardo L.Blanco, P.Blanco, PatrickBlanco, PatrickBlanco, PatrickSerody, Jonathan S.Serody, J.S.Serody, Jonathan SSerody, Jonathan SKoreth, JohnKoreth, JohnKoreth, JohnKoreth, J.Cutler, Corey S.Cutler, C.S.Cutler, Corey SCutler, Corey SAntin, Joseph H.Antin, J.H.Antin, Joseph HAntin, Joseph HSoiffer, Robert JSoiffer, R.J.Soiffer, Robert J.Soiffer, Robert JRitz, JeromeRitz, JeromeRitz, J.Ritz, JeromePaczesny, SophiePaczesny, S.Paczesny, SophiePaczesny, SophieBlazar, B.R.Blazar, Bruce R.Blazar, Bruce R and Blazar, Bruce R
JCI insight, vol. 2. | Journal Article
APOE ?4 and memory among patients with heart failure
Pressler, Susan JPressler, S.J.Pressler, S.J.Pressler, Susan JPressler, SusanHarrison, J.M.Harrison, Jordan MHarrison, Jordan MHarrison, J.M.Harrison, JordanTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaTitler, M.Titler, M.Titler, MaritaKoelling, T.M.Koelling, ToddKoelling, Todd MKoelling, Todd MKoelling, T.M.Jung, M.Jung, MiyeonJung, M.Jung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonDorsey, SusanDorsey, Susan GDorsey, S.G.Dorsey, S.G.Dorsey, Susan GBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, G.Riley, Penny LRiley, P.L.Riley, PennyRiley, Penny LRiley, P.L.Hoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, L.Hoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, L.Giordani, B.Giordani, BrunoGiordani, BrunoGiordani, Bruno and Giordani, B.
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 39, pp. 455-472. | Journal Article
APOE epsilon 4 and Memory Among Patients With Heart Failure
Pressler, SusanPressler, SusanPressler, SusanPressler, SusanHarrison, JordanHarrison, JordanHarrison, JordanHarrison, JordanTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaKoelling, ToddKoelling, ToddKoelling, ToddKoelling, ToddJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonDorsey, SusanDorsey, SusanDorsey, SusanDorsey, SusanBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosRiley, PennyRiley, PennyRiley, PennyRiley, PennyHoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, LisaHoyland-Domenico, LisaGiordani, BrunoGiordani, BrunoGiordani, Bruno and Giordani, Bruno
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 39, (no. 4), pp. 455, 20170401. | Journal Article
Emergency Medical Services Activation for Heart Failure Patients: A Methodological Pilot Study
Jung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonPressler, Susan JPressler, Susan JPressler, Susan JPressler, Susan JPressler, Susan JNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PNewhouse, Robin PLake, Kittie RLake, Kittie RLake, Kittie RLake, Kittie RLake, Kittie RSmith, MaddisonSmith, MaddisonSmith, MaddisonSmith, MaddisonSmith, MaddisonO'Donnell, DanO'Donnell, DanO'Donnell, DanO'Donnell, DanO'Donnell, DanArkins, TomArkins, TomArkins, TomArkins, TomArkins, TomBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosCook, RyanCook, RyanCook, RyanCook, RyanCook, RyanPang, PeterPang, PeterPang, PeterPang, PeterPang, PeterGradus-Pizlo, IrminaGradus-Pizlo, IrminaGradus-Pizlo, IrminaGradus-Pizlo, Irmina and Gradus-Pizlo, Irmina
Journal of Cardiac Failure, vol. 23, (no. 8), pp. S83, 2017-08-00. | Journal Article
Impact of dependent left truncation in semiparametric competing risks methods: A simulation study
Bakoyannis, G. and Touloumi, G.
Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation, vol. 46, pp. 2025-2042. | Journal Article
Observational Study of the Effect of Patient Outreach on Return to Care: The Earlier the Better
Rebeiro, PeterRebeiro, P.F.Rebeiro, PeterBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosMusick, BeverlyMusick, BeverlyMusick, B.S.Braithwaite, R.S.Braithwaite, RonaldBraithwaite, RonaldWools Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, K.K.Nyandiko, WinstoneNyandiko, WinstoneNyandiko, W.Some, F.Some, FatmaSome, FatmaBraitstein, PaulaBraitstein, P.Braitstein, PaulaYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, C.T. and Yiannoutsos, Constantin
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 76, pp. 141-148. | Journal Article
Plasma-derived proteomic biomarkers in human leukocyte antigen-haploidentical or human leukocyte antigen-matched bone marrow transplantation using post-transplantation cyclophosphamide
Kanakry, Christopher GKanakry, C.G.Bakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosPerkins, S.M.Perkins, Susan MMcCurdy, S.R.McCurdy, Shannon RVulic, AnteVulic, A.Warren, E.H.Warren, Edus HDaguindau, E.Daguindau, EtienneOlmsted, TaylorOlmsted, T.Mumaw, ChristenMumaw, C.Towlerton, Andrea M HTowlerton, A.M.H.Cooke, K.R.Cooke, Kenneth RO'Donnell, Paul VO?Donnell, P.V.Symons, Heather JSymons, H.J.Paczesny, S.Paczesny, SophieLuznik, L. and Luznik, Leo
Haematologica, vol. 102, pp. 932-940. | Journal Article
Psychometric testing of the life changes in epilepsy scale
WR, MillerMiller, W.R.M, WeaverWeaver, M.G, BakoyannisBakoyannis, G.Bakas, T.T, BakasBuelow, J.J, BuelowD, Sabau and Sabau, D.
Journal of Nursing Measurement, vol. 25, pp. 41-55. | Journal Article
Semiparametric regression on cumulative incidence function with interval-censored competing risks data
Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosYu, MenggangYu, MenggangYiannoutsos, Constantin T and Yiannoutsos, Constantin T.
Statistics in Medicine, vol. 36, pp. 3683–3707. | Journal Article
Using HCAHPS data to model correlates of medication understanding at hospital discharge
Bartlett Ellis, Rebecca JWerskey, Karen LStangland, Rachel MOfner, Susan and Bakoyannis, Giorgos
Nursing: Research and Reviews, vol. 7, pp. 7, 2017-02-00. | Journal Article
Validity, cut-points, and minimally important differences for two hot flash-related daily interference scales
Carpenter, J.S.Carpenter, JanetCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet S.Bakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosOtte, JulieOtte, Julie L.Otte, J.L.Otte, Julie LOtte, Julie LChen, C.X.Chen, Chen XChen, ChenChen, Chen XChen, Chen X.Rand, K.L.Rand, KevinRand, Kevin LRand, Kevin L.Rand, Kevin LWoods, NancyWoods, N.Woods, NancyWoods, NancyWoods, NancyNewton, KatherineNewton, KatherineNewton, K.Newton, KatherineNewton, KatherineJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineJoffe, H.Joffe, HadineManson, JoAnnManson, JoAnn EManson, JoAnn E.Manson, J.E.Manson, Joann EFreeman, E.W.Freeman, Ellen WFreeman, EllenFreeman, Ellen WFreeman, Ellen W.Guthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, Katherine A.Guthrie, Katherine and Guthrie, K.A.
Menopause, vol. 24, pp. 877-885. | Journal Article
Facility-level factors influencing retention of patients in HIV care in East Africa
Rachlis, BethRachlis, B.Rachlis, BethRachlis, BethBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosEasterbrook, P.Easterbrook, PhilippaEasterbrook, PhilippaEasterbrook, PhilippaGenberg, B.Genberg, BeckyGenberg, BeckyGenberg, BeckyBraithwaite, Ronald SBraithwaite, R.S.Braithwaite, Ronald ScottBraithwaite, Ronald ScottCohen, Craig RCohen, Craig RCohen, C.R.Cohen, Craig RBukusi, Elizabeth ABukusi, Elizabeth ABukusi, E.A.Bukusi, Elizabeth AKambugu, A.Kambugu, AndrewKambugu, AndrewKambugu, AndrewBwana, M.B.Bwana, Mwebesa BoscoBwana, Mwebesa BoscoSomi, Geoffrey RSomi, Geoffrey RSomi, G.R.Somi, Geoffrey RGeng, Elvin HGeng, Elvin HGeng, Elvin HGeng, E.H.Musick, BeverlyMusick, BeverlyMusick, BeverlyMusick, B.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TYiannoutsos, Constantin TYiannoutsos, C.T.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TWools Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, K.Wools-Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, KaraBraitstein, PaulaBraitstein, P.Braitstein, Paula and Braitstein, Paula
PLoS ONE, vol. 11. | Journal Article
Frequency of APOE Genotypes and Associations with Memory and Attention in Heart Failure
Jung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonJung, MiyeonHarrison, JordanHarrison, JordanHarrison, JordanTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaTitler, MaritaKoelling, ToddKoelling, ToddKoelling, ToddDorsey, SusanDorsey, SusanDorsey, SusanBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, GiorgosGiordani, BrunoGiordani, BrunoGiordani, BrunoPressler, SusanPressler, Susan and Pressler, Susan
Journal of Cardiac Failure, vol. 22, (no. 8), pp. S7, 2016. | Journal Article
Parental stress management using relaxation techniques in a neonatal intensive care unit: A randomised controlled trial
Fotiou, C.Vlastarakos, P.V.Bakoula, C.Papagaroufalis, K.Bakoyannis, G.Darviri, C. and Chrousos, G.
Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, vol. 32, pp. 20-28. | Journal Article
Parenting styles and trait emotional intelligence in adolescence
Argyriou, E.Bakoyannis, G. and Tantaros, S.
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, vol. 57, pp. 42-49. | Journal Article