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Failure to initiate antiretroviral therapy, loss to follow-up and mortality among HIV-infected patients during the pre-ART period in Uganda.
Geng, ElvinBwana, Mwebesa BMuyindike, WinnieGlidden, DaveBangsberg, David RNeilands, TorBernheimer, IngridMusinguzi, NicolasYiannoutsos, Constantin T and Martin, Jeffrey N
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), vol. 63, (no. 2), pp. e64-71, 2013/Jun/1. | Journal Article
Neurovirological Correlation With HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders and Encephalitis in a HAART-Era Cohort
Gelman, Benjamin BLisinicchia, Joshua GMorgello, SusanMasliah, EliezerCommins, DeborahAchim, Cristian LFox, Howard SKolson, Dennis LGrant, IgorSinger, Elyse JYiannoutsos, Constantin TSherman, SethGensler, GaryMoore, David JChen, Tiansheng and Soukup, Vicki M
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 62, (no. 5), Apr 15, 2013. | Journal Article
Outcomes of Antiretroviral Therapy in Children in Asia and Africa: A Comparative Analysis of the IeDEA Pediatric Multiregional Collaboration
Leroy, ValerianeLeroy, ValerianeMalateste, KarenMalateste, KarenRabie, HelenaRabie, HelenaLumbiganon, PagakrongLumbiganon, PagakrongAyaya, SamuelAyaya, SamuelDicko, FatoumataDicko, FatoumataDavies, Mary-AnnDavies, Mary-AnnKariminia, AzarKariminia, AzarWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools Kaloustian, KaraAka, EdmondAka, EdmondPhiri, SamuelPhiri, SamuelAurpibul, LindaAurpibul, LindaYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinSignaté-Sy, HabySignaté-Sy, HabyMofenson, LynneMofenson, LynneDabis, François and Dabis, François
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 62, (no. 2), pp. 219, 2013-February-1. | Journal Article
Progressive cerebral injury in the setting of chronic HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy
Gongvatana, AssawinGongvatana, AssawinHarezlak, JaroslawHarezlak, JaroslawBuchthal, StevenBuchthal, StevenDaar, EricDaar, EricSchifitto, GiovanniSchifitto, GiovanniCampbell, ThomasCampbell, ThomasTaylor, Michael JTaylor, MichaelSinger, ElyseSinger, Elyse JAlgers, JeffreyAlgers, JeffreyZhong, JianhuiZhong, JianhuiBrown, MarkBrown, MarkMcMahon, DeborahMcMahon, DeborahSo, Yuen TSo, YuenMi, DemingMi, DemingHeaton, RobertHeaton, RobertRobertson, KevinRobertson, KevinYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinCohen, RonaldCohen, Ronald ANavia, Bradford and Navia, Bradford
Journal of Neurovirology, vol. 19, (no. 3), pp. 209-218, 2013. | Journal Article
A causal framework for understanding the effect of losses to follow-up on epidemiologic analyses in clinic-based cohorts: the case of HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy in Africa.
Geng, ElvinGlidden, DaveBangsberg, David RBwana, Mwebesa BMusinguzi, NicholasNash, DenisMetcalfe, JohnYiannoutsos, Constantin TMartin, Jeffrey N and Petersen, Maya L
American journal of epidemiology, vol. 175, (no. 10), pp. 1080-7, 2012/May/15. | Journal Article
Diagnosing Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) in East Africa: how accurate are clinicians and pathologists?
Amerson, ErinAmerson, ErinBuziba, NathanBuziba, NathanWabinga, HenryWabinga, HenryWenger, MeganWenger, MeganBwana, MwebesaBwana, MwebesaMuyindike, WinnieMuyindike, WinnieKyakwera, CatherineKyakwera, CatherineLaker, MiriamLaker, MiriamMbidde, EdwardMbidde, EdwardYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools Kaloustian, KaraMusick, BeverlyMusick, BeverlyLeBoit, PhilipLeBoit, PhilipMcCalmont, TimMcCalmont, TimRuben, BethRuben, BethVolberding, PaulVolberding, PaulMaurer, TobyMaurer, TobyMartin, Jeffrey and Martin, Jeffrey
Infectious Agents and Cancer, vol. 7, (no. Suppl 1), pp. P6, 20120101. | Journal Article
Estimated mortality of adult HIV-infected patients starting treatment with combination antiretroviral therapy.
Yiannoutsos, C.T.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TJohnson, L.F.Johnson, Leigh FBoulle, AndrewBoulle, A.Musick, B.S.Musick, Beverly SGsponer, ThomasGsponer, T.Balestre, EricBalestre, E.Law, M.Law, MatthewShepherd, B.E.Shepherd, Bryan EEgger, MatthiasEgger, M. and Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Collaboration, International Epidemiologic Databases
Sexually transmitted infections, vol. 88 Suppl 2, pp. i33-43, 2012/Dec. | Journal Article
Prospective evaluation of the impact of potent antiretroviral therapy on the incidence of Kaposi’s Sarcoma in East Africa: findings from the International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Consortium
Martin, JeffreyMartin, JeffreyWenger, MeganWenger, MeganBusakhala, NaftaliBusakhala, NaftaliBuziba, NathanBuziba, NathanBwana, MwebesaBwana, MwebesaMuyindike, WinnieMuyindike, WinnieMbabazi, RuthMbabazi, RuthAmerson, ErinAmerson, ErinYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinMusick, BeverlyMusick, BeverlyLeBoit, PhilipLeBoit, PhilipMcCalmont, TimothyMcCalmont, TimothyRuben, BethRuben, BethMaurer, TobyMaurer, TobyWools Kaloustian, Kara and Wools-Kaloustian, Kara
Infectious Agents and Cancer, vol. 7, (no. S1), pp. O19, 2012-12-00. | Journal Article
Alternative antiretroviral monitoring strategies for HIV-infected patients in east Africa: opportunities to save more lives?
Braithwaite, Ronald SNucifora, Kimberly AYiannoutsos, Constantin TMusick, BeverlyKimaiyo, SylvesterDiero, LameckBacon, Melanie C and Wools-Kaloustian, Kara
Journal of the International AIDS Society, vol. 14, pp. 38, 2011. | Journal Article
Chemokines in cerebrospinal fluid correlate with cerebral metabolite patterns in HIV-infected individuals
Letendre, ScottZheng, Jialin CKaul, MarcusYiannoutsos, Constantin TEllis, Ronald JTaylor, Michael JMarquie-Beck, Jennifer and Navia, Bradford A
Journal of Neurovirology, vol. 17, (no. 1), pp. 63-69, 2011. | Journal Article
Determinants of Early and Late Mortality Among HIV-Infected Individuals Receiving Home-Based Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Uganda
Moore, David MMoore, DavidYiannoutsos, Constantin TYiannoutsos, ConstantinMusick, BeverlyMusick, Beverly STappero, JordanTappero, JordanDegerman, RichardDegerman, RichardCampbell, JamesCampbell, JamesWere, WillyWere, WillyKaharuza, FrankKaharuza, FrankAlexander, LorraineAlexander, Lorraine NDowning, RobertDowning, RobertMermin, Jonathan and Mermin, Jonathan
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 58, (no. 3), pp. 296, 2011-November-1. | Journal Article
Persistence of HIV-associated cognitive impairment, inflammation, and neuronal injury in era of highly active antiretroviral treatment.
Harezlak, JarekHarezlak, J.Buchthal, StevenBuchthal, S.Taylor, Michael JTaylor, M.Schifitto, G.Schifitto, GiovanniZhong, JianhuiZhong, J.Daar, EricDaar, E.Alger, J.Alger, JeffreySinger, Elyse JSinger, E.Campbell, T.Campbell, ThomasYiannoutsos, C.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TCohen, RonaldCohen, R.Navia, Bradford A and Navia, B.
AIDS (London, England), vol. 25, (no. 5), pp. 625-33, 2011/Mar/13. | Journal Article
Quantification of accuracy and precision of multi-center DTI measurements: A diffusion phantom and human brain study
Zhu, TongHu, RuiQiu, XingTaylor, Michael JTso, YuenYiannoutsos, Constantin TNavia, Bradford AMori, SusumuEkholm, SvenSchifitto, Giovanni and Zhong, Jianhui
NeuroImage, vol. 56, (no. 3), pp. 1398-1411, 2011. | Journal Article
Retention in care and connection to care among HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy in Africa: estimation via a sampling-based approach.
Geng, ElvinGlidden, DaveBwana, Mwebesa BMusinguzi, NicolasEmenyonu, NnekaMuyindike, WinnieChristopoulos, Katerina ANeilands, TorYiannoutsos, Constantin TDeeks, Steven GBangsberg, David R and Martin, Jeffrey N
PloS one, vol. 6, (no. 7), pp. e21797, 2011. | Journal Article
Survival after resection for invasive intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm and for pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a multi-institutional comparison according to American Joint Committee on Cancer Stage.
Waters, Joshua ASchnelldorfer, ThomasAguilar-Saavedra, Juan RChen, Jey-HsinYiannoutsos, Constantin TLillemoe, Keith DFarnell, Michael BSarr, Michael G and Schmidt, C M
Journal of the American College of Surgeons, vol. 213, (no. 2), pp. 275-83, 2011/Aug. | Journal Article
Trends in the clinical characteristics of HIV-infected patients initiating antiretroviral therapy in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania between 2002 and 2009.
Martin, JeffreyGeng, ElvinHunt, PeterYiannoutsos, ConstantinDiero, Lameck OWools Kaloustian, KaraKimaiyo, SylvesterBwana, MwebesaSomi, Geofrey RCohen, CraigOtieno, JulianaOkong, PiusWabwire, DeoBangsberg, David RElul, BatyaBwana, Mwebesa BCohen, Craig RNash, DenisEasterbrook, PhilippaOtieno, Juliana ABraitstein, PaulaWabwire, DeoMusick, BeverlyElul, BatyaGeng, ElvinNash, DenisHunt, PeterEasterbrook, Philippa JDiero, LameckBraitstein, PaulaMusick, Beverly SKimaiyo, SylvesterSomi, GeofreyMartin, Jeffrey NYiannoutsos, Constantin TOkong, PiusWools-Kaloustian, Kara and Bangsberg, David
Journal of the International AIDS Society, vol. 14, pp. 46, 2011. | Journal Article
Universal definition of loss to follow-up in HIV treatment programs: a statistical analysis of 111 facilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
Chi, Benjamin HYiannoutsos, Constantin TWestfall, Andrew ONewman, Jamie EZhou, JialunCesar, CarinaBrinkhof, Martin WMwango, AlbertBalestre, EricCarriquiry, GabrielaSirisanthana, ThiraMukumbi, HenriMartin, Jeffrey NGrimsrud, AnnaBacon, Melanie and Thiebaut, Rodolphe
PLoS medicine, vol. 8, (no. 10), pp. e1001111, 2011/Oct. | Journal Article
"Wamepotea" (they have become lost): outcomes of HIV-positive and HIV-exposed children lost to follow-up from a large HIV treatment program in western Kenya.
Braitstein, PaulaSongok, JuliaVreeman, Rachel CWools Kaloustian, Kara KKoskei, PamelaWalusuna, LeahbellAyaya, SamwelNyandiko, Winstone and Yiannoutsos, Constantin T
Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), vol. 57, (no. 3), pp. e40-6, 2011/Jul/1. | Journal Article
Accuracy and cut‐off point selection in three‐class classification problems using a generalization of the Youden index
Nakas, Christos TNakas, Christos TAlonzo, Todd AAlonzo, Todd AYiannoutsos, Constantin T and Yiannoutsos, Constantin T
Statistics in Medicine, vol. 29, (no. 28), pp. 2955, 10 December 2010. | Journal Article
Adjusting mortality for loss to follow-up: analysis of five ART programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.
Brinkhof, M.W.G.Brinkhof, Martin W GBrinkhof, Martin W GSpycher, B.D.Spycher, Ben D.Spycher, Ben DYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, C.Weigel, RalfWeigel, R.Weigel, RalfWood, RobinWood, R.Wood, RobinMessou, E.Messou, EugèneMessou, EugeneBoulle, A.Boulle, AndrewBoulle, AndrewEgger, M.Egger, MatthiasEgger, MatthiasSterne, Jonathan A CSterne, J.A.C. and Sterne, Jonathan A C
PloS one, vol. 5, (no. 11), pp. e14149, November 30, 2010. | Journal Article
A pilot trial of serial 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in patients with medically inoperable stage I non-small-cell lung cancer treated with hypofractionated stereotactic body radiotherapy.
Henderson, MarkHoopes, David JFletcher, James WLin, Pei-FenTann, MarkYiannoutsos, Constantin TWilliams, Mark DFakiris, Achilles JMc Garry, Ronald C and Timmerman, Robert D
International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics, vol. 76, (no. 3), pp. 789-95, 2010/Mar/1. | Journal Article
Cerebral metabolite abnormalities in human immunodeficiency virus are associated with cortical and subcortical volumes.
Cohen, Ronald ACohen, Ronald ACohen, R.A.Harezlak, JaroslawHarezlak, J.Harezlak, JaroslawGongvatana, AssawinGongvatana, AssawinGongvatana, A.Buchthal, StevenBuchthal, StevenBuchthal, S.Schifitto, GiovanniSchifitto, GiovanniSchifitto, G.Clark, U.Clark, UrainaClark, UrainaPaul, R.Paul, RobertPaul, RobertTaylor, MichaelTaylor, M.Taylor, MichaelThompson, PaulThompson, P.Thompson, PaulTate, DavidTate, DavidTate, D.Alger, JefferyAlger, JefferyAlger, J.Brown, MarkBrown, MarkBrown, M.Zhong, JianhuiZhong, J.Zhong, JianhuiCampbell, T.Campbell, ThomasCampbell, ThomasSinger, ElyseSinger, ElyseSinger, E.Daar, E.Daar, EricDaar, EricMcMahon, D.McMahon, DeborahMc Mahon, DeborahTso, YuenTso, Y.Tso, YuenYiannoutsos, C.T.Yiannoutsos, Constantin TYiannoutsos, Constantin TNavia, B.Navia, Bradford and Navia, Bradford
Journal of neurovirology, vol. 16, (no. 6), pp. 435-444, November 2010. | Journal Article
Cerebral metabolite abnormalities in human immunodeficiency virus are associated with cortical and subcortical volumes.
Cohen, RonaldHarezlak, JaroslawGongvatana, AssawinBuchthal, StevenSchifitto, GiovanniClark, UrainaPaul, RobertTaylor, Michael JThompson, PaulTate, David FAlger, JefferyBrown, MarkZhong, JianhuiCampbell, ThomasSinger, Elyse JDaar, EricMcMahon, DeborahTso, YuenYiannoutsos, Constantin T and Navia, Bradford
Journal of neurovirology, vol. 16, (no. 6), pp. 435-44, 2010/Nov. | Journal Article
Effects of nadir CD4 count and duration of human immunodeficiency virus infection on brain volumes in the highly active antiretroviral therapy era.
Cohen, Ronald ACohen, RonaldHarezlak, JaroslawHarezlak, JaroslawSchifitto, GiovanniSchifitto, GiovanniHana, GeorgeHana, GeorgeClark, UrainaClark, UrainaGongvatana, AssawinGongvatana, AssawinPaul, RobertPaul, RobertTaylor, MichaelTaylor, MichaelThompson, PaulThompson, PaulAlger, JefferyAlger, JefferyBrown, MarkBrown, MarkZhong, JianhuiZhong, JianhuiCampbell, ThomasCampbell, ThomasSinger, ElyseSinger, Elyse JDaar, Eric SDaar, EricMcMahon, DeborahMcMahon, DeborahTso, YuenTso, YuenYiannoutsos, Constantin TYiannoutsos, Constantin TNavia, BradfordNavia, Bradford and
Journal of neurovirology, vol. 16, (no. 1), pp. 25-32, 2010/Feb. | Journal Article
Experience implementing electronic health records in three East African countries
Tierney, William MTierney, William MTierney, William MTierney, William MAchieng, MarionAchieng, MarionAchieng, MarionAchieng, MarionBaker, ElaineBaker, ElaineBaker, ElaineBaker, ElaineBell, AprilBell, AprilBell, AprilBell, AprilBiondich, PaulBiondich, PaulBiondich, PaulBiondich, PaulBraitstein, PaulaBraitstein, PaulaBraitstein, PaulaBraitstein, PaulaKayiwa, DanielKayiwa, DanielKayiwa, DanielKayiwa, DanielKimaiyo, SylvesterKimaiyo, SylvesterKimaiyo, SylvesterKimaiyo, SylvesterMamlin, BurkeMamlin, BurkeMamlin, BurkeMamlin, BurkeMcKown, BrianMcKown, BrianMcKown, BrianMcKown, BrianMusinguzi, NicholasMusinguzi, NicholasMusinguzi, NicholasMusinguzi, NicholasNyandiko, WinstoneNyandiko, WinstoneNyandiko, WinstoneNyandiko, WinstoneRotich, JosephRotich, JosephRotich, JosephRotich, JosephSidle, JohnSidle, JohnSidle, JohnSidle, JohnSiika, AbrahamSiika, AbrahamSiika, AbrahamSiika, AbrahamWere, MartinWere, MartinWere, MartinWere, Martin CWolfe, BenWolfe, BenWolfe, BenWolfe, BenWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools-Kaloustian, KaraWools Kaloustian, Kara KYeung, AdaYeung, AdaYeung, AdaYeung, AdaYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, ConstantinYiannoutsos, Constantin and Yiannoutsos, Constantin
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