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Society of Chest Pain Centers recommendations for the evaluation and management of the observation stay acute heart failure patient-parts 1-6
Peacock, W FrankPeacock, W.F.Peacock, W. FFonarow, G.C.Fonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CAnder, D.S.Ander, Douglas SAnder, Douglas SCollins, Sean PCollins, S.P.Collins, Sean PGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, M.Kirk, J DKirk, J.D.Kirk, J DouglasFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, G.Diercks, Deborah BDiercks, Deborah BDiercks, D.B.Trupp, Robin JTrupp, Robin JTrupp, R.J.Hiestand, BrianHiestand, BrianHiestand, B.Amsterdam, Ezra AAmsterdam, E.A.Amsterdam, Ezra AAbraham, W.T.Abraham, William TAbraham, William TDodge, GailAmsterdam, E.A.Dodge, GailDodge, G.Gaieski, David FGaieski, David FGurney, DianeGaieski, D.F.Hayes, Christy OGurney, D.Gurney, DianeHayes, Christy OHollander, Judd EHayes, C.O.Hollander, JuddHolmes, KayHollander, J.E.Holmes, K.Holmes, KayJanuzzi, Jr, James LJanuzzi, James LJanuzzi Jr., J.L.Levy, PhillipLevy, PhillipLevy, P.Maisel, AlanMaisel, A.Miller, Chadwick DMaisel, AlanPang, Peter SMiller, ChadMiller, C.D.Pang, P.S.Pang, Peter SSelby, ElsieSelby, E.Storrow, Alan BSelby, ElsieStorrow, A.B.Weintraub, Neal LStorrow, Alan BWeintraub, Neal LYancy, Clyde WWeintraub, N.L.Yancy, C. WYancy, C.W.Bahr, Raymond DBahr, Raymond DBlomkalns, Andra LBahr, R.D.Blomkalns, A.L.McCord, JamesBlomkalns, Andra LNowak, Richard MMcCord, J.McCord, JamesNowak, Richard MStomel, Robert JNowak, R.M.Stomel, R.J. and Stomel, Robert J
Acute cardiac care, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 42, 2009-00-00. | Journal Article
Acute heart failure syndromes: Potential strategies to improve post-discharge outcomes
Chung, Anne KChung, Anne KPang, Peter SPang, Peter SFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Current treatment options in cardiovascular medicine, vol. 10, (no. 4), pp. 357, 2008-Aug. | Journal Article
A proposal to standardize dyspnoea measurement in clinical trials of acute heart failure syndromes: the need for a uniform approach
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SCleland, JohnCleland, John G.FTeerlink, John RTeerlink, John RCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, Christopher JSopko, GeorgeSopko, GeorgePeacock, W. FrankPeacock, W. FFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CAldeen, Amer ZAldeen, Amer ZKirk, J. DouglasKirk, J. DStorrow, Alan BStorrow, Alan BTavares, MiguelTavares, MiguelMebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandreRoland, EdmondRoland, EdmondMassie, Barry MMassie, Barry MMaisel, Alan SMaisel, Alan SKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European Heart Journal, vol. 29, (no. 6), pp. 824, 20080300. | Journal Article
Effects of Tolvaptan in Patients Hospitalized with Heart Failure and Renal Impairment and Hypotension in the EVEREST Trial
Pang, PeterKonstam, MarvinZannad, FaiezMaggioni, AldoSwedberg, KarlGrinfeld, LilianaBurnett, JohnKrasa, HollyZimmer, ChristopherBlair, JohnOuyang, John and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Journal of Cardiac Failure, vol. 14, (no. 6), pp. S70, 2008. | Journal Article
Patient perspectives on communication with the medical team: Pilot study using the communication assessment tool-team (CAT-T)
Mercer Kollar, Laura MinMercer, L.M.Mercer, LauraTanabe, P.Tanabe, PaulaTanabe, PaulaPang, PeterPang, Peter SPang, P.S.Gisondi, M.A.Gisondi, Michael AGisondi, MichaelCourtney, D.Courtney, D. MCourtney, D.M.Engel, KirstenEngel, Kirsten GEngel, K.G.Donlan, S.M.Donlan, Sarah MDonlan, SarahAdams, JamesAdams, J.G.Adams, James GMakoul, GregoryMakoul, G. and Makoul, Gregory
Patient Education and Counselling, vol. 73, (no. 2), pp. 223, 2008. | Journal Article
Rationale and Design of the Hemodynamic, Echocardiographic and Neurohormonal Effects of Istaroxime, a Novel Intravenous Inotropic and Lusitropic Agent: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Patients Hospitalized With Heart Failure (HORIZON-HF) Trial
Blair, John EBlair, John E AMacarie, CezarMacarie, CezarRuzyllo, WitoldRuzyllo, WitoldBacchieri, AntonellaBacchieri, AntonellaValentini, GiovanniValentini, GiovanniBianchetti, MariaBianchetti, MariaPang, Peter SPang, Peter SHarinstein, Matthew EHarinstein, Matthew ESabbah, Hani NSabbah, Hani NFilippatos, Gerasimos SFilippatos, Gerasimos SGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
American journal of therapeutics, vol. 15, (no. 3), pp. 240, 2008 May-Jun. | Journal Article
Society of Chest Pain Centers Recommendations for the evaluation and management of the observation stay acute heart failure patient: a report from the Society of Chest Pain Centers Acute Heart Failure Committee
Committee, Heart Failure ExecutivePeacock, W FrankPeacock, W. FFonarow, Gregg CPeacock, W.F.Fonarow, Gregg CFonarow, G.C.Ander, Douglas SAnder, Douglas SMaisel, AlanMaisel, AlanSubcommittee, Heart Failure DiagnosisHollander, JuddAnder, D.S.Hollander, Judd EMaisel, A.Januzzi, James LJanuzzi, Jr, James LYancy, C. WHollander, J.E.Yancy, Clyde WCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PJanuzzi Jr., J.L.Gheorghiade, MihaiYancy, C.W.Gheorghiade, MihaiWeintraub, Neal LWeintraub, Neal LSubcommittee, Heart Failure Risk StratificationStorrow, Alan BCollins, S.P.Storrow, Alan BPang, Peter SPang, Peter SGheorghiade, M.Weintraub, N.L.Abraham, William TAbraham, William THiestand, BrianStorrow, A.B.Hiestand, BrianKirk, J DouglasKirk, J DPang, P.S.Abraham, W.T.Filippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosHiestand, B.Levy, PhillipSubcommittee, Heart Failure TreatmentAmsterdam, Ezra AKirk, J.D.Levy, PhillipAmsterdam, Ezra AFilippatos, G.Gheorghiade, M.Pang, P.S.Levy, P. and Amsterdam, E.A.
Critical pathways in cardiology, vol. 7, (no. 2), pp. 86, 2008-Jun. | Journal Article
What Do We Really Know About Neurological Misdiagnosis in the Emergency Department?
Self, Wesley HSelf, Wesley HPang, Peter SPang, Peter SEdlow, Jonathan ARothman, Richard EBarsan, William GWachtler, JaniceBell, Peter ABrabson, Thomas and Caplan, Louis R
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, vol. 83, (no. 2), pp. 252, 2008. | Journal Article