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The Challenge of Drug Development in Acute Heart Failure: Balancing Mechanisms, Targeting Patients, and Gambling on Outcomes
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SGivertz, Michael M and Givertz, Michael M
JACC: Heart Failure, vol. 1, (no. 5), pp. 444, October 2013. | Journal Article
Treatment of acute heart failure in the emergency department
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SLevy, PhillipLevy, PhillipShah, Sanjiv and Shah, Sanjiv J
Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, vol. 11, (no. 9), pp. 1209, 2013-September. | Journal Article
A comprehensive, longitudinal description of the in-hospital and post-discharge clinical, laboratory, and neurohormonal course of patients with heart failure who die or are re-hospitalized within 90 days: analysis from the EVEREST trial
Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiPang, PeterPang, PeterPang, Peter SAmbrosy, Andrew PAmbrosy, AndrewAmbrosy, AndrewLan, GloriaLan, GloriaLan, GloriaSchmidt, PhilipSchmidt, PhilipSchmidt, PhilipFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosKonstam, MarvinKonstam, MarvinKonstam, MarvinSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlCook, ThomasCook, ThomasCook, ThomasTraver, BrianTraver, BrianTraver, BrianMaggioni, AldoMaggioni, AldoMaggioni, AldoBurnett, JohnBurnett, JohnBurnett, JohnGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaUdelson, JamesUdelson, JamesUdelson, JamesZannad, FaiezZannad, Faiez and Zannad, Faiez
Heart Failure Reviews, vol. 17, (no. 3), pp. 509, 20120500. | Journal Article
Bayesian Adaptive Trial Design in Acute Heart Failure Syndromes: Moving Beyond the Mega Trial: Collins - Adaptive Trials in Acute Heart Failure
Collins, Sean PCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, Christopher JPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, Peter SStorrow, Alan BStorrow, Alan BStorrow, Alan BPeacock, W. FrankPeacock, W. FrankPeacock, W FLevy, PhilLevy, PhilLevy, PhilRahbar, M. HosseinRahbar, M HRahbar, M. HosseinDel Junco, DeborahDel Junco, DeborahDel Junco, DeborahGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiBerry, Donald ABerry, Donald A and Berry, Donald A
American heart journal, vol. 164, (no. 2), pp. 145, 2012-07-09. | Journal Article
Classification of Patients With Acute Heart Failure Syndromes in the Emergency Department
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SHoffmann, UdoHoffmann, UdoShah, Sanjiv and Shah, Sanjiv J
Circulation. Heart failure, vol. 5, (no. 1), pp. 5, 2012-Jan. | Journal Article
Early changes in clinical characteristics after emergency department therapy for acute heart failure syndromes: identifying patients who do not respond to standard therapy
Collins, SeanCollins, SeanCollins, Sean PLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, ChristopherLindsell, ChristopherStorrow, AlanStorrow, AlanStorrow, Alan BFermann, GregoryFermann, Gregory JFermann, GregoryLevy, PhillipLevy, PhillipLevy, PhillipPang, PeterPang, PeterPang, Peter SWeintraub, NealWeintraub, NealWeintraub, NealFrank Peacock, WFrank Peacock, WFrank Peacock, WSawyer, Douglas BSawyer, DouglasSawyer, DouglasGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Heart Failure Reviews, vol. 17, (no. 3), pp. 394, 20120500. | Journal Article
Efficacy of oral tolvaptan in acute heart failure patients with hypotension and renal impairment
Vaduganathan, MuthiahVaduganathan, MuthiahGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiPang, PeterPang, Peter SKonstam, MarvinKonstam, Marvin AZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaBurnett, JohnBurnett, John CKrasa, HollyKrasa, Holly BZimmer, ChristopherZimmer, ChristopherBlair, JohnBlair, JohnOuyang, JohnOuyang, JohnMaggioni, Aldo and Maggioni, Aldo P
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine, vol. 13, (no. 7), pp. 422, 2012-July. | Journal Article
Initial Therapy Does Not Substantially Improve Dyspnea in Many ER Acute Heart Failure Patients
Sauser, KoriCollins, SeanHollander, JuddStorrow, AlanNowak, RichardAndrei, Adin-CristianMiller, ChadPeacock, FrankTavares, MiguelMebazaa, AlexanderGheorghiade, Mihai and Pang, Peter
Journal of Cardiac Failure, vol. 18, (no. 8), pp. S78, 2012. | Journal Article
Standardized reporting criteria for studies evaluating suspected acute heart failure syndromes in the emergency department
Storrow, AlanStorrow, Alan BStorrow, A.B.Storrow, Alan BLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, ChristopherLindsell, Christopher JLindsell, C.J.Collins, SeanCollins, S.P.Collins, Sean PCollins, Sean PDiercks, Deborah BDiercks, D.B.Diercks, Deborah BDiercks, DeborahFilippatos, G.S.Filippatos, Gerasimos SFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, Gerasimos SHiestand, B.C.Hiestand, Brian CHiestand, BrianHiestand, Brian CHollander, JuddHollander, JuddHollander, Judd EHollander, J.E.Kirk, J.D.Kirk, J DKirk, J DKirk, J.Levy, Phillip DLevy, PhillipLevy, P.D.Levy, PhillipMiller, ChadMiller, ChadwickMiller, Chadwick DMiller, C.D.Naftilan, AllenNaftilan, Allen JNaftilan, Allen JNaftilan, A.J.Nowak, R.M.Nowak, Richard MNowak, Richard MNowak, RichardPang, PeterPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, P.S.Peacock, W.F.Peacock, W FPeacock, W.Peacock, W FGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, M.Gheorghiade, MihaiCleland, John GCleland, JohnCleland, John GCleland, J.G.F.Abraham, William TAmsterdam, Ezra ADunlap, StephanieGhali, JalalHobbs, RobertDouglas Kirk, JKremastinos, DimitriosMcCord, JimFrank Peacock, W and Thohan, Vinay
2012-08-27. | Journal Article
The Role of Natriuretic Peptides: From the Emergency Department Throughout Hospitalization
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SXue, YangXue, YangDeFilippi, ChristopherDefilippi, ChristopherSilver, MarcSilver, MarcJanuzzi, JamesJanuzzi, JamesMaisel, Alan and Maisel, Alan
Congestive Heart Failure, vol. 18, pp. S8, September/October 2012. | Journal Article
Changes in renal function during hospitalization and soon after discharge in patients admitted for worsening heart failure in the placebo group of the EVEREST trial
Blair, John EBlair, John E.APang, Peter SPang, Peter SSchrier, Robert WSchrier, Robert WMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoTraver, BrianTraver, BrianCook, ThomasCook, ThomasCampia, UmbertoCampia, UmbertoAmbrosy, AndrewAmbrosy, AndrewBurnett, John CBurnett, John CGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlUdelson, James EUdelson, James EZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezKonstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin AGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European Heart Journal, vol. 32, (no. 20), pp. 2572, 20111000. | Journal Article
Clinical assessment of acute heart failure syndromes: emergency department through the early post-discharge period
Harinstein, Matthew EHarinstein, MatthewFlaherty, JamesFlaherty, JamesFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, GreggMehra, Mandeep RMehra, MandeepLang, RobertoLang, Roberto MKim, RaymondKim, RaymondCleland, John GCleland, JohnKnight, BradleyKnight, Bradley PPang, Peter SPang, PeterBonow, RobertBonow, Robert OGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
2011-10-01. | Journal Article
Clinical development of pharmacologic agents for acute heart failure syndromes: A proposal for a mechanistic translational phase
Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiPang, Peter SPang, Peter SO'Connor, Christopher MO'connor, Christopher MPrasad, KrishnaPrasad, KrishnaMcMurray, JohnMcMurray, John JTeerlink, John RTeerlink, John RFiuzat, MonaFiuzat, MonaSabbah, HaniSabbah, HaniKomajda, Michel and Komajda, Michel
The American Heart Journal, vol. 161, (no. 2), pp. 224-232, Feb 2011. | Journal Article
Effects of tolvaptan on physician-assessed symptoms and signs in patients hospitalized with acute heart failure syndromes: Analysis from the Efficacy of Vasopressin Antagonism in Heart Failure Outcome Study with Tolvaptan (EVEREST) Trials
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiDihu, JamilDihu, JamilSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlKhan, SadiyaKhan, SadiyaMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezBurnett, John CBurnett, John COuyang, JohnOuyang, JohnUdelson, James EUdelson, James EKonstam, Marvin A and Konstam, Marvin A
The American Heart Journal, vol. 161, (no. 6), pp. 1067-1072, Jun 2011. | Journal Article
Rationale, design, and results from RENO-DEFEND 1: A randomized, dose-finding study of the selective A1 adenosine antagonist SLV320 in patients hospitalized with acute heart failure
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosMiddlebrooks, JayneMiddlebrooks, JayneTurlapaty, PrasadTurlapaty, PrasadKazei, DmitriKazei, DmitriGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
The American Heart Journal, vol. 161, (no. 6), pp. 1012-1023, Jun 2011. | Journal Article
Acute Heart Failure Clinical Drug Development: From Planning to Proof of Activity to Phase III
Cotter, GadCotter, GadVoors, Adriaan AVoors, Adriaan AWeatherley, Beth DWeatherley, Beth DavisonPang, Peter SPang, Peter STeerlink, John RTeerlink, John RFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrMilo-Cotter, OlgaMilo-cotter, OlgaDittrich, HowardDittrich, HowardTeichman, Sam LTeichman, Sam LAdams, Kirkwood FAdams, Kirkwood FGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiMetra, Marco and Metra, Marco
Cardiology, vol. 116, (no. 4), pp. 301, 20101000. | Journal Article
Acute heart failure syndromes: emergency department presentation, treatment, and disposition: current approaches and future aims: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association
Weintraub, Neal LWeintraub, Neal LCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PPang, Peter SPang, Peter SLevy, PhillipLevy, Phillip DAnderson, Allen SAnderson, Allen SArslanian-Engoren, CynthiaArslanian-Engoren, CynthiaGibler, W BrianGibler, W BMcCord, James KMcCord, James KParshall, MarkParshall, Mark BFrancis, Gary SFrancis, Gary SGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Circulation, vol. 122, (no. 19), pp. 1996, 2010-Nov-09. | Journal Article
Assessing and grading congestion in acute heart failure: a scientific statement from the Acute Heart Failure Committee of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology and endorsed by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiFollath, FerencFollath, FerencPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrBarsuk, JeffreyBarsuk, Jeffrey HBlair, John E.ABlair, John ECleland, John GCleland, John GDickstein, KennethDickstein, KennethDrazner, Mark HDrazner, Mark HFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CJaarsma, TinyJaarsma, TinyJondeau, GuillaumeJondeau, GuillaumeSendon, Jose LopezSendon, Jose LMebazaa, AlexanderMebazaa, AlexanderMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoNieminen, MarkkuNieminen, MarkkuPang, Peter SPang, Peter SSeferovic, PetarSeferovic, PetarStevenson, Lynne WStevenson, Lynne Wvan Veldhuisen, Dirk JVeldhuisen, Dirk JZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezAnker, Stefan DAnker, Stefan DRhodes, AndrewRhodes, AndrewMcMurray, John JMcMurray, John J.VFilippatos, Gerasimos and Filippatos, Gerasimos
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 12, (no. 5), pp. 433, May 2010. | Journal Article
Clinical trials of pharmacological therapies in acute heart failure syndromes: lessons learned and directions forward
Felker, G MichaelFelker, G. MFelker, G MichaelPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, Peter SAdams, Kirkwood FAdams, Kirkwood FAdams, Kirkwood FCleland, John G FCleland, John G FCleland, John GCotter, GadCotter, GadCotter, GadDickstein, KennethDickstein, KennethDickstein, KennethFilippatos, Gerasimos SFilippatos, Gerasimos SFilippatos, Gerasimos SFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, Barry HHernandez, Adrian FHernandez, Adrian FHernandez, Adrian FKhan, SadiyaKhan, SadiyaKhan, SadiyaKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelKonstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin ALiu, Peter PLiu, Peter PLiu, Peter PMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PMassie, Barry MMassie, Barry MMassie, Barry MMcMurray, John JMcMurray, John JMcMurray, John JMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoO'Connell, JohnO'Connell, JohnO'Connell, JohnO'Connor, Christopher MO'Connor, Christopher MO'connor, Christopher MPina, Ileana LPina, Ileana LPina, Ileana LPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrSabbah, Hani NSabbah, Hani NSabbah, Hani NTeerlink, John RTeerlink, John RTeerlink, John RUdelson, James EUdelson, James EUdelson, James EYancy, Clyde WYancy, C. WYancy, Clyde WZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Circulation. Heart failure, vol. 3, (no. 2), pp. 325, 2010-Mar. | Journal Article
International variations in the clinical, diagnostic, and treatment characteristics of emergency department patients with acute heart failure syndromes
Collins, Sean PCollins, Sean PCollins, S.P.Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, P.S.Lindsell, Christopher JLindsell, C.J.Lindsell, Christopher JKyriacou, Demetrios NKyriacou, D.N.Kyriacou, Demetrios NStorrow, Alan BStorrow, A.B.Storrow, Alan BHollander, J.E.Hollander, JuddHollander, Judd EKirk, J DDouglas Kirk, JDouglas Kirk, J.Miller, ChadMiller, C.D.Miller, Chadwick DNowak, RichardNowak, R.Nowak, RichardFrank Peacock, WFrank Peacock, W.Peacock, W FTavares, MiguelTavares, MiguelTavares, M.Mebazaa, A.Mebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandreGheorghiade, M.Gheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 12, (no. 11), pp. 1260, November 2010. | Journal Article
Letter by Pang et al regarding article, "Early deaths in heart failure patients discharged from the emergency department: a population-based analysis"
Pang, Peter SPang, Peter SCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PStorrow, Alan B and Storrow, Alan B
Circulation. Heart failure, vol. 3, (no. 4), pp. e22; author reply e23, 2010-Jul. | Journal Article
The impact of early standard therapy on dyspnoea in patients with acute heart failure: the URGENT-dyspnoea study
Mebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandrePang, Peter SPang, Peter STavares, MiguelTavares, MiguelCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PStorrow, Alan BStorrow, Alan BLaribi, SaidLaribi, SaidAndre, StephanieAndre, StephanieMark Courtney, DanielMark Courtney, DanielHasa, JenniferHasa, JenniferSpinar, JindrichSpinar, JindrichMasip, JosepMasip, JosepFrank Peacock, WilliamFrank Peacock, WilliamSliwa, KarenSliwa, KarenGayat, EtienneGayat, EtienneFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosCleland, John GCleland, John G FGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European heart journal, vol. 31, (no. 7), pp. 841, 2010-Apr. | Journal Article
Acute Heart Failure Syndromes in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: Early Assessment and Treatment
Flaherty, JamesFlaherty, JamesBax, Jeroen JBax, JeroenDe Luca, LeonardoDe Luca, LeonardoRossi, Joseph SRossi, JosephDavidson, Charles JDavidson, CharlesFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosLiu, Peter PLiu, PeterKonstam, MarvinKonstam, Marvin AGreenberg, BarryGreenberg, BarryMehra, MandeepMehra, Mandeep RBreithardt, GünterBreithardt, GunterPang, Peter SPang, PeterYoung, JamesYoung, James BFonarow, GreggFonarow, Gregg CBonow, RobertBonow, Robert OGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, Mihai and Group, Acute
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 53, (no. 3), pp. 263, 20090120. | Journal Article
Are BNP Changes During Hospitalization for Heart Failure a Reliable Surrogate for Predicting the Effects of Therapies on Post-Discharge Mortality?.sup. Editorials published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiologyreflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of JACCor the American College of Cardiology
Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiPang, Peter S and Pang, Peter
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 53, (no. 25), pp. 2349, 20090623. | Journal Article
Initial Emergency Department Systolic Blood Pressure Predicts Left Ventricular Systolic Function in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure
Styron, Joseph FStyron, Joseph FJois-Bilowich, PreetiJois‐Bilowich, PreetiStarling, RandallStarling, RandallHobbs, Robert EHobbs, Robert EKontos, Michael CKontos, Michael CPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPeacock, W F and Peacock, W. Frank
Congestive Heart Failure, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 13, January/February 2009. | Journal Article