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Focused Ultrasound in the Emergency Department for Patients with Acute Heart Failure
Russell, Frances MRussell, Frances MRussell, Frances MRutz, MattRutz, MattRutz, MattPang, Peter SPang, Peter S and Pang, Peter S
Cardiac failure review, vol. 1, (no. 2), pp. 86, 2015-Oct. | Journal Article
Growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) in patients admitted for acute heart failure: results from the RELAX-AHF study
Cotter, GadCotter, GadVoors, AiaanVoors, Adriaan APrescott, MargaretPrescott, Margaret FFelker, G MichaelFelker, G.Filippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, BarryPang, PeterPang, Peter SPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrMilo, OlgaMilo, OlgaHua, TsushungHua, Tsushung AQian, MinQian, MinSeverin, ThomasSeverin, Thomas MTeerlink, John RTeerlink, JohnMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoDavison, Beth and Davison, Beth A
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 17, (no. 11), pp. 1143, 2015-11. | Journal Article
Heart Failure Therapeutics on the Basis of a Biased Ligand of the Angiotensin-2 Type 1 Receptor Rationale and Design of the BLAST-AHF Study (Biased Ligand of the Angiotensin Receptor Study in Acute Heart Failure)
Felker, G.Felker, G MichaelButler, JavedButler, JavedCollins, SeanCollins, Sean PCotter, GadCotter, GadDavison, BethDavison, Beth AEzekowitz, Justin AEzekowitz, JustinFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosLevy, Phillip DLevy, PhillipMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrSoergel, DavidSoergel, David GTeerlink, John RTeerlink, JohnViolin, JonathanViolin, Jonathan DVoors, Adriaan AVoors, AiaanPang, Peter and Pang, Peter S
JACC. Heart failure, vol. 3, (no. 3), pp. 201, 2015-3. | Journal Article
Lack of evidence for intravenous vasodilators in ED patients with acute heart failure: a systematic review
Alexander, PaulineAlkhawam, LoraCurry, JasonLevy, PhillipPang, Peter SStorrow, Alan B and Collins, Sean P
The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, vol. 33, (no. 2), pp. 133-141, 2015. | Journal Article
Patient characteristics and outcomes associated with nitrovasodilator use in the treatment of acute heart failure
Pang, Peter SGoren, AmirKopenhafer, Lewis and Park, Jinhee
American journal of therapeutics, vol. 22, (no. 3), pp. 213, 2015 May-Jun. | Journal Article
Patient preferences regarding medical decision making in the emergency care setting: a pilot-study
Reschke, Daniel JSeeskin, Zachary HHahn, Elizabeth A and Pang, Peter S
(pp. 719-721). 2015
Revisiting Cardiac Injury During Acute Heart Failure: Further Characterization and a Possible Target for Therapy
Collins, SeanPang, PeterButler, JavedFonarow, Gregg, MDMetra, Marco, MD and Gheorghiade, Mihai, MD
American Journal of Cardiology, The, vol. 115, (no. 1), pp. 146, 2015. | Journal Article
Sensitive troponin assays in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome: Results from the multi-center Rule Out Myocardial Infarction Using Computer Assisted Tomography (ROMICAT) II Trial
Januzzi, James LJanuzzi, James LJanuzzi, JamesSharma, UmeshSharma, UmeshSharma, UmeshZakroysky, PearlZakroysky, PearlZakroysky, PearlTruong, Quynh ATruong, Quynh ATruong, QuynhWoodard, PamelaWoodard, Pamela KWoodard, Pamela KPope, JPope, J. HectorPope, J HHauser, ThomasHauser, ThomasHauser, ThomasMayrhofer, ThomasMayrhofer, ThomasMayrhofer, ThomasNagurney, JNagurney, J. TobyNagurney, J TSchoenfeld, DavidSchoenfeld, DavidSchoenfeld, DavidPeacock, WFrankPeacock, W. FrankPeacock, WFrankFleg, Jerome LFleg, JeromeFleg, Jerome LWiviott, StephenWiviott, StephenWiviott, StephenPang, Peter SPang, PeterPang, Peter SUdelson, JamesUdelson, JamesUdelson, JamesHoffmann, UdoHoffmann, Udo and Hoffmann, Udo
American heart journal, vol. 169, (no. 4), pp. 578.e1, 2015-01-09. | Journal Article
Serial high sensitivity cardiac troponin T measurement in acute heart failure: insights from the RELAX-AHF study
Felker, G.Felker, G MichaelMentz, Robert JMentz, RobertTeerlink, John RTeerlink, JohnVoors, AiaanVoors, Adriaan APang, Peter SPang, PeterPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, BarryFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosDavison, Beth ADavison, BethCotter, GadCotter, GadPrescott, Margaret FPrescott, MargaretHua, Tsushung AHua, TsushungLopez-Pintado, SaraLopez-Pintado, SaraSeverin, ThomasSeverin, ThomasMetra, Marco and Metra, Marco
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 17, (no. 12), pp. 1270, 2015-12. | Journal Article
Sex Differences in the Management and Outcomes of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Acute Heart Failure
Zsilinszka, RekaShrader, PeterDeVore, AdamHardy, NatalieMentz, RobertPang, PeterPeacock, W.Fonarow, Gregg and Hernandez, Adrian
Journal of Cardiac Failure, vol. 21, (no. 8), pp. S62, 2015. | Journal Article
Assessment of Dyspnea Early in Acute Heart Failure: Patient Characteristics and Response Differences Between Likert and Visual Analog Scales
Pang, Peter SPang, P.S.Pang, Peter SCollins, Sean PCollins, Sean PCollins, S.P.Sauser, KoriSauser, K.Sauser, KoriAndrei, Adin CristianAndrei, Adin‐CristianAndrei, A.-C.Storrow, A.B.Storrow, Alan BStorrow, Alan BHollander, JuddHollander, J.E.Hollander, Judd ETavares, MiguelTavares, M.Tavares, MiguelSpinar, JindrichSpinar, JindrichSpinar, J.Macarie, CezarMacarie, CezarMacarie, C.Raev, D.Raev, DimitarRaev, DimitarNowak, RichardNowak, RichardNowak, R.Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, M.Mebazaa, A.Mebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, Alexandre and Hiestand, Brian
Academic Emergency Medicine, vol. 21, (no. 6), pp. 666, June 2014. | Journal Article
Diuretic response in patients with acute decompensated heart failure: Characteristics and clinical outcome-an analysis from RELAX-AHF
Voors, AiaanVoors, Adriaan ADavison, Beth ADavison, BethTeerlink, John RTeerlink, JohnFelker, G MichaelFelker, G.Cotter, GadCotter, GadFilippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, BarryPang, Peter SPang, PeterLevin, BruceLevin, BruceHua, TsushungHua, Tsushung ASeverin, ThomasSeverin, ThomasPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrMetra, Marco and Metra, Marco
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 16, (no. 11), pp. 1240, 2014-11. | Journal Article
Effect of Spironolactone on 30-Day Death and Heart Failure Rehospitalization (from the COACH Study)
Maisel, Alan SMaisel, AlanXue, YangXue, Yangvan Veldhuisen, Dirk Jvan Veldhuisen, Dirk JVoors, Adriaan AVoors, Adriaan AJaarsma, TinyJaarsma, TinyPang, Peter SPang, Peter SButler, JavedButler, JavedPitt, BertramPitt, BertramClopton, PaulClopton, Paulde Boer, Rudolf A and de Boer, Rudolf A
The American Journal of Cardiology, vol. 114, (no. 5), pp. 737-42, Sep 1, 2014. | Journal Article
Emergency Departments, Acute Heart Failure, and Admissions
Pang, Peter and Schuur, Jeremiah
JACC: Heart Failure, vol. 2, (no. 3), pp. 280, 2014. | Journal Article
Lack of Evidence for Intravenous Vasodilators in Emergency Department Patients with Acute Heart Failure: A Systematic Review
Alexander, PaulineAlkhawam, LoraCurry, JasonLevy, PhillipPang, Peter SStorrow, Alan B and Collins, Sean P
The American journal of emergency medicine, vol. 33, (no. 2), pp. 141, 2014-09-18. | Journal Article
Quality of life assessment for acute heart failure patients from emergency department presentation through 30 days after discharge: A pilot study with the Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire
Sauser, KoriSauser, KoriSpertus, John ASpertus, John APierchala, LindaPierchala, LindaDavis, EvanDavis, EvanPang, Peter S and Pang, Peter S
Journal of cardiac failure, vol. 20, (no. 5), pp. 378.e11, 2014-May. | Journal Article
Airway Management and Assessment of Dyspnea in Emergency Department Patients with Acute Heart Failure
Pang, Peter and Zaman, Masood
Current Emergency and Hospital Medicine Reports, vol. 1, (no. 2), pp. 125, 20130600. | Journal Article
Association of low body temperature and poor outcomes in patients admitted with worsening heart failure: a substudy of the Efficacy of Vasopressin Antagonism in Heart Failure Outcome Study with Tolvaptan (EVEREST) trial
Payvar, SaeedPayvar, SaeedPayvar, SaeedSpertus, John ASpertus, John A.Spertus, John AMiller, Alan B.Miller, Alan BMiller, Alan BCasscells, S. WardCasscells, S WCasscells, S. WardPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, Peter S.Zannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo P.Reid, Kimberly JReid, Kimberly JReid, Kimberly J.Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 15, (no. 12), pp. 1389, December 2013. | Journal Article
Clinical course and predictive value of congestion during hospitalization in patients admitted for worsening signs and symptoms of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: findings from the EVEREST trial
Ambrosy, Andrew PAmbrosy, Andrew PPang, Peter SPang, Peter SKhan, SadiyaKhan, SadiyaKonstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin AFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CTraver, BrianTraver, BrianMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, Aldo PCook, ThomasCook, ThomasSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlBurnett, Jr, John CBurnett, John CGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaUdelson, James EUdelson, James EZannad, FaiezZannad, FaiezGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European heart journal, vol. 34, (no. 11), pp. 843, 2013-Mar. | Journal Article
Current management and future directions for the treatment of patients hospitalized for heart failure with low blood pressure
Gheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiVaduganathan, MuthiahVaduganathan, MuthiahVaduganathan, MuthiahVaduganathan, MuthiahAmbrosy, AndrewAmbrosy, AndrewAmbrosy, AndrewAmbrosy, AndrewBöhm, MichaelBöhm, MichaelBöhm, MichaelBöhm, MichaelCampia, UmbertoCampia, UmbertoCampia, UmbertoCampia, UmbertoCleland, JohnCleland, JohnCleland, John G FCleland, John GFedele, FrancescoFedele, FrancescoFedele, FrancescoFedele, FrancescoFonarow, GreggFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, GreggMaggioni, Aldo PMaggioni, AldoMaggioni, AldoMaggioni, Aldo PMebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandreMebazaa, AlexandreMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMehra, MandeepMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoMetra, MarcoNodari, SavinaNodari, SavinaNodari, SavinaNodari, SavinaPang, Peter SPang, Peter SPang, PeterPang, PeterPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrSabbah, HaniSabbah, Hani NSabbah, Hani NSabbah, HaniKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelKomajda, MichelButler, JavedButler, JavedButler, Javed and Butler, Javed
Heart Failure Reviews, vol. 18, (no. 2), pp. 122, 20130300. | Journal Article
Effect of Serelaxin on Cardiac, Renal, and Hepatic Biomarkers in the Relaxin in Acute Heart Failure (RELAX-AHF) Development Program Correlation With Outcomes
Metra, MarcoMetra, MarcoCotter, GadCotter, GadDavison, BethDavison, Beth AFelker, G. MFelker, G.Filippatos, GerasimosFilippatos, GerasimosGreenberg, Barry HGreenberg, BarryPonikowski, PiotrPonikowski, PiotrUnemori, ElaineUnemori, ElaineVoors, Adriaan AVoors, AiaanAdams, KirkwoodAdams, Kirkwood FDorobantu, Maria IDorobantu, MariaGrinfeld, LilianaGrinfeld, LilianaJondeau, GuillaumeJondeau, GuillaumeMarmor, AlonMarmor, AlonMasip, JosepMasip, JosepPang, Peter SPang, PeterWerdan, KarlWerdan, KarlPrescott, Margaret FPrescott, MargaretEdwards, ChristopherEdwards, ChristopherTeichman, Sam LTeichman, SamTrapani, AngeloTrapani, AngeloBush, Christopher ABush, ChristopherSaini, RajnishSaini, RajnishSchumacher, ChristophSchumacher, ChristophSeverin, ThomasSeverin, ThomasTeerlink, John and Teerlink, John R
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 61, (no. 2), pp. 206, 2013-01-15. | Journal Article
Is hospital admission for heart failure really necessary?: the role of the emergency department and observation unit in preventing hospitalization and rehospitalization
Collins, Sean PCollins, Sean PPang, Peter SPang, Peter SFonarow, Gregg CFonarow, Gregg CYancy, Clyde WYancy, C. WBonow, Robert OBonow, Robert OGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 61, (no. 2), pp. 126, 2013-Jan-15. | Journal Article
Management of hemorrhage complicated by novel oral anticoagulants in the emergency department: case report from the northwestern emergency medicine residency
Kiraly, AmyKiraly, AmyLyden, AbbieLyden, AbbiePeriyanayagam, UshaPeriyanayagam, UshaChan, JenniferChan, Jennifer LPang, Peter S and Pang, Peter S
American journal of therapeutics, vol. 20, (no. 3), pp. 306, 2013 May-Jun. | Journal Article
Seeking new heights in acute heart failure syndromes: lessons from ASCEND and EVEREST
Konstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin APang, Peter SPang, Peter SGheorghiade, Mihai and Gheorghiade, Mihai
European heart journal, vol. 34, (no. 18), pp. 1349, 2013-May. | Journal Article
Serum aldosterone is associated with mortality and re‐hospitalization in patients with reduced ejection fraction hospitalized for acute heart failure: analysis from the EVEREST trial
Girerd, NicolasGirerd, NicolasPang, Peter SPang, Peter SSwedberg, KarlSwedberg, KarlFought, AngelaFought, AngelaKwasny, Mary JKwasny, Mary MorrisseySubacius, HarisSubacius, HarisKonstam, Marvin AKonstam, Marvin AMaggioni, AldoMaggioni, AldoGheorghiade, MihaiGheorghiade, MihaiZannad, Faiez and Zannad, Faiez
European Journal of Heart Failure, vol. 15, (no. 11), pp. 1235, November 2013. | Journal Article