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In-person classroom instruction and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection among undergraduates at Indiana University, Fall 2020.
Rosenberg, MollyCarroll, Aaron EMenachemi, NirInman, HannahAgard, AmandaHiller, Katherine M and Dbeibo, Lana
Journal of American college health : J of ACH, pp. 1-6, January 3, 2023. | Journal Article
High Prevalence of Sexual Assault Victimization Experiences Among University Fraternity Men
Luetke, MayaLuetke, MayaGiroux, StaceyGiroux, StaceyHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, DebbyLudema, ChristinaLudema, ChristinaRosenberg, Molly and Rosenberg, Molly
Journal of interpersonal violence, pp. 886260519900282, 2020-Jan-26. | Journal Article
Romantic Relationship Conflict Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Changes in Intimate and Sexual Behaviors in a Nationally Representative Sample of American Adults.
Luetke, MayaHensel, DevonHerbenick, Debby and Rosenberg, Molly
Journal of sex & marital therapy, vol. 46, (no. 8), pp. 747-762, 2020. | Journal Article
'Somebody that looks like me' matters: a qualitative study of black women's preferences for receiving sexual health services in the USA.
Townes, AshleyTownes, AshleyGuerra-Reyes, LuciaGuerra Reyes, LuciaMurray, MaresaMurray, MaresaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyWright, BrittanniWright, BrittanniLong, LaurenLong, LaurenHerbenick, Debby and Herbenick, Debby
Culture, health & sexuality, pp. 1-15, September 30, 2020. | Journal Article
The relationship between a microfinance-based healthcare delivery platform, health insurance coverage, health screenings, and disease management in rural Western Kenya
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyAmisi, James AAmisi, James AAmisi, James AAmisi, James AkirugaSzkwarko, DariaSzkwarko, DariaSzkwarko, DariaSzkwarko, DariaTran, Dan NTran, Dan NTran, Dan NTran, Dan NGenberg, BeckyGenberg, BeckyGenberg, BeckyGenberg, BeckyLuetke, MayaLuetke, MayaLuetke, MayaLuetke, MayaKianersi, SinaKianersi, SinaKianersi, SinaKianersi, SinaNamae, JaneNamae, JaneNamae, JaneNamae, JaneLaktabai, JeremiahLaktabai, JeremiahLaktabai, JeremiahLaktabai, JeremiahPastakia, SonakPastakia, SonakPastakia, Sonak and Pastakia, Sonak
BMC Health Services Research, vol. 20, pp. 1-9, 2020. | Journal Article
The relationships between cognitive function, literacy and HIV status knowledge among older adults in rural South Africa.
Rosenberg, MollyGómez-Olivé, F XavierWagner, Ryan GRohr, JuliaPayne, Collin FBerkman, LisaKahn, KathleenTollman, StephenBärnighausen, Till and Kobayashi, Lindsay C
Journal of the International AIDS Society, vol. 23, (no. 3), pp. e25457, March 2020. | Journal Article
Depressive Symptoms and Their Relation to Age and Chronic Diseases Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults in Rural South Africa
Geldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalVaikath, MariaVaikath, MariaVaikath, MariaVaikath, MariaWagner, RyanWagner, RyanWagner, RyanWagner, RyanRohr, Julia KRohr, Julia KRohr, Julia KRohr, Julia K.Montana, LiviaMontana, LiviaMontana, LiviaMontana, LiviaGomez-Olive, Francesc X.Gómez-Olivé, Francesc XGómez-Olivé, Francesc XGómez-Olivé, Francesc XRosenberg, Molly SRosenberg, Molly S.Rosenberg, Molly SRosenberg, Molly SManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferMateen, Farrah JMateen, Farrah JMateen, Farrah J.Mateen, Farrah JPayne, Collin FPayne, Collin FPayne, Collin FPayne, Collin F.Kahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, Kathleenal.Tollman, Stephen MTollman, Stephen MTollman, Stephen MSalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua AGaziano, Thomas AGaziano, Thomas AGaziano, Thomas ABärnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillBerkman, Lisa FBerkman, Lisa F and Berkman, Lisa F
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, vol. 74, (no. 6), pp. 963, 2019-May-16. | Journal Article
Health Education Training Embedded in a Microfinance Platform Associated with Safer Sexual Behavior in Haitian Women
Rosenberg, M.Rosenberg, MollyJules, R.Jules, ReginalLuetke, MayaLuetke, M.Kianersi, S.Kianersi, SinaNelson, ErikNelson, E.Jean-Louis, F. and Jean-Louis, Florence
AIDS and behavior, pp. 11, 2019-Apr-17. | Journal Article
Quantifying the magnitude and potential influence of missing data in campus sexual assault surveys: A systematic review of surveys, 2010-2016
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, M.Rosenberg, MollyTownes, AshleyTownes, A.Townes, AshleyTaylor, ShaneilTaylor, ShaneilTaylor, S.Luetke, MayaLuetke, M.Luetke, MayaHerbenick, DebbyHerbenick, D. and Herbenick, Debby
Journal of American College Health, vol. 67, (no. 1), pp. 50, 1/2/2019. | Journal Article
The association between interviewer gender and responses to sensitive survey questions in a sample of Haitian women
Kianersi, SinaLuetke, MayaJules, Reginal and Rosenberg, Molly
International Journal of Social Research Methodology, pp. 11, 2019-09-10. | Journal Article
The magnitude and potential impact of missing data in a sexual violence campus climate survey
Giroux, Stacey AGiroux, Stacey AGiroux, Stacey AGesselman, Amanda NGesselman, Amanda NGesselman, Amanda NGarcia, Justin RGarcia, Justin RGarcia, Justin RLuetke, MayaLuetke, MayaLuetke, MayaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, Molly and Rosenberg, Molly
Journal of American college health : J of ACH, pp. 9, 2019-Mar-25. | Journal Article
Are circumcised men safer sex partners? Findings from the HAALSI cohort in rural South Africa
Rosenberg, Molly SGómez-Olivé, Francesc XRohr, Julia KKahn, Kathleen and Bärnighausen, Till W
PloS one, vol. 13, (no. 8), pp. e0201445, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Evidence for sample selection effect and Hawthorne effect in behavioural HIV prevention trial among young women in a rural South African community
Rosenberg, MRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MPettifor, APettifor, AudreyPettifor, APettifor, AudreyTwine, RTwine, RhianTwine, RhianTwine, RHughes, JPHughes, James PHughes, James PHughes, JPGomez-Olive, F XavierGomez-Olive, F XavierGomez-Olive, FXGomez-Olive, FXWagner, RGWagner, RGWagner, Ryan GWagner, Ryan GSulaimon, ASulaimon, ASulaimon, AfolabiSulaimon, AfolabiTollman, STollman, STollman, StephenTollman, StephenSelin, ASelin, ASelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaMacPhail, CatherineMac Phail, CMacPhail, CatherineKahn, KKahn, KathleenKahn, K and Kahn, Kathleen
BMJ Open, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. e019167, 20180100. | Journal Article
Executive function associated with sexual risk in young South African women: Findings from the HPTN 068 cohort
Rosenberg, MRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MPettifor, AudreyPettifor, APettifor, ADuta, MDuta, MDuta, MihaelaDemeyere, NeleDemeyere, NDemeyere, NWagner, RGWagner, RGWagner, Ryan GSelin, AmandaSelin, ASelin, AMac Phail, CMacPhail, CatherineLaeyendecker, OliverLaeyendecker, OLaeyendecker, OHughes, JPHughes, JPHughes, James PStein, AStein, AlanStein, ATollman, STollman, StephenTollman, SKahn, KKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, K
PloS one, vol. 13, (no. 4), pp. e0195217, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Do black lives matter in public health research and training?
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRanapurwala, Shabbar IRanapurwala, Shabbar ITownes, AshleyTownes, AshleyBengtson, Angela M and Bengtson, Angela M
PloS one, vol. 12, (no. 10), pp. e0185957, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
How does a national poverty programme influence sexual debut among Kenyan adolescents?
Handa, SudhanshuPalermo, TiaPalermo, TiaRosenberg, MollyPettifor, AudreyHalpern, Carolyn TuckerHalpern, Carolyn Tucker and Thirumurthy, Harsha
Global Public Health, vol. 12, (no. 5), pp. 638, 5/4/2017. | Journal Article
Performance of self‐reported HIV status in determining true HIV status among older adults in rural South Africa: a validation study
Rohr, Julia KRohr, Julia KRohr, Julia K.Rohr, Julia KRohr, Julia KXavier Gómez‐Olivé, FXavier Gómez-Olivé, FGomez-Olive, F. XavierXavier Gómez-Olivé, FXavier Gómez-Olivé, FRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyManne‐Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalWagner, Ryan GWagner, Ryan GWagner, Ryan G.Wagner, Ryan GWagner, Ryan GHoule, BrianHoule, BrianHoule, BrianHoule, BrianHoule, BrianSalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua A.Salomon, Joshua AKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenBerkman, LisaBerkman, LisaBerkman, LisaBerkman, LisaBerkman, LisaBärnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillBaernighausen, Till and Bärnighausen, Till
Journal of the International AIDS Society, vol. 20, (no. 1), pp. n/a, January 2017. | Journal Article
Sexual Behaviors and HIV Status: A Population-Based Study Among Older Adults in Rural South Africa
Rosenberg, Molly SRosenberg, Molly S.Rosenberg, MollyGómez-Olivé, FrancescGómez-Olivé, Francesc XGomez-Olive, Francesc X.Rohr, Julia KRohr, Julia K.Rohr, JuliaHoule, Brian CHoule, BrianHoule, Brian C.Kabudula, Chodziwadziwa WKabudula, ChodziwadziwaKabudula, Chodziwadziwa W.Wagner, Ryan GWagner, RyanWagner, Ryan G.Salomon, Joshua ASalomon, JoshuaSalomon, Joshua A.Kahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenBerkman, LisaBerkman, Lisa FBerkman, Lisa F.Tollman, StephenTollman, Stephen M.Tollman, Stephen MBärnighausen, TillBaernighausen, Till and Bärnighausen, Till
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 74, (no. 1), pp. e17, 2017-January-1. | Journal Article
The employment environment for youth in rural South Africa: A mixed-methods study
Wilkinson, AndraWilkinson, AndraPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyHalpern, CarolynHalpern, Carolyn TThirumurthy, HarshaThirumurthy, HarshaCollinson, Mark ACollinson, Mark AKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, Kathleen
Development Southern Africa, vol. 34, (no. 1), pp. 32, 1/2/2017. | Journal Article
HPTN 068: A Randomized Control Trial of a Conditional Cash Transfer to Reduce HIV Infection in Young Women in South Africa—Study Design and Baseline Results
Pettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyMac Phail, CatherineMacPhail, CatherineMacPhail, CatherineSelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaGómez-Olivé, FGómez-Olivé, F XavierRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyWagner, Ryan GWagner, RyanMabuza, WonderfulMabuza, WonderfulHughes, JamesHughes, James PSuchindran, ChirayathSuchindran, ChirayathPiwowar-Manning, EstellePiwowar-Manning, EstelleWang, JingWang, JingTwine, RhianTwine, RhianDaniel, TamuDaniel, TamuAndrew, PhilipAndrew, PhilipLaeyendecker, OliverLaeyendecker, OliverAgyei, YawAgyei, YawTollman, StephenTollman, StephenKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, Kathleen
AIDS and Behavior, vol. 20, (no. 9), pp. 1882, 20160900. | Journal Article
Sexual Behaviors and HIV Status: A Population-Based Study Among Older Adults in Rural South Africa
Rosenberg, Molly SGómez-Olivé, Francesc XRohr, Julia KHoule, Brian CKabudula, Chodziwadziwa WWagner, Ryan GSalomon, Joshua AKahn, KathleenBerkman, Lisa FTollman, Stephen M and Bärnighausen, Till
(no. 1), pp. e17, 2016-01-01. | Journal Article
Relationship between community-level alcohol outlet accessibility and individual-level HSV-2 infection among young women in South Africa
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyLippman, Sheri ALippman, Sheri AThirumurthy, HarshaThirumurthy, HarshaEmch, MichaelEmch, MichaelMiller, William CMiller, William CSelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaGómez-Olivé, F. XavierGómez-Olivé, Francesc XavierHughes, James PHughes, James PLaeyendecker, OliverLaeyendecker, OliverTollman, StephenTollman, StephenKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, Kathleen
Sexually transmitted diseases, vol. 42, (no. 5), pp. 265, 2015-05-01. | Journal Article
Relationship between Receipt of a Social Protection Grant for a Child and Second Pregnancy Rates among South African Women: A Cohort Study
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaWestreich, DanielWestreich, DanielBor, JacobBor, JacobBärnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillMee, PaulMee, PaulTwine, RhianTwine, RhianTollman, StephenTollman, StephenKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, Kathleen
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 9), pp. e0137352, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Relationship between school dropout and teen pregnancy among rural South African young women
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyMiller, William CMiller, William CThirumurthy, HarshaThirumurthy, HarshaEmch, MichaelEmch, MichaelAfolabi, Sulaimon AAfolabi, Sulaimon AKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenCollinson, MarkCollinson, MarkTollman, Stephen and Tollman, Stephen
International journal of epidemiology, vol. 44, (no. 3), pp. 936, 2015-Jun. | Journal Article
The Relationship between Alcohol Outlets, HIV Risk Behavior, and HSV-2 Infection among South African Young Women: A Cross-Sectional Study
Rosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyRie, AnneliesVan Rie, AnneliesThirumurthy, HarshaThirumurthy, HarshaEmch, MichaelEmch, MichaelMiller, William CMiller, William CGómez-Olivé, F XavierGómez-Olivé, F. XavierTwine, RhianTwine, RhianHughes, James PHughes, James PLaeyendecker, OliverLaeyendecker, OliverSelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaKahn, Kathleen and Kahn, Kathleen
PLoS ONE, vol. 10, (no. 5), 2015-05-01. | Journal Article