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Feasibility and acceptability of Project Connect: A couples-based HIV-risk reduction intervention among young couples in Johannesburg, South Africa
Pettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyPettifor, Audrey EMacPhail, CatherineMac Phail, CatherineNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyParker, LisaParker, LisaParker, LisaSibeko, JabuSibeko, Jabu and Sibeko, Jabu
AIDS Care, vol. 26, (no. 4), pp. 482, 4/3/2014. | Journal Article
Acceptability and Feasibility of Cash Transfers for HIV Prevention Among Adolescent South African Women
Mac Phail, CatherineMacPhail, CatherineMacphail, CatherineAdato, MichelleAdato, MichelleAdato, MichelleKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenSelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaSelin, AmandaTwine, RhianTwine, RhianTwine, RhianKhoza, SamsonKhoza, SamsonKhoza, SamsonRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaBecker, ElizabethBecker, ElizabethBecker, ElizabethPettifor, AudreyPettifor, Audrey E and Pettifor, Audrey
AIDS and Behavior, vol. 17, (no. 7), pp. 2312, 20130900. | Journal Article
Preventing HIV Among Young People: Research Priorities for the Future
Pettifor, Audrey EPettifor, AudreyBekker, Linda-GailBekker, Linda-GailHosek, SybilHosek, SybilDi Clemente, Ralph JDiClemente, RalphRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyBull, SheanaBull, Sheana SAllison, SusannahAllison, SusannahDelany-Moretlwe, SineadDelany-Moretlwe, SineadKapogiannis, Bill GKapogiannis, BillCowan, Frances and Cowan, Frances
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 63 Suppl 2, (no. 2), pp. S160, 2013-July-1. | Journal Article
Representation of Women and Pregnant Women in HIV Research: A Limited Systematic Review
Westreich, DanielWestreich, DanielWestreich, DanielRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollySchwartz, ShereeSchwartz, ShereeSchwartz, ShereeSwamy, GeetaSwamy, Geeta K and Swamy, Geeta
PloS one, vol. 8, (no. 8), pp. e73398, 2013-00-00. | Journal Article
Can Money Prevent the Spread of HIV? A Review of Cash Payments for HIV Prevention
Pettifor, Audrey EPettifor, AudreyPettifor, AudreyMac Phail, CatherineMacPhail, CatherineNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaNguyen, NadiaRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, Molly and Rosenberg, Molly
AIDS and Behavior, vol. 16, (no. 7), pp. 1738, 20121000. | Journal Article
The Role of a Microfinance Program on HIV Risk Behavior Among Haitian Women
Rosenberg, MollySeavey, BrianJules, Reginal and Kershaw, Trace
AIDS and Behavior, vol. 15, (no. 5), pp. 918, 20110700. | Journal Article
HIV treatment cascade for older adults in rural South Africa
Rohr, Julia KRohr, Julia K.Rohr, Julia KManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferManne-Goehler, JenniferGomez-Olive, Francesc XavierGómez-Olivé, Francesc XavierGómez-Olivé, Francesc XavierWagner, Ryan GWagner, Ryan G.Wagner, Ryan GRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyRosenberg, MollyGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalGeldsetzer, PascalKabudula, ChodziwadziwaKabudula, ChodziwadziwaKabudula, ChodziwadziwaKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenKahn, KathleenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenTollman, StephenBärnighausen, TillBarnighausen, TillBärnighausen, TillSalomon, Joshua ASalomon, Joshua A and al.
Sexually Transmitted Infections, pp. sextrans-2018-053925, 2019-06-26. | Journal Article