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Longitudinal faculty development to improve interprofessional collaboration and practice: a multisite qualitative study at five US academic health centres. BMJ Open
Rider, Elizabeth AChou, CalvinAbraham, CorrineWeissmann, PeterLitzelman, Debra KHatem, David and Branch, William
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Program evaluation of a new interprofessional geriatrics curriculum for advanced practice nursing and master of social work learners. Journal of Interprofessional Care
. | Journal Article
Racial Differences in Retention in a Community-based Addiction Reduction Program Implemented by Peer Recovery Coaches for Women of Reproductive Age. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing
. | Journal Article
The Role of Community Health Workers in the Health and Well-Being of Vulnerable Older Adults during the COVID Pandemic. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
. | Journal Article
Associations of Mental Health Measures and Retention in a Community-Based Perinatal Care Recovery Support Program for Women of Childbearing Age With Substance Use Disorder. Journal of Dual Diagnosis
Combined interprofessional education and system intervention to improve screening older adults for dementia and falls
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education. | Journal Article
Correction: [On Becoming a Global Citizen: Transformative Learning Through Global Health Experiences]
Litzelman, Debra K.Gardner, AdrianEinterz, Robert M.Owiti, PhilipWambui, CharityHuskins, Jordan C.Schmitt-Wendholt, Kathleen M.Stone, Geren S.Ayuo, Paul O.Inui, Thomas S.Cottingham, Ann H. and Umoren, Rachel A.
Annals of Global Health, vol. 87. | Journal Article
The role of community health workers in the surgical cascade: a scoping review
HW, LiLi, Helen WScanlon, Michael LML, ScanlonN, KisiluKisilu, NicholasDK, Litzelman and Litzelman, Debra K
(pp. 1-11). 2021
Leveraging Economies of Scale via Collaborative Interdisciplinary Global Health Tracks (CIGHTs): Lessons From Three Programs
McHenry, MeganMcHenry, Megan S.Mc Henry, MeganBaenziger, JenniferBaenziger, JenniferBaenziger, Jennifer T.H.Zbar, Lori G.Zbar, LoriZbar, LoriMendoza, JoanneMendoza, JoanneMendoza, Joanneden Hartog, Juliaden Hartog, Julia R.den Hartog, JuliaLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, Debra K.Litzelman, DebraPitt, Michael B.Pitt, Michael and Pitt, Michael
Academic Medicine, vol. 95, (no. 1), pp. 43, 2020-January. | Journal Article
Preparing advanced learners for geriatric team care: A short-term curricular model that works.
Gerontology & geriatrics education. | Journal Article
Mind the Gaps: Facilitators and Barriers to Behavioral Change Related to Infant Mortality Rate
Chiang, JessicaRoth, SarahGriffin, WilmaDeChant, Paige and Litzelman, Debra
Proceedings of IMPRS, vol. 2, (no. 1), 2019-10-08. | Journal Article
Views of institutional leaders on maintaining humanism in today's practice
Gilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnn COsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, Lars GRider, Elizabeth ARider, Elizabeth ARider, Elizabeth ADerse, Arthur RDerse, Arthur RDerse, Arthur RWeil, Amy BWeil, Amy BWeil, Amy BLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KDunne, Dana WDunne, Dana WDunne, Dana WHafler, Janet PHafler, Janet PHafler, Janet PPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MBranch, Jr, William TBranch, Jr, William T and Branch, Jr
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A pilot study: a teaching electronic medical record for educating and assessing residents in the care of patients
Smith, JoshuaSmith, JoshuaCarlos, W. GrahamCarlos, W. GrahamJohnson, Cynthia SJohnson, Cynthia STakesue, BlaineTakesue, BlaineLitzelman, Debra and Litzelman, Debra
Medical Education Online, vol. 23, (no. 1), pp. 6, 1/1/2018. | Journal Article
Healthcare at the Crossroads: The Need to Shape an Organizational Culture of Humanistic Teaching and Practice
Rider, Elizabeth ARider, Elizabeth ARider, ElizabethRider, Elizabeth ARider, Elizabeth ARider, ElizabethGilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnnGilligan, MaryAnnGilligan, MaryAnn COsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, LarsOsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, LarsLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretWeil, AmyWeil, Amy BWeil, Amy BWeil, Amy BWeil, AmyWeil, Amy BDunne, DanaDunne, Dana WDunne, Dana WDunne, DanaDunne, Dana WDunne, Dana WHafler, Janet PHafler, Janet PHafler, Janet PHafler, JanetHafler, JanetHafler, Janet PMay, Natalie BMay, Natalie BMay, NatalieMay, NatalieMay, Natalie BMay, Natalie BDerse, Arthur RDerse, ArthurDerse, Arthur RDerse, Arthur RDerse, Arthur RDerse, ArthurFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, RichardFrankel, RichardBranch, William TBranch, William TBranch Jr, William TBranch Jr, WilliamBranch Jr, William and Branch, William T
Journal of General Internal Medicine, vol. 33, (no. 7), pp. 1099, 20180700. | Journal Article
A Multi-Institutional Longitudinal Faculty Development Program in Humanism Supports the Professional Development of Faculty Teachers
Branch, William TBranch, WilliamBranch, WilliamFrankel, RichardFrankel, RichardFrankel, Richard MHafler, Janet PHafler, JanetHafler, JanetWeil, AmyWeil, Amy BWeil, AmyGilligan, MaryAnnGilligan, MaryAnn CGilligan, MaryAnnLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, DebraPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretPlews-Ogan, MargaretRider, Elizabeth ARider, ElizabethRider, ElizabethOsterberg, LarsOsterberg, Lars GOsterberg, LarsDunne, DanaDunne, DanaDunne, DanaMay, NatalieMay, Natalie BMay, NatalieDerse, ArthurDerse, Arthur and Derse, Arthur R
Academic Medicine, vol. 92, (no. 12), pp. 1686, 2017-December. | Journal Article
Clarifying Values and Preferences for Care Near the End of Life: The Role of a New Lay Workforce
Litzelman, DebraInui, ThomasSchmitt-wendholt, KathleenPerkins, AnthonyGriffin, WilmaCottingham, Ann and Ivy, Steven
Journal of Community Health, vol. 42, (no. 5), pp. 926-934, Oct 2017. | Journal Article
Evaluation of interprofessional relational coordination and patients' perception of care in outpatient oncology teams
Azar, Jose MAzar, Jose MAzar, Jose MJohnson, Cynthia SJohnson, Cynthia SJohnson, Cynthia SFrame, Amie MFrame, Amie MFrame, Amie MPerkins, Susan MPerkins, Susan MPerkins, Susan MCottingham, Ann HCottingham, Ann HCottingham, Ann HLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra K and Litzelman, Debra K
Journal of Interprofessional Care: Special Themed Section: European Interprofessional Education Network (EIPEN) Conference Articles, vol. 31, (no. 2), pp. 276, 3/4/2017. | Journal Article
How physicians draw satisfaction and overcome barriers in their practices: "It sustains me".
Branch, William TWeil, Amy BGilligan, MaryAnn CLitzelman, Debra KHafler, Janet PPlews-Ogan, MargaretRider, Elizabeth AOsterberg, Lars GDunne, DanaDerse, Arthur RPittman, J Richard and Frankel, Richard M
Patient education and counseling, June 8, 2017. | Journal Article
Impact of Community Health Workers on Elderly Patients' Advance Care Planning and Health Care Utilization: Moving the Dial
Litzelman, DebraInui, ThomasGriffin, WilmaPerkins, AnthonyCottingham, AnnSchmitt-Wendholt, Kathleen and Ivy, Steven
Medical Care, vol. 55, (no. 4), pp. 319, 20170401. | Journal Article
Medical Students’ Professionalism Narratives Reveal That Experiences With Death, Dying, or Palliative Care Are More Positive Than Other Experiences During Their Internal Medicine Clerkship
Cripe, Larry DCripe, Larry DCripe, Larry DCripe, L.D.Hedrick, David GHedrick, David GHedrick, David GHedrick, D.G.Rand, Kevin LRand, Kevin LRand, K.L.Rand, Kevin LBurns, DebraBurns, D.Burns, DebraBurns, DebraBanno, D.Banno, DaniellaBanno, DaniellaBanno, DaniellaCottingham, AnnCottingham, AnnCottingham, AnnCottingham, A.Litzelman, D.Litzelman, DebraLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, DebraHoffmann, Mary LHoffmann, Mary LHoffmann, Mary LHoffmann, M.L.Martenyi, NoraMartenyi, NoraMartenyi, N.Martenyi, NoraPhD, Richard M. FrankelPhD, Richard M. FrankelFrankel, R.M. and PhD, Richard M. Frankel
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On Becoming a Global Citizen: Transformative Learning Through Global Health Experiences.
Litzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KGardner, AdrianGardner, AdrianGardner, AdrianEinterz, Robert MEinterz, Robert MEinterz, Robert MOwiti, PhilipOwiti, PhilipOwiti, PhilipWambui, CharityWambui, CharityWambui, CharityHuskins, Jordan CHuskins, Jordan CHuskins, Jordan CSchmitt-Wendholt, Kathleen MSchmitt-Wendholt, Kathleen MSchmitt-Wendholt, Kathleen MStone, Geren SStone, Geren SStone, Geren SAyuo, Paul OAyuo, Paul OAyuo, Paul OInui, Thomas SInui, Thomas SInui, Thomas SUmoren, Rachel AUmoren, Rachel A and Umoren, Rachel A
Annals of global health, vol. 83, (no. 3-4), pp. 596-604. | Journal Article
Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in a community sample in Western Kenya
Kwobah, EdithEpstein, SteveMwangi, Ann and Litzelman, Debra
BMC Psychiatry, vol. 17, 2017. | Journal Article
Enhancing the prospects for palliative care at the end of life: A statewide educational demonstration project to improve advance care planning.
Litzelman, Debra KCottingham, Ann HGriffin, WilmaInui, Thomas S and Ivy, Steven S
Palliative & supportive care, pp. 1-11, June 20, 2016. | Journal Article
Evaluation of interprofessional relational coordination and patients' perception of care in outpatient oncology teams.
Azar, Jose MJohnson, Cynthia SFrame, Amie MPerkins, Susan MCottingham, Ann H and Litzelman, Debra K
Journal of interprofessional care, pp. 1-4, December 12, 2016. | Journal Article
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, M.S.Umoren, R.Umoren, RachelDixit, AvikaDixit, A.Holliday, R.Holliday, RachelLitzelman, D. and Litzelman, Debra
Journal of cultural diversity, vol. 23, (no. 4), pp. 151, 2016 Winter. | Journal Article