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Ciliary ARL13B prevents obesity in mice
A mouse model of BBS identifies developmental and homeostatic effects of BBS5 mutation and identifies novel pituitary abnormalities.
Human molecular genetics. | Journal Article
An N‐terminal fusion allele to study melanin concentrating hormone receptor 1
genesis. | Journal Article
Artificial Intelligence Approaches to Assessing Primary Cilia
A transgenic Alx4-CreER mouse to analyze anterior limb and nephric duct development
Rockwell, Devan M.O’Connor, Amber K.Bentley-Ford, Melissa R.Haycraft, Courtney J.Croyle, Mandy J.Brewer, Kathryn M.Berbari, Nicolas F.Kesterson, Robert A. and Yoder, Bradley K.
Developmental Dynamics. | Journal Article
Spinophilin limits GluN2B-containing NMDAR activity and sequelae associated with excessive hippocampal NMDAR function.
Actin at stereocilia tips is regulated by mechanotransduction and ADF/cofilin.
McGrath, JamisTung, Chun-YuLiao, XiayiBelyantseva, Inna ARoy, PallabiChakraborty, OisorjoLi, JinanBerbari, Nicolas FFaaborg-Andersen, Christian CBarzik, MelanieBird, Jonathan EZhao, BoBalakrishnan, LataFriedman, Thomas B and Perrin, Benjamin J
Current biology : CB. | Journal Article
Cilia signaling and obesity.
Seminars in cell & developmental biology. | Journal Article
Defective INPP5E distribution in NPHP1-related Senior-Loken syndrome.
Ning, KeNing, KeNing, KeSong, EmilieSong, EmilieSong, EmilieSendayen, Brent ESendayen, Brent ESendayen, Brent EProsseda, Philipp PProsseda, Philipp PProsseda, Philipp PChang, Kun-CheChang, Kun-CheChang, Kun-CheGhaffarieh, AlirezaGhaffarieh, AlirezaGhaffarieh, AlirezaAlvarado, Jorge AAlvarado, Jorge AAlvarado, Jorge AWang, BiaoWang, BiaoWang, BiaoHaider, Kathryn MHaider, Kathryn MHaider, Kathryn MBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FHu, YangHu, YangHu, YangSun, YangSun, Yang and Sun, Yang
Molecular genetics & genomic medicine. | Journal Article
Using a Student-Generated Mock Magazine Issue To Improve Students Awareness of Diverse Scientists.
Journal of microbiology & biology education. | Journal Article
Ciliary gene RPGRIP1L is required for hypothalamic arcuate neuron development
Wang, LihengDe Solis, Alain JGoffer, YossefBirkenbach, Kathryn EEngle, Staci ETanis, RossLevenson, Jacob MLi, XuetingRausch, RichardPurohit, ManikaLee, Jen-YiTan, JericaDe Rosa, Maria CaterinaDoege, Claudia AAaron, Holly LMartins, Gabriela JBrüning, Jens CEgli, DieterCosta, RuiBerbari, NicolasLeibel, Rudolph L and Stratigopoulos, George
JCI insight, vol. 4, (no. 3), 2019-Feb-07. | Journal Article
Hedgehog Pathway Activation Alters Ciliary Signaling in Primary Hypothalamic Cultures
Bansal, RuchiBansal, RuchiEngle, Staci EEngle, Staci EEngle, Staci EAntonellis, Patrick JAntonellis, Patrick JAntonellis, Patrick JWhitehouse, Logan SWhitehouse, Logan SWhitehouse, Logan SBaucum, Anthony JBaucum, 2nd, Anthony JBaucum, 2nd, Anthony JCummins, Theodore RCummins, Theodore RReiter, Jeremy FCummins, Theodore RReiter, Jeremy FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FReiter, Jeremy F and Berbari, Nicolas F
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, vol. 13, pp. 266, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
A CreER mouse to study melanin concentrating hormone signaling in the developing brain
Engle, Staci E.Antonellis, Patrick J.Whitehouse, Logan S.Bansal, RuchiEmond, Michelle R.Jontes, James D.Kesterson, Robert A.Mykytyn, Kirk and Berbari, Nicolas F.
genesis, vol. 56, pp. e23217. | Journal Article
MicroRNA-31 is required for astrocyte specification.
Meares, Gordon PMeares, Gordon PRajbhandari, RajaniRajbhandari, RajaniGerigk, MagdaGerigk, MagdaTien, Chih-LiangTien, Chih-LiangChang, ChenbeiChang, ChenbeiFehling, Samuel CFehling, Samuel CRowse, AmberRowse, AmberMulhern, Kayln CMulhern, Kayln CNair, SindhuNair, SindhuGray, G KennethGray, G KennethBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBredel, MarkusBredel, MarkusBenveniste, Etty NBenveniste, Etty NNozell, Susan E and Nozell, Susan E
Glia. | Journal Article
Mks6 mutations reveal tissue- and cell type-specific roles for the cilia transition zone.
Lewis, Wesley RLewis, Wesley RBales, Katie LBales, Katie LRevell, Dustin ZRevell, Dustin ZCroyle, Mandy JCroyle, Mandy JEngle, Staci EEngle, Staci ESong, Cheng JackSong, Cheng JackMalarkey, Erik BMalarkey, Erik BUytingco, Cedric RUytingco, Cedric RShan, DanShan, DanAntonellis, Patrick JAntonellis, Patrick JNagy, Tim RNagy, Tim RKesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert AMrug, Michal MMrug, Michal MMartens, Jeffrey RMartens, Jeffrey RBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FGross, Alecia KGross, Alecia KYoder, Bradley K and Yoder, Bradley K
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, pp. fj201801149R, August 22, 2018. | Journal Article
Cilia and Obesity.
Vaisse, ChristianReiter, Jeremy F and Berbari, Nicolas F
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology, January 17, 2017. | Journal Article
Coiled-coil domain containing 42 (Ccdc42) is necessary for proper sperm development and male fertility in the mouse.
Pasek, Raymond CPasek, Raymond CMalarkey, ErikMalarkey, ErikBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FSharma, NeerajSharma, NeerajKesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert ATres, Laura LTres, Laura LKierszenbaum, Abraham LKierszenbaum, Abraham LYoder, Bradley K and Yoder, Bradley K
Developmental biology. | Journal Article
Methods for Visualization of Neuronal Cilia. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)
Caspary, TamaraMarazziti, Daniela and Berbari, Nicolas F
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). | Journal Article
Mutation of Growth Arrest Specific 8 Reveals a Role in Motile Cilia Function and Human Disease
Lewis, Wesley RLewis, Wesley RLewis, Wesley RLewis, W.R.Lewis, Wesley RLewis, Wesley RMalarkey, Erik BMalarkey, Erik BMalarkey, Erik BMalarkey, E.B.Malarkey, Erik BMalarkey, Erik BTritschler, DouglasTritschler, DouglasTritschler, DouglasTritschler, DouglasTritschler, D.Tritschler, DouglasBower, RaqualBower, RaqualBower, RaqualBower, RaqualBower, RaqualBower, R.Pasek, Raymond CPasek, Raymond CPasek, R.C.Pasek, Raymond CPasek, Raymond CPasek, Raymond CPorath, J.D.Porath, Jonathan DPorath, Jonathan DPorath, Jonathan DPorath, Jonathan DPorath, Jonathan DBirket, Susan EBirket, Susan EBirket, S.E.Birket, Susan EBirket, Susan EBirket, Susan ESaunier, SophieSaunier, SophieSaunier, S.Saunier, SophieSaunier, SophieSaunier, SophieAntignac, C.Antignac, CorinneAntignac, CorinneAntignac, CorinneAntignac, CorinneAntignac, CorinneKnowles, Michael RKnowles, Michael RKnowles, Michael RKnowles, Michael RKnowles, Michael RKnowles, M.R.Leigh, Margaret WLeigh, Margaret WLeigh, Margaret WLeigh, Margaret WLeigh, Margaret WLeigh, M.W.Zariwala, Maimoona AZariwala, Maimoona AZariwala, M.A.Zariwala, Maimoona AZariwala, Maimoona AZariwala, Maimoona AChalla, Anil KChalla, A.K.Challa, Anil KChalla, Anil KChalla, Anil KChalla, Anil KKesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert AKesterson, R.A.Kesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert ARowe, Steven MRowe, Steven MRowe, S.M.Rowe, Steven MRowe, Steven MRowe, Steven MDrummond, I.A.Drummond, Iain ADrummond, Iain ADrummond, Iain ADrummond, Iain ADrummond, Iain AParant, John MParant, J.M.Parant, John MParant, John MParant, John MParant, John MHildebrandt, F.Hildebrandt, FriedhelmHildebrandt, FriedhelmHildebrandt, FriedhelmHildebrandt, FriedhelmHildebrandt, FriedhelmPorter, Mary EPorter, M.E.Porter, Mary EPorter, Mary EPorter, Mary EPorter, Mary EYoder, Bradley KYoder, Bradley KYoder, Bradley KYoder, B.K.Yoder, Bradley KYoder, Bradley KBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas F and Berbari, N.F.
PLoS genetics, vol. 12, (no. 7), pp. e1006220, 2016-07-00. | Journal Article
Trafficking of ciliary G protein-coupled receptors.
McIntyre, Jeremy CMcIntyre, Jeremy CHege, Mellisa MHege, Mellisa MBerbari, Nicolas F and Berbari, Nicolas F
Methods in cell biology, vol. 132, pp. 35-54, 2016. | Journal Article
Loss of tumor suppressive microRNA-31 enhances TRADD/NF-κB signaling in glioblastoma.
Rajbhandari, RajaniRajbhandari, R.Mc Farland, B.C.McFarland, Braden CPatel, AshishPatel, A.Gerigk, MagdaGerigk, M.Gray, G KennethKenneth Gray, G.Fehling, Samuel CFehling, S.C.Bredel, M.Bredel, MarkusBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, N.F.Kim, H.Kim, HyunsooMarks, Margaret PMarks, M.P.Meares, G.P.Meares, Gordon PSinha, TanviSinha, T.Chuang, JeffreyChuang, J.Benveniste, Etty NBenveniste, E.N.Nozell, S.E. and Nozell, Susan E
Oncotarget. | Journal Article
Hippocampal and cortical primary cilia are required for aversive memory in mice.
Berbari, Nicolas FMalarkey, Erik BYazdi, S M Zaki RMcNair, Andrew DKippe, Jordyn MCroyle, Mandy JKraft, Timothy W and Yoder, Bradley K
PloS one, vol. 9, (no. 9), pp. e106576, 2014. | Journal Article
Monitoring endosomal trafficking of the g protein-coupled receptor somatostatin receptor 3.
Tower-Gilchrist, CristyTower-Gilchrist, CristyTower-Gilchrist, CristyStyers, Melanie LStyers, Melanie LStyers, Melanie LYoder, Bradley KYoder, Bradley KYoder, Bradley KBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FSztul, ElizabethSztul, Elizabeth and Sztul, Elizabeth
Methods in enzymology, vol. 534, pp. 261-280, 2014. | Journal Article
Primary cilia enhance kisspeptin receptor signaling on gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons.
Koemeter-Cox, Andrew ISherwood, Thomas WGreen, Jill ASteiner, Robert ABerbari, Nicolas FYoder, Bradley KKauffman, AlexanderMonsma, Paula CBrown, AnthonyAskwith, Candice C and Mykytyn, Kirk
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 111, (no. 28), pp. 10335-40, 2014/Jul/15. | Journal Article
An inducible CiliaGFP mouse model for in vivo visualization and analysis of cilia in live tissue
O'Connor, Amber KO'Connor, Amber KMalarkey, Erik BMalarkey, Erik BBerbari, Nicolas FBerbari, Nicolas FCroyle, Mandy JCroyle, Mandy JHaycraft, Courtney JHaycraft, CourtneyBell, P DBell, P DarwinHohenstein, PeterHohenstein, PeterKesterson, Robert AKesterson, Robert AYoder, Bradley K and Yoder, Bradley K
Cilia, vol. 2, (no. 1), pp. 8, 2013-Jul-03. | Journal Article