Research Areas:

  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Genetics
  • Neuroscience

Current work in the lab focuses on the roles of small hair-like cellular appendages called cilia. We are particularly interested in their roles in the brain. Interestingly, when cilia are disrupted in the feeding centers of the brain this results in obesity in both mice and patients with genetic disorders that affect cilia function. We are currently trying to determine how cilia can affect appetite and satiety. We are utilizing conditional and congenital knockout mouse models, tissue culture, pharmacology and electrophysiology to address this question.

We are particularly interested in the roles of cilia in the brain. Our current interest is in how cilia in the central nervous system can impact feeding behavior.

Our lab is broadly interested in how dysfunctional cilia are involved in human health and disease.3




  • Neuronal Cilia and Obesity
  • Cilia and Behavior
  • Neurodevelopment and Cilia

Research: Nutrition and Physiology of Diabetes and Obesity

Expertise: Neurodegenerative Disorders Research


Biological Science, Neuroscience, Neuroscience
PhD, Ohio State University, Biomedical Sciences, 2008
BS, Indiana University Bloomington, Biology, 2002
cell biology cell & developmental biology genetics neuroscience