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Abstract 1787: Design of bispecific adapters for universal CAR T cell therapies of solid tumors
Zheng, SuilanHuang, BoSingh, YashapalChu, HaiyanBowroju, Suresh K.Bari, Md SazzadulSrinivasarao, MadduriKasireddy, Sudarsan R.Mukkamala, RameshBeitz, LaurieRyu, ByoungScharenberg, Andrew M.Jensen, Michael and Low, Philip S.
Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 83, (no. 7_Supplement), pp. 1787, 2023-04-04. | Journal Article
Abstract 4099: Dual targeting of tumor cells and cancer associated fibroblasts enhances CAR T efficacy in solid tumors
Huang, BoZheng, SuilanChu, HaiyanMukkamala, RameshBowroju, Suresh K.Singh, YashapalKasireddy, Sudarsan R.Bari, Md SazzadulSrinivasarao, MadduriBeitz, LaurieRyu, ByoungJensen, MichaelScharenberg, Andrew M. and Low, Philip S.
Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 83, (no. 7_Supplement), pp. 4099, 2023-04-04. | Journal Article
Abstract LB028: Reprogramming of tumor-infiltrating immune cells using a tumor-associated macrophage-targeted TLR7 agonist
Napoleon, John VictorZhang, FenghuaAlfar, Rami A.Wolt, Taylor A. and Low, Philip S.
Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 83, (no. 8_Supplement), pp. LB028, 2023-04-14. | Journal Article
Engineered human pluripotent stem cell-derived natural killer cells with PD-L1 responsive immunological memory for enhanced immunotherapeutic efficacy
Chang, YunChang, YunChang, YunJin, GyuhyungJin, GyuhyungJin, GyuhyungLuo, WeichuanLuo, WeichuanLuo, WeichuanLuo, QianLuo, QianLuo, QianJung, JuhyungJung, JuhyungJung, JuhyungHummel, Sydney N.Hummel, Sydney N.Hummel, Sydney NTorregrosa-Allen, SandraTorregrosa-Allen, SandraTorregrosa-Allen, SandraElzey, Bennett D.Elzey, Bennett D.Elzey, Bennett DLow, Philip S.Low, Philip SLow, Philip S.Lian, Xiaojun LanceLian, Xiaojun LanceLian, Xiaojun LanceBao, XiaopingBao, Xiaoping and Bao, Xiaoping
Bioactive materials, vol. 27, pp. 180, 2023-09-01. | Journal Article
Fibroblast Activation Protein-Targeted Radioligand Therapy for Treatment of Solid Tumors
Lindeman, Spencer DMukkamala, RameshHorner, AutumnTudi, PoojaBooth, Owen CHuff, RoxanneHinsey, JoshuaHovstadius, AndersMartone, PeterZhang, FenghuaSrinivasarao, MadduriCox, Abigail and Low, Philip S
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 64, (no. 5), pp. 766, 2023-05-00. | Journal Article
First-in-patient study of OTL78 for intraoperative fluorescence imaging of prostate-specific membrane antigen-positive prostate cancer: a single-arm, phase 2a, feasibility trial
Stibbe, Judith Ade Barros, Hilda ALinders, Daan G JBhairosingh, Shadhvi SBekers, Elise Mvan Leeuwen, Pim JLow, Philip SKularatne, Sumith AVahrmeijer, Alexander LBurggraaf, Jacobus and van der Poel, Henk G
The lancet oncology, vol. 24, (no. 5), pp. 467, May 2023. | Journal Article
High folate receptor expression in gliomas can be detected in vivo using folate-based positron emission tomography with high tumor-to-brain uptake ratio divulging potential future targeting possibilities
Miner, Maxwell W GLiljenbäck, HeidiVirta, JenniKärnä, SalliViitanen, RiikkaElo, PetriGardberg, MariaTeuho, JarmoSaipa, PirittaRajander, JohanMansour, Hasan Mansour ACleveland, Nathan ALow, Philip SLi, Xiang-Guo and Roivainen, Anne
Frontiers in immunology, vol. 14, pp. 1145473, 2023-05-18. | Journal Article
Macrophage Hitchhiking Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Myocardial Infarction: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study
Torrieri, GiuliaIqbal, ImranFontana, FlaviaTalman, VirpiLiljenbäck, HeidiPutri, AnianaNammas, WailRajander, JohanGuo-Li, XiangLow, PhilipTeesalu, TambetRoivainen, AnneHirvonen, JouniRuskoaho, HeikkiBalasubramanian, VimalkumarSaraste, Antti and Santos, Hélder
Advanced functional materials, vol. n/a, (no. n/a), 2023-05-19. | Journal Article
Nanoparticles Targeted to Fibroblast Activation Protein Outperform PSMA for MRI Delineation of Primary Prostate Tumors
Dmochowska, NicoleMilanova, ValentinaMukkamala, RameshChow, Kwok KeungPham, Nguyen T. H.Srinivasarao, MadduriEbert, Lisa M.Stait‐Gardner, TimothyLe, HienShetty, AnilNelson, MelanieLow, Philip S. and Thierry, Benjamin
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), vol. 19, (no. 21), pp. n/a, 2023-05-01. | Journal Article
3D Specimen Mapping Expedites Frozen Section Diagnosis of Nonpalpable Ground Glass Opacities
Kennedy, Gregory T.Azari, Feredun S.Bernstein, ElizabethDesphande, CharuhasDin, AzraMarfatia, IsvitaKucharczuk, John C.Delikatny, Edward J.Low, Philip S. and Singhal, Sunil
The Annals of thoracic surgery, vol. 114, (no. 6), pp. 2123, 2022-12-01. | Journal Article
Abstract 1482: Efficient targeting of prostate cancer using ligand conjugated and chemically modified tumor suppressive miRNA
Abdelaal, Ahmed M.Abdelaal, Ahmed M.Kasireddy, SudarshanKasireddy, SudarshanSohal, Ikjot S.Sohal, Ikjot S.Low, Philip S.Low, Philip S.Kasinski, Andrea L. and Kasinski, Andrea L.
Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 82, (no. 12_Supplement), pp. 1482, 2022-06-15. | Journal Article
Abstract 1494: 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) as a superior ligand for delivery of small RNAs for cancer therapy
Kasireddy, Sudarsan R.Kasireddy, Sudarsan R.Abdelaal, Ahmed M.Abdelaal, Ahmed M.Low, Philip S.Low, Philip S.Kasinski, Andrea L. and Kasinski, Andrea L.
Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 82, (no. 12_Supplement), pp. 1494, 2022-06-15. | Journal Article
Activating Pyruvate Kinase Improves Red Blood Cell Integrity By Reducing Band3 Tyrosine Phosphorylation
Le, KangWang, XundeLundt, MaureenConrey, AnnaFrey, IngridGiannini, SilviaKosinski, Penelope A.Hausman, John A.Low, Philip S.Jeffries, Neal and Thein, Swee Lay
Blood, vol. 140, (no. Supplement 1), pp. 5396, 2022-11-15. | Journal Article
An engineered dual function peptide to repair fractured bones
Low, Stewart A.Nielsen, Jeffery J.Coakley, Cheyanne M.Thomas, MiniMbachu, Ephraim U.Chen, Christopher L.Jones-Hall, YavaTremblay, Madeleine I.Hicks, Jonathan R. and Low, Philip S.
Journal of controlled release, vol. 350, pp. 697, October 2022. | Journal Article
A Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen—Targeted Near-Infrared Conjugate for Identifying Pulmonary Squamous Cell Carcinoma during Resection
Kennedy, Gregory TAzari, Feredun SBernstein, ElizabethNadeem, BilalChang, Ashley ESegil, AlixSullivan, NeilMarfatia, IsvitaDin, AzraDesphande, CharuhasKucharczuk, John CLow, Philip S and Singhal, Sunil
Molecular cancer therapeutics, vol. 21, (no. 4), pp. 554, 2022-04-01. | Journal Article
Design and characterization of fibroblast activation protein targeted pan-cancer imaging agent for fluorescence-guided surgery of solid tumors
Mukkamala, RameshLindeman, Spencer DKragness, Kate AShahriar, ImrulSrinivasarao, Madduri and Low, Philip S
Journal of materials chemistry. B, Materials for biology and medicine, vol. 1, (no. 12), pp. 246, 2022-03-23. | Journal Article
Design, Synthesis, and Targeted Delivery of an Immune Stimulant that Selectively Reactivates Exhausted CAR T Cells
Napoleon, John VictorNapoleon, John VictorZhang, BoningZhang, BoningLuo, QianLuo, QianSrinivasarao, MadduriSrinivasarao, MadduriLow, Philip S. and Low, Philip S.
Angewandte Chemie (International ed.), vol. 61, (no. 15), pp. n/a, April 4, 2022. | Journal Article
Efficient capture of circulating tumor cells with low molecular weight folate receptor-specific ligands
Hu, YingwenHu, YingwenChen, DanyangChen, DanyangNapoleon, John VNapoleon, John VSrinivasarao, MadduriSrinivasarao, MadduriSinghal, SunilSinghal, SunilSavran, Cagri ASavran, Cagri ALow, Philip S and Low, Philip S
Scientific reports, vol. 12, (no. 1), pp. 8555, 20220520. | Journal Article
Folate Receptor Beta for Macrophage Imaging in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Steinz, MaartenEzdoglian, AiarpiKhodadust, FatemehMolthoff, CarlaSrinivasarao, MadduriLow, PhilipZwezerijnen, GerbenYaqub, MaqsoodBeaino, WissamWindhorst, AlbertTas, SanderJansen, Gerrit and Laken, Conny
Frontiers in immunology, vol. 13, pp. 819163, 2022-02-02. | Journal Article
Folate Receptor Expression by Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophage Subtypes and Effects of Corticosteroids
Warmink, KellySiebelt, MichielLow, PhilipRiemers, FrankWang, BingbingPlomp, SaskiaTryfonidou, MariannaWeeren, PWeinans, Harrie and Korthagen, Nicoline
2022-01-01. | Journal Article
Rapid degradation of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B in sickle cells: Possible contribution to sickle cell membrane weakening
Noomuna, PanaeHausman, John M.Sansoya, RuhaniKalfa, TheodosiaRisinger, Mary and Low, Philip S.
The FASEB journal, vol. 36, (no. 6), pp. n/a, June 2022. | Journal Article
Repolarization of Tumor-Infiltrating Myeloid Cells for Augmentation of CAR T Cell Therapies
Luo, WeichuanNapoleon, John VZhang, FenghuaLee, Yong GuWang, BingbingPutt, Karson S and Low, Philip S
Frontiers in immunology, vol. 13, pp. 816761, 2022-02-16. | Journal Article
Targeted delivery of acrolein scavenger hydralazine in spinal cord injury using folate-linker-drug conjugation
Herr, Seth A.Herr, Seth A.Gardeen, Spencer S.Gardeen, Spencer S.Low, Philip S.Low, Philip S.Shi, Riyi and Shi, Riyi
Free radical biology & medicine, vol. 184, pp. 73, 2022-05-01. | Journal Article
Targeted detection of cancer at the cellular level during biopsy by near-infrared confocal laser endomicroscopy
Kennedy, Gregory TAzari, Feredun SBernstein, ElizabethNadeem, BilalChang, AshleySegil, AlixCarlin, SeanSullivan, Neil TEncarnado, EmmanuelDesphande, CharuhasKularatne, SumithGagare, PravinThomas, MiniKucharczuk, John CChristien, GaetanLacombe, FrancoisLeonard, KaelaLow, Philip SCriton, Aline and Singhal, Sunil
Nature communications, vol. 13, (no. 1), pp. 2711, 2022-05-17. | Journal Article
Targeted detection of cancer cells during biopsy allows real-time diagnosis of pulmonary nodules
Kennedy, Gregory T.Azari, Feredun S.Bernstein, ElizabethNadeem, BilalChang, AshleySegil, AlixSullivan, NeilEncarnado, EmmanuelDesphande, CharuhasKucharczuk, John C.Leonard, KaelaLow, Philip S.Chen, SilviaCriton, Aline and Singhal, Sunil
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, vol. 49, (no. 12), pp. 4204, 2022-10-00. | Journal Article