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Phase II studies to select the formulation of a multivalent HPV L1 virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine.
Luxembourg, AlainBrown, DarronBouchard, CelineGiuliano, Anna RIversen, Ole-ErikJoura, Elmar APenny, Mary ERestrepo, Jaime ARomaguera, JosefinaMaansson, RogerMoeller, ErinRitter, Michael and Chen, Joshua
Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics, vol. 11, (no. 6), pp. 1313-1322, 2015. | Journal Article
Attribution of 12 High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Genotypes to Infection and Cervical Disease
Joura, Elmar AAult, Kevin ABosch, F XavierBrown, DarronCuzick, JackFerris, DaronGarland, Suzanne MGiuliano, Anna RHernandez-Avila, MauricioHuh, WarnerIversen, Ole-ErikKjaer, Susanne KLuna, JoaquinMiller, DianneMonsonego, JosephMunoz, NubiaMyers, EvanPaavonen, JormaPitisuttithum, PunneeSteben, MarcWheeler, Cosette MPerez, GonzaloSaah, AlfredLuxembourg, AlainSings, Heather L and Velicer, Christine
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Concordance assessment between a multiplexed competitive Luminex immunoassay, a multiplexed IgG Luminex immunoassay, and a pseudovirion-based neutralization assay for detection of human papillomaviruse types 16 and 18.
Brown, DarronMüller, MartinSehr, PeterPawlita, MichaelSeitz, HannaRubio, IvonneAntonello, JosephRadley, DavidRoberts, Christine and Saah, Alfred
Vaccine, vol. 32, (no. 44), pp. 5880-5887, October 7, 2014. | Journal Article
DNA detection and seroprevalence of human papillomavirus in a cohort of adolescent women.
Ermel, Aaron CShew, MarciaWeaver, Bree AQadadri, BrahimDenski, CherylTu, WanzhuTong, YanFortenberry, J D and Brown, Darron R
Sexually transmitted infections, vol. 90, (no. 1), pp. 64-9, 2014/Feb. | Journal Article
Invasive cervical cancers from women living in the United States or Botswana: differences in human papillomavirus type distribution.
Ermel, AaronErmel, AaronRamogola-Masire, DoreenRamogola-Masire, DoreenZetola, NicolaZetola, NicolaTong, YanTong, YanQadadri, BrahimQadadri, BrahimAzar, Marwan MAzar, Marwan MBrown, Darron R and Brown, Darron R
Infectious agents and cancer, vol. 9, pp. 22, 2014. | Journal Article
Potential of the quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine in the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.
Garland, Suzanne M and Brown, Darron R
Expert opinion on biological therapy, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 527-534, April 2014. | Journal Article
Association of Chlamydia trachomatis infection with redetection of human papillomavirus after apparent clearance.
Shew, MarciaShew, MarciaShew, MarciaErmel, AaronErmel, Aaron CErmel, AaronWeaver, Bree AWeaver, BreeWeaver, BreeTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuKester, Laura MKester, LauraKester, LauraDenski, CherylDenski, CherylDenski, CherylFortenberry, J DFortenberry, J.Fortenberry, J.Brown, DarronBrown, Darron R and Brown, Darron
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Association of HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18 DNA detection and serological response in unvaccinated adolescent women.
Tong, YanTong, YanErmel, AaronErmel, AaronTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuShew, MarciaShew, MarciaBrown, Darron R and Brown, Darron R
Journal of medical virology, vol. 85, (no. 10), pp. 1786-93, 2013/Oct. | Journal Article
High frequency of human papillomavirus detection in the vagina before first vaginal intercourse among females enrolled in a longitudinal cohort study.
Shew, MarciaShew, MarciaShew, MarciaShew, MarciaWeaver, BreeWeaver, BreeWeaver, BreeWeaver, BreeTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanFortenberry, J.Fortenberry, J DFortenberry, J.Fortenberry, J.Brown, DarronBrown, DarronBrown, Darron and Brown, Darron R
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Human papillomavirus in older women: new infection or reactivation?
Brown, Darron R and Weaver, Bree
The Journal of infectious diseases, vol. 207, (no. 2), pp. 211-212, January 15, 2013. | Journal Article
Behavioral and sociodemographic risk factors for serological and DNA evidence of HPV6, 11, 16, 18 infections.
Wiley, Dorothy JMasongsong, Emmanuel VLu, ShuangHeather L, SingsSalem, BenissaGiuliano, AnnaAult, Kevin AHaupt, Richard M and Brown, Darron R
Cancer epidemiology, vol. 36, (no. 3), pp. e183-9, 2012/Jun. | Journal Article
Prevalence of human papillomavirus infection in young women receiving the first quadrivalent vaccine dose.
Widdice, Lea EWiddice, Lea EWiddice, Lea EBrown, Darron RBrown, Darron RBrown, Darron RBernstein, David IBernstein, David IBernstein, David IDing, LiliDing, LiliDing, LiliPatel, DeeshaPatel, DeeshaPatel, DeeshaShew, MarciaShew, MarciaShew, MarciaFortenberry, J DFortenberry, J. DennisFortenberry, J. DennisKahn, Jessica AKahn, Jessica A and Kahn, Jessica A
Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, vol. 166, (no. 8), pp. 774-6, 2012/Aug. | Journal Article
Reduction of HPV infections through vaccination among at-risk urban adolescents
Cummings, TeresaCummings, TeresaCummings, TeresaZimet, Gregory DZimet, GregoryZimet, GregoryBrown, DarronBrown, DarronBrown, DarronTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuYang, ZiyiYang, ZiyiYang, ZiyiFortenberry, JDennisFortenberry, J.Fortenberry, J.Shew, MarciaShew, Marcia and Shew, Marcia L
Vaccine, vol. 30, (no. 37), pp. 5496-5499, 2012. | Journal Article
The fanconi anemia pathway limits human papillomavirus replication.
Hoskins, Elizabeth EHoskins, E.E.Morreale, R.J.Morreale, Richard JWerner, S.P.Werner, Stephen PHigginbotham, J.M.Higginbotham, Jennifer MLaimins, L.A.Laimins, Laimonis ALambert, Paul FLambert, P.F.Brown, D.R.Brown, Darron RGillison, M.L.Gillison, Maura LNuovo, Gerard JNuovo, G.J.Witte, David PWitte, D.P.Kim, M. O.Kim, Mi-OkDavies, S.M.Davies, Stella MMehta, Parinda AMehta, P.A.Butsch Kovacic, MelindaKovacic, M.B.Wikenheiser-Brokamp, K.A.Wikenheiser Brokamp, Kathryn AWikenheiser-Brokamp, Kathryn AWells, Susanne I and Wells, S.I.
Journal of virology, vol. 86, (no. 15), pp. 8131-8, 2012/Aug. | Journal Article
Vaccine-type human papillomavirus and evidence of herd protection after vaccine introduction.
Kahn, Jessica ABrown, Darron RDing, LiliWiddice, Lea EShew, MarciaGlynn, Susan and Bernstein, David I
Pediatrics, vol. 130, (no. 2), pp. e249-56, 2012/Aug. | Journal Article
Adenocarcinoma in situ and associated human papillomavirus type distribution observed in two clinical trials of a quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine
Ault, Kevin AJoura, Elmar AKjaer, Susanne KIversen, Ole-ErikWheeler, CossettePerez, GonzaloBrown, Darron RKoutsky, Laura AGarland, Suzanne MOlsson, Sven-EricTang, Grace WFerris, Daron GPaavonen, JormaSteben, MarcBosch, F. XMajewski, SlawomirMunoz, NubiaSings, Heather LHarkins, KathyRutkowski, Mary AHaupt, Richard M and Garner, Elizabeth I
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Advancing human papillomavirus research with a rhesus monkey model.
Ault, Kevin A and Brown, Darron R
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, vol. 103, (no. 9), pp. 703, 2011/May/4. | Journal Article
A molecular dynamics study of loop fluctuation in human papillomavirus type 16 virus-like particles: a possible indicator of immunogenicity.
Joshi, HarshadCheluvaraja, SrinathSomogyi, EndreBrown, Darron R and Ortoleva, Peter J
Vaccine, vol. 29, (no. 51), pp. 9423-30, 2011/Nov/28. | Journal Article
Impact of an HPV6/11/16/18 L1 virus-like particle vaccine on progression to cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in seropositive women with HPV16/18 infection
Haupt, Richard MWheeler, CossetteBrown, Darron RGarland, Suzanne MFerris, Daron GPaavonen, Jorma ALehtinen, MattiSteben, MarcJoura, Elmar AGiacoletti, Katherine ERadley, David RJames, Margaret KSaah, Alfred J and Sings, Heather L
International Journal of Cancer, vol. 129, (no. 11), pp. 2632-2642, 2011. | Journal Article
Incident Cervical HPV Infections in Young Women: Transition Probabilities for CIN and Infection Clearance
Insinga, Ralph PPerez, GonzaloWheeler, CossetteKoutsky, Laura AGarland, Suzanne MLeodolter, SeppJoura, Elmar AFerris, Daron GSteben, MarcHernandez-Avila, MauricioBrown, Darron RElbasha, ElaminMuñoz, NubiaMunoz, NubiaPaavonen, Jorma and Haupt, Richard M
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, vol. 20, (no. 2), pp. 287-296, 2011. | Journal Article
Natural history of multiple human papillomavirus infections in female adolescents with prolonged follow-up.
Weaver, Bree AShew, MarciaQadadri, BrahimTu, WanzhuTong, YanDenski, CherylFortenberry, J. D and Brown, Darron R
The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, vol. 48, (no. 5), pp. 473-80, 2011/May. | Journal Article
The humoral response to Gardasil over four years as defined by total IgG and competitive Luminex immunoassay.
Brown, Darron RGarland, Suzanne MFerris, Daron GJoura, ElmarSteben, MarcJames, MargaretRadley, DavidVuocolo, ScottGarner, Elizabeth IHaupt, Richard M and Bryan, Janine T
Human vaccines, vol. 7, (no. 2), pp. 230-8, 2011/Feb. | Journal Article
Clinical trial and post-licensure safety profile of a prophylactic human papillomavirus (types 6, 11, 16, and 18) l1 virus-like particle vaccine.
Block, Stan LBrown, Darron RChatterjee, ArchanaGold, Michael ASings, Heather LMeibohm, AnneDana, AdrianHaupt, Richard MBarr, EliavTamms, Gretchen MZhou, Haiping and Reisinger, Keith S
The Pediatric infectious disease journal, vol. 29, (no. 2), pp. 95-101, 2010/Feb. | Journal Article
Four year efficacy of prophylactic human papillomavirus quadrivalent vaccine against low grade cervical, vulvar, and vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia and anogenital warts: randomised controlled trial.
Dillner, JoakimDillner, JoakimKjaer, Susanne KWheeler, CossetteKjaer, Susanne KWheeler, Cosette MSigurdsson, KristjánSigurdsson, KristjánIversen, Ole-ErikHernandez-Avila, MauricioIversen, Ole-ErikPerez, GonzaloHernandez-Avila, MauricioPerez, GonzaloBrown, Darron RKoutsky, Laura ABrown, Darron RTay, Eng HKoutsky, Laura ATay, Eng HseonGarcía, PatriciaGarcía, PatriciaAult, Kevin AAult, Kevin AGarland, Suzanne MLeodolter, SeppGarland, Suzanne MLeodolter, SeppOlsson, Sven-EricTang, Grace WOlsson, Sven-EricTang, Grace W KFerris, Daron GPaavonen, JormaFerris, Daron GLehtinen, MattiPaavonen, JormaSteben, MarcLehtinen, MattiSteben, MarcBosch, F XBosch, F XavierJoura, Elmar AJoura, Elmar AMajewski, SlawomirMajewski, SlawomirMuñoz, NubiaMuñoz, NubiaMyers, Evan RVilla, Luisa LMyers, Evan RTaddeo, Frank JVilla, Luisa LTaddeo, Frank JRoberts, ChristineTadesse, AmhaRoberts, ChristineBryan, Janine TTadesse, AmhaMaansson, RogerBryan, Janine TMaansson, RogerLu, ShuangVuocolo, ScottLu, ShuangVuocolo, ScottHesley, Teresa MBarr, EliavHesley, Teresa MBarr, EliavHaupt, Richard and Haupt, Richard
BMJ (Clinical research ed.), vol. 341, pp. c3493, 2010. | Journal Article
Human papillomavirus detection and typing in thin prep cervical cytologic specimens comparing the Digene Hybrid Capture II Assay, the Roche Linear Array HPV Genotyping Assay, and the Kurabo GeneSquare Microarray Assay
Ermel, A.Qadadri, B.Morishita, A.Miyagawa, I.Yamazaki, G.Weaver, Bree ATu, WanzhuTong, Y.Randolph, M.Cramer, H. and Brown, Darron R
Journal of Virological Methods, vol. 169, (no. 1), pp. 154-161, 2010. | Journal Article