My current research involves collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data regarding student experiences, performance and engagement in science education from elementary school through graduate school.

Skills and Expertise:

  • STEM Education
  • Science Education
  • STEM
  • Teaching and Learning

Research Areas:

  • STEM Education, Making in education

Active Research

  • Online Practice Suite: Practice Spaces, Simulations and Virtual Reality Environments for Preservice Teachers to Learn to Facilitate Argumentation Discussions in Math and Science
  • Collaborative Research: The Notion of Failure and Maker Programming for Youth: Supporting the Professional Development, Reflection, and Learning of Informal Educators
  • RAPID: Rapidly building a collaborative network of informal educators to address extended school closures related to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic
  • Engineering a Community-Family Partnership: Developing a Program Aimed at Making and Design Practices in Home Environments
  • Role Models in Engineering Education
  • MakEval.

Older Projects:

  • MakEngineering Kits
  • Studying the Role of Failure in Design and Making
  • Assessing Multinational Interest in STEM
  • Student Interest in Science
  • Undergraduate Scientists: Measuring the Outcomes of Research Experiences from multiple perspectives (US-MORE)
  • Data Interpretation along the Novice – Expert Continuum
  • Learning from the Learner’s Point of View.


Education, Education, Education, Education, Cognitive Science, Geology, Psychology, Mental Health Services
PhD, University of Virginia, Science Education, 2008
MS, University of Connecticut, Geology, 2003
BA, Hamilton College, Geology, 1997
balkans kosovo puerto rico bosnia and herzegovina croatia serbia and montenegro curriculum development classroom instruction play educational research problem based learning educational technology use: instructional technology elementary education secondary education middle school education precollegiate education - science or mathematics pedagogy use: education