13 Publications
Concepts and Categories in the Praxis of the Black Intellectual Tradition. Guest Editorial Essay
. | Journal Article
Internalized Racism and the Pursuit of Cultural Relevancy: Decolonizing Practices for Critical Consciousness with Preservice Teachers of Color
Theory Into Practice. | Journal Article
“The Steep Edge of a Dark Abyss”: Mohonk, White Social Engineers, and Black Education
Journal of Black Studies. | Journal Article
A New Music Screaming in the Sun: Haki R. Madhubuti and the Nationalization/ Internationalization of Chicago's BAM.(Black Arts Movement)
Kazembe, Lasana
Chicago Review, vol. 62, (no. 4), pp. 94, 20190622. | Journal Article
Because Time is Long
Kazembe, Lasana
Socialism and Democracy, vol. 32, pp. 231–232. | Journal Article
Let the Drums Talk: Defiance and Definition in the Art of Amiri Baraka
Kazembe, Lasana D
In Brilliant Flame! Amiri Baraka: Poems, Plays, Politics for the People. Chicago, IL: Third World Press Foundation. 2018. | Book Chapter
Keeping Peace: Reflections on Life, Legacy, Commitment and Struggle
Kazembe, Lasana D
Chicago, IL: Third World Press Foundation. 2018. | Book
“Listen to the Blood”: Du Bois, Cultural Memory, and the Black Radical Tradition in Education
Kazembe, Lasana
Socialism and Democracy, vol. 32, pp. 146–163. | Journal Article
Reading the World: Toward a Praxis of Inquiry, Critical Literacy, and Cultural Knowledge
Kazembe, LasanaMajors, Yolanda and Ortlieb, Evan
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, vol. 61, (no. 2), pp. 212, September/October 2017. | Journal Article
Write To Be: Poetry by Stateville Writers
Kazembe, Lasana
Chicago, IL: Third World Press Foundation. 2017. | Book
Entertainers or education researchers? The challenges associated with presenting while black
McGee, Ebony O and Kazembe, Lasana
Race Ethnicity and Education, vol. 19, (no. 1), pp. 120, 1/2/2016. | Journal Article
Teachers as Improvisational Artists
Kazembe, Lasana D and Lessing, Avi
In SAGE Guide to Curriculum in Education (1st). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.. 2015. | Book Chapter
Furious Flowers: Using Black Arts Inquiry and Pedagogy to Engage Black Males
Kazembe, Lasana
Journal of African American Males in Education, vol. 5, (no. 1), 2014. | Journal Article