4 Grants
elev8te: Exploring Global Black Arts Movements
Kazembe, Lasana D
Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, $72,000USD, 06/01/2020 -- 08/31/2021
The Voodoo of Hell's Half Acre': The Travelin' Genius of Richard Wright from Natchez to Chicago: A Blues Poetry Opera
Kazembe, Lasana D
New Frontiers In Arts And Humanities, Indiana University, $60,000USD, 02/03/2020 -- 05/28/2021
Black Voices in Art & Education: Memory, Remembrance, and Critical Engagement
Kazembe, Lasana D
Iupui Arts And Humanities Institute, $3,500USD, 03/01/2019 -- 05/30/2021
Design of a Culturally-Informed ELA Intervention for African American Middle School Students
Kazembe, Lasana D
Indiana University (Iu), IUPUI Proffitt Summer Faculty Fellowship, $10,000USD, 05/01/2018 -- 08/04/2018