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AGU Report to NSF on Accelerating Research and Impacts in GeoHealth
Coastal and Nearshore Minerals: Blue Economy Potential and Prospects
Community science reveals insights into metal pollution and environmental justice
Land plant evolution and volcanism led to the Late Devonian mass extinction
Phosphorus and Life on a Water World
Filippelli, Gabriel M.
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 49. | Journal Article
Positive outcomes from U.S. lead regulations, continued challenges, and lessons learned for regulating emerging contaminants
Rotaviruses and Noroviruses as Etiological Agents of Acute Intestinal Diseases of Ukrainian Children
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. | Journal Article
Thank You to Our 2021 Peer Reviewers
GeoHealth. | Journal Article
Using community science for detailed pollution research: A case-study approach in Indianapolis, IN, USA
Using Community Science to Better Understand Lead Exposure Risks
GeoHealth. | Journal Article
Addressing the need for just GeoHealth engagement: Evolving models for actionable research that transform communities
GeoHealth. | Journal Article
Geoscientists, Who Have Documented the Rapid and Accelerating Climate Crisis for Decades, Are Now Pleading for Immediate Collective Action
Filippelli, GabrielBeal, LisaRajaram, HariharAghaKouchak, AmirBalikhin, Michael A.Destouni, GeorgiaEast, AmyFaccenna, ClaudioFlorindo, FabioFrost, CarolGriffies, StephenHuber, MatthewLugaz, NoéManighetti, IsabelleMontesi, LaurentPirenne, BenoitRaymond, PeterSalous, SanaSchildgen, TaylorTrumbore, SusanWysession, MichaelXenopoulos, Marguerite and Zhang, Minghua
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 48. | Journal Article
International Analysis of Sources and Human Health Risk Associated with Trace Metal Contaminants in Residential Indoor Dust
Environmental Science & Technology. | Journal Article
Invited Perspective: Assessing the Contaminant Exposure Risks of Urban Gardening: Call for Updated Health Guidelines
Environmental Health Perspectives. | Journal Article
Substantial Decreases in U.S. Cities’ Ground-Based NO2 Concentrations during COVID-19 from Reduced Transportation
Sustainability. | Journal Article
Thank You to Our 2020 Peer Reviewers
GeoHealth. | Journal Article
Using Community Science to Better Understand Lead Exposure Risks
Using Community Science to Better Understand Lead Exposure Risks
"We have been the ladder and held the ladder": Evolving GeoHealth models for actionable, community-engaged research
A systematic review of the literature on situated learning in the geosciences: beyond the classroom
Donaldson, TylerFore, G. A.Filippelli, Gabriel M. and Hess, J. L.
International Journal of Science Education, pp. 1–22. | Journal Article
Increased Indoor Exposure to Commonly Used Disinfectants during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Zheng, GuomaoFilippelli, Gabriel Michael and Salamova, Amina
Environmental Science & Technology Letters. | Journal Article
New Approaches to Identifying and Reducing the Global Burden of Disease From Pollution
Filippelli, GabrielFilippelli, GabrielFilippelli, GabrielAnenberg, SusanAnenberg, SusanAnenberg, SusanTaylor, MarkTaylor, MarkTaylor, MarkGeen, Alexandervan Geen, AlexanderKhreis, HaneenKhreis, Haneen and Khreis, Haneen
GeoHealth, vol. 4, (no. 4), pp. n/a, April 2020. | Journal Article
Substantial decreases in NO2 emissions from reduced transportation volumes in US cities during COVID-19 shutdowns reveal health vulnerabilities of urban populations
Using deciduous trees as bioindicators of trace element deposition in a small urban watershed, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Mazari, KaterinaMazari, KaterinaFilippelli, Gabriel M and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 49, (no. 1), pp. 171, January/February 2020. | Journal Article
Addressing Pollution‐Related Global Environmental Health Burdens
Filippelli, Gabriel M and Taylor, Mark P
(pp. 2-5). Jan 2018