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Lead exposure at firing ranges-a review
Laidlaw, Mark AFilippelli, GabrielMielke, HowardGulson, Brian and Ball, Andrew S
Environmental Health , vol. 16, 2017. | Journal Article
Lead exposure at firing ranges—a review
Laidlaw, Mark A SFilippelli, GabrielMielke, HowardGulson, Brian and Ball, Andrew S
Environmental health : a global access science source, vol. 16, (no. 1), pp. 34, 2017-04-04. | Journal Article
Children's Blood Lead Seasonality in Flint, Michigan (USA), and Soil-Sourced Lead Hazard Risks
Laidlaw, MarkFilippelli, GabrielSadler, RichardGonzales, ChristopherBall, Andrew and Mielke, Howard
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 13, (no. 4), pp. 1-13, Apr 2016. | Journal Article
Developing the scientific framework for urban geochemistry
Chambers, Lisa GChambers, L.G.Chin, Y.-P.Chin, Yu-PingFilippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, G.M.Gardner, Christopher BGardner, C.B.Herndon, E.M.Herndon, Elizabeth MLong, David TLong, D.T.Lyons, W.B.Lyons, W. BerryMacpherson, G.LMacpherson, G.L.McElmurry, Shawn PMc Elmurry, S.P.McLean, Colleen EMcLean, C.E.Moore, JoelMoore, J.Moyer, R.P.Moyer, Ryan PNeumann, KlausNeumann, K.Nezat, Carmen ANezat, C.A.Soderberg, K.Soderberg, KeirTeutsch, N.Teutsch, NadyaWidom, E. and Widom, Elisabeth
Applied Geochemistry, vol. 67, pp. 20, April 2016. | Journal Article
Inequitable Chronic Lead Exposure: A Dual Legacy of Social and Environmental Injustice
Leech, Tamara GLeech, Tamara GLeech, Tamara GLeech, Tamara GAdams, ElizabethAdams, Elizabeth AAdams, ElizabethAdams, ElizabethWeathers, TessWeathers, Tess DWeathers, TessWeathers, TessStaten, LisaStaten, LisaStaten, LisaStaten, Lisa KFilippelli, GabrielFilippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, Gabriel and Filippelli, Gabriel
Family & Community Health, vol. 39, (no. 3), pp. 151-159, Jul 2016. | Journal Article
Antarctic Ice Sheet response to a long warm interval across Marine Isotope Stage 31: A cross-latitudinal study of iceberg-rafted debris
Teitler, LoraFlorindo, FabioWarnke, Detlef AFilippelli, Gabriel MKupp, Gary and Taylor, Brian
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 409, pp. 119, 2015-01-01. | Journal Article
Geochemical legacies and the future health of cities: A tale of two neurotoxins in urban soils
Filippelli, Gabriel MRisch, MartinLaidlaw, Mark A.SNichols, Deborah E and Crewe, Julie
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, vol. 3, (no. 5), pp. 59, 2015-07-24. | Journal Article
A salty start to modern ocean circulation
Filippelli, Gabriel
SCIENCE, vol. 344, (no. 6189), 20140613. | Journal Article
A salty start to modern ocean circulation: Water flow out of the Mediterranean is linked to large-scale ocean circulation patterns
Filippelli, Gabriel
Science, vol. 344, (no. 6189), pp. 1229, 20140613. | Journal Article
Oceans. A salty start to modern ocean circulation.
Filippelli, Gabriel
Science (New York, N.Y.), vol. 344, (no. 6189), pp. 1228-1229, June 13, 2014. | Journal Article
Changes in planktic and benthic foraminifer assemblages in the Gulf of Lions, off south France: Response to climate and sea level change from MIS 6 to MIS 11
Cortina, AleixSierro, Francisco JavierFilippelli, GabrielFlores, José Abel and Berné, Serge
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 1276, April 2013. | Journal Article
Determining the relative importance of soil sample locations to predict risk of child lead exposure.
Zahran, SammyZahran, S.Mielke, H.W.Mielke, Howard WMc Elmurry, ShawnMcElmurry, S.P.Filippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, G.M.Laidlaw, Mark ALaidlaw, M.A.S.Taylor, M.P. and Taylor, Mark P
Environment international, vol. 60, pp. 7-14, 2013/Oct. | Journal Article
Linking source and effect: resuspended soil lead, air lead, and children's blood lead levels in Detroit, Michigan
Zahran, S.Zahran, SammyZahran, SammyLaidlaw, Mark A SLaidlaw, Mark ALaidlaw, M.A.S.McElmurry, S.P.Mc Elmurry, ShawnMcElmurry, Shawn PFilippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, G.M.Taylor, M.Taylor, Mark and Taylor, Mark
Environmental science & technology, vol. 47, (no. 6), pp. 2845, 2013-Mar-19. | Journal Article
Palaeoceanographic changes in the North Atlantic during the Mid‐Pleistocene Transition (MIS 31–19) as inferred from planktonic foraminiferal and calcium carbonate records
Hernández‐Almeida, IvánSierro, Francisco JavierFlores, José‐AbelCacho, Isabel and Filippelli, Gabriel Michael
Boreas, vol. 42, (no. 1), pp. 159, January 2013. | Journal Article
Soils and Human Health
Filippelli, Gabriel
(pp. 1876). Sep/Oct 2013
Spatial relationships between lead sources and children's blood lead levels in the urban center of Indianapolis (USA)
Morrison, DeborahMorrison, DeborahLin, QingLin, QingWiehe, SarahWiehe, SarahLiu, GilbertLiu, GilbertRosenman, MarcRosenman, MarcFuller, TrevorFuller, TrevorWang, JaneWang, JaneFilippelli, Gabriel and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Environmental Geochemistry and Health, vol. 35, (no. 2), pp. 171-183, 2013. | Journal Article
Re-suspension of lead contaminated urban soil as a dominant source of atmospheric lead in Birmingham, Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh, USA
Laidlaw, Mark A.SLaidlaw, M.A.S.Zahran, SammyZahran, S.Mielke, Howard WMielke, H.W.Taylor, M.P.Taylor, Mark PFilippelli, Gabriel M and Filippelli, G.M.
Atmospheric Environment, vol. 49, pp. 310, March 2012. | Journal Article
The "white ocean" hypothesis: a late pleistocene southern ocean governed by coccolithophores and driven by phosphorus.
Flores, José-AbelFlores, José-AbelFilippelli, Gabriel MFilippelli, Gabriel MSierro, Francisco JSierro, Francisco JLatimer, Jennifer and Latimer, Jennifer
Frontiers in microbiology, vol. 3, pp. 233, 2012. | Journal Article
Caracterización e interpretación de las capas ricas en detríticos en sedimentos del Site U1314 (Atlántico Norte) durante los estadios isotópicos marinos 21-19 (~ 830-779 ka)
Hernández Almeida, IvánSierro, FranciscoSuárez, MercedesFilippelli, Gabriel and Flores, José
2011. | Journal Article
Mercury Cycling in an Urbanized Watershed: The Influence of Wind Distribution and Regional Subwatershed Geometry in Central Indiana, USA
Hatcher, Carrie L and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, vol. 219, (no. 1-4), pp. 251-261, 2011. | Journal Article
Phosphate rock formation and marine phosphorus geochemistry: The deep time perspective
Filippelli, Gabriel M
Chemosphere, vol. 84, (no. 6), pp. 759-766, 2011. | Journal Article
Biogeochemistry: Phosphorus and the gust of fresh air.
Filippelli, Gabriel M
Nature, vol. 467, (no. 7319), pp. 1052-3, 2010/Oct/28. | Journal Article
Climate-related cyclic deposition of carbonate and organic matter in Holocene lacustrine sediment, Lower Michigan, USA
Nelson, Jennifer A.Nelson, Jennifer ALicht, KathyLicht, KathyYansa, Catherine HYansa, CatherineFilippelli, Gabriel and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 44, (no. 1), pp. 1-13, 2010. | Journal Article
Distribution of Copper in Sediments from Fluvial Reservoirs Treated with Copper Triethanolamine Complex Algicide
Jacinthe, Pierre-AndréJacinthe, Pierre AndreJacinthe, Pierre-AndréFilippelli, GabrielFilippelli, GabrielFilippelli, Gabriel MTedesco, LenoreTedesco, LenoreTedesco, Lenore PLicht, KathyLicht, Kathy J and Licht, Kathy
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, vol. 211, (no. 1), pp. 48, 20100900. | Journal Article
Episodes of low dissolved oxygen indicated by ostracodes and sediment geochemistry at Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
Curry, BBrandon and Filippelli, Gabriel M
Limnology and Oceanography, vol. 55, (no. 6), pp. 2403-2423, 2010. | Journal Article