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Tiger salamander behavior changes with growth and maturation
Chernoff EAG and Chernoff, Ellen A
(pp. 49-54). 2001
Matrix metalloproteinase production in regenerating axolotl spinal cord.
Chernoff, Ellen AO'Hara, C MBauerle, D and Bowling, M
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Matrix Metalloproteinase Production in Regenerating Axolotl Spinal Cord
Chernoff EAG, O?Hara, CM, Bauerle, D and Bowling M. and Chernoff, Ellen A
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Where Does Tame Ambystomatid Salamander Behavior Come From? What is normal behavior? A look at the literature
Chernoff EAG and Chernoff, Ellen A
(pp. 49-55). 2000
Acclimate your adult tiger salamander to life in captivity
Chernoff EAG and Chernoff, Ellen A
(pp. 27-34). 1999
Taming your adult tiger salamander: use their behavior as a guide
Chernoff EAG and Chernoff, Ellen A
(pp. 56-59). 1999
An ependymal cell culture system for the study of spinal cord regeneration.
Chernoff, Ellen AHenry, L C and Spotts, T
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Nursing your tiger salamander through metamorphosis
Chernoff EAG and Chernoff, Ellen A
(pp. 45-50). 1998
cDNA sequence and catalytic properties of a chick embryo alcohol dehydrogenase that oxidizes retinol and 3beta,5alpha-hydroxysteroids.
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The Journal of biological chemistry, vol. 272, (no. 11), pp. 7494-500, 1997/Mar/14. | Journal Article
cDNA Sequence and Catalytic Properties of a Chick Embryo Alcohol Dehydrogenase That Oxidizes Retinol and 3β,5α-Hydroxysteroids
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Role of alcohol dehydrogenases in steroid and retinoid metabolism.
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Spinal cord regeneration: a phenomenon unique to urodeles?
Chernoff, Ellen A
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Developmental aspects of spinal cord and limb regeneration
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Growth factor modulation of injury-reactive ependymal cell proliferation and migration.
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Atomic force microscope images of collagen fibers
Chernoff, Ellen A. G and Chernoff, Donald A
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Reorganization of the ependyma during axolotl spinal cord regeneration: changes in intermediate filament and fibronectin expression.
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Epidermal growth factor and the onset of epithelial epidermal wound healing.
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Adhesion and fusion of the extraembryonic epiblast.
Chernoff, Ellen A
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The role of endogenous heparan sulfate proteoglycan in adhesion and neurite outgrowth from dorsal root ganglia.
Chernoff, Ellen A
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Cell movement and contraction in somite development.
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Heparan sulfate proteoglycans of human neuroblastoma cells: affinity fractionation on columns of platelet factor-4+.
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Isolation and characterization of a large, neurite-associated glycoconjugate from neuroblastoma cells.
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Calcium dependence and contraction in somite formation.
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Cell movement in somite formation and development in the chick: inhibition of segmentation.
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Epithelial cell-cell and cell substrate contacts.
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