25 Publications
Determining future aflatoxin contamination risk scenarios for corn in Southern Georgia, USA using spatio-temporal modelling and future climate simulations
Ruth, KerryIngram, BenGarcia-Cela, EstherOrtiz, Brenda V and Scully, Brian
Scientific Reports (Nature Publisher Group), vol. 11, (no. 1), 2021. | Journal Article
Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network for irrigation management: a case study from Southern Alabama, USA
Andres-F, JimenezOrtiz, Brenda V and
Precision Agriculture, vol. 22, (no. 2), pp. 475-492, Apr 2021. | Journal Article
Evaluation of Infrared Canopy Temperature Data in Relation to Soil Water-Based Irrigation Scheduling in a Humid Subtropical Climate
Lena, Bruno POrtiz, Brenda VJiménez-Lópe, Andres FSanz-Sáez, ÁlvaroO'Shaughnessy, Susan ADurstock, Mary K and Pate, Greg
Transactions of the ASABE, vol. 63, (no. 5), 2020. | Journal Article
Evaluation of Two Irrigation Scheduling Methods and Nitrogen Rates on Corn Production in Alabama
Ortiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, Kipling SDamianidis, DamianosDamianidis, DamianosDamianidis, DamianosKnappenberger, Thorsten JKnappenberger, Thorsten JKnappenberger, Thorsten JDougherty, MarkDougherty, Mark and Dougherty, Mark
International Journal of Agronomy, vol. 2020, 2020. | Journal Article
Evaluation of Two Recurrent Neural Network Methods for Prediction of Irrigation Rate and Timing
Jiménez, Andrés FOrtiz, Brenda VBondesan, LucaMorata, Guilherme and Damianidis, Damianos
Transactions of the ASABE, vol. 63, (no. 5), 2020. | Journal Article
Multispectral UAS Data Accuracy for Different Radiometric Calibration Methods
Poncet, Aurelie MKnappenberger, ThorstenBrodbeck, ChristianFogle, MichaelShaw, Joey N and Ortiz, Brenda V
Remote Sensing, vol. 11, (no. 16), Feb 2019. | Journal Article
Climate and Crops iBook: A resource to help Southeast farming adapt to a variable climate
Ortiz, Brenda V
Crops & Soils, vol. 51, (no. 2), pp. 32, March‐April 2018. | Journal Article
Minimum Temperature, Rainfall, and Agronomic Management Impacts on Corn Grain Aflatoxin Contamination
Damianidis, DamianosDamianidis, D.Damianidis, DamianosDamianidis, DamianosDamianidis, DamianosOrtiz, B.V.Ortiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VBowen, Kira LBowen, Kira LBowen, K.L.Bowen, Kira LBowen, Kira LWindham, Gary. LWindham, Gary. LWindham, Gary. LWindham, Gary. LWindham, G.L.Hoogenboom, GerritHoogenboom, GerritHoogenboom, GerritHoogenboom, G.Hoogenboom, GerritHagan, AustinHagan, AustinHagan, A.Hagan, AustinHagan, AustinKnappenberger, ThorstenKnappenberger, ThorstenKnappenberger, ThorstenKnappenberger, ThorstenKnappenberger, T.Abbas, Hamed KAbbas, Hamed KAbbas, Hamed KAbbas, H.K.Abbas, Hamed KScully, Brian TScully, Brian TScully, Brian TScully, B.T.Scully, Brian TMourtzinis, SpyridonMourtzinis, SpyridonMourtzinis, SpyridonMourtzinis, S. and Mourtzinis, Spyridon
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A Spatio–Temporal investigation of risk factors for aflatoxin contamination of corn in southern Georgia, USA using geostatistical methods
Kerry, RuthOrtiz, Brenda VIngram, Ben R and Scully, Brian T
Crop Protection, vol. 94, pp. 158, April 2017. | Journal Article
Strategic adaptation of nitrogen management for El Niño Southern Oscillation-induced winter wheat system
Sarkar, ReshmiSarkar, ReshmiOrtiz, BrendaOrtiz, BrendaBalkcom, Kipling and Balkcom, Kipling
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Adoption of precision agriculture technology in the Southeastern United States
Ortiz, Brenda V and Duzy, Leah M
Crops & Soils, vol. 49, (no. 6), pp. 9, November‐December 2016. | Journal Article
Climate Change and ENSO Effects on Southeastern US Climate Patterns and Maize Yield.
Mourtzinis, SpyridonOrtiz, Brenda V and Damianidis, Damianos
Scientific reports, vol. 6, pp. 29777, July 19, 2016. | Journal Article
Does decadal climate variation influence wheat and maize production in the southeast USA?
Tian, DiAsseng, SentholdMartinez, Christopher JMisra, VasubandhuCammarano, Davide and Ortiz, Brenda V
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol. 204, pp. 9, 2015-05-15. | Journal Article
El Niño–Southern Oscillation Effects on Winter Wheat in the Southeastern United States
Woli, PremWoli, P.Ortiz, B.V.Ortiz, Brenda VJohnson, JerryJohnson, J.Hoogenboom, Gerrit and Hoogenboom, G.
Agronomy Journal, vol. 107, (no. 6), pp. 2193, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Evaluation of Vegetation Indices for Early Assessment of Corn Status and Yield Potential in the Southeastern United States
Torino, Miguel STorino, MiguelTorino, Miguel SOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, BrendaOrtiz, Brenda VFulton, John PFulton, JohnFulton, John PBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, KiplingWood, CWood, C. Wesley and Wood, C. Wesley
Agronomy Journal, vol. 106, (no. 4), pp. 1389, 2014-00-00. | Journal Article
Corn Grain and Stover Yield Prediction at R1 Growth Stage
Mourtzinis, SpyridonMourtzinis, SpyridonArriaga, FranciscoArriaga, Francisco JBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, KiplingOrtiz, Brenda and Ortiz, Brenda V
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Evaluating the fidelity of downscaled climate data on simulated wheat and maize production in the southeastern US
Cammarano, DavideCammarano, DavideStefanova, LydiaStefanova, LydiaOrtiz, Brenda V.Ortiz, BrendaRamirez-rodrigues, MelissaRamirez-Rodrigues, MelissaAsseng, SentholdAsseng, SentholdMisra, VasubandhuMisra, VasubandhuWilkerson, GailWilkerson, GailBasso, BrunoBasso, BrunoJones, JamesJones, James W.Boote, KennethBoote, Kenneth J.DiNapoli, Steven and Dinapoli, Steven
Regional Environmental Change, vol. 13, pp. 101-110, Aug 2013. | Journal Article
Evaluation of agronomic and economic benefits of using RTK-GPS-based auto-steer guidance systems for peanut digging operations
Ortiz, Brenda ValeskaBalkcom, KBDuzy, L.Santen, E. and Hartzog, DL
Precision Agriculture, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 357-375, 2013. | Journal Article
Location, Seeding Date, and Variety Interactions on Winter Wheat Yield in Southeastern United States
Tapley, MathewTapley, MathewTapley, MathewOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, BrendaOrtiz, Brenda Vvan Santen, Edzardvan Santen, Edzardvan Santen, EdzardBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, Kipling SBalkcom, KiplingMask, PaulMask, PaulMask, PaulWeaver, DavidWeaver, David B and Weaver, David B
Agronomy Journal, vol. 105, (no. 2), pp. 509, 2013-00-00. | Journal Article
Warming up to climate change: a participatory approach to engaging with agricultural stakeholders in the Southeast US
Bartels, Wendy-LinBartels, Wendy-linFurman, CarrieFurman, Carrie A.Diehl, David C.Diehl, DavidRoyce, FredRoyce, Fred S.Dourte, Daniel R.Dourte, DanielOrtiz, Brenda V.Ortiz, BrendaZierden, DavidZierden, David F.Irani, TracyIrani, Tracy A.Fraisse, Clyde W.Fraisse, ClydeJones, James W. and Jones, James
Regional Environmental Change, vol. 13, pp. 45-55, Aug 2013. | Journal Article
Variable rate application of nematicides on cotton fields: a promising site-specific management strategy.
Ortiz, Brenda ValeskaPerry, CalvinSullivan, DanaLu, PingKemerait, RobertDavis, Richard FSmith, AmandaVellidis, George and Nichols, Robert
Journal of nematology, vol. 44, (no. 1), pp. 31-9, 2012/Mar. | Journal Article
Determining the impact of climate and soil variability on switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) production in the south‐eastern USA; a simulation study
Persson, TomasPersson, TomasOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda V.Bransby, David IBransby, David I.Wu, WeiWu, WeiHoogenboom, Gerrit and Hoogenboom, Gerrit
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, vol. 5, (no. 5), pp. 518, September/October 2011. | Journal Article
Geostatistical modeling of the spatial variability and risk areas of southern root-knot nematodes in relation to soil properties.
Ortiz, B VPerry, CGoovaerts, PVellidis, G and Sullivan, D
Geoderma, vol. 156, (no. 3-4), pp. 243-252, May 2010. | Journal Article
Simulating the production potential and net energy yield of maize-ethanol in the southeastern USA
Persson, TomasPersson, TomasPersson, T.Persson, TomasGarcia Y Garcia, AxelGarcia, Axel GGarcia y Garcia, AxelGarcia, A.Paz, Joel OPaz, Joel OPaz, Joel O.Paz, J.O.Ortiz, Brenda VOrtiz, Brenda VOrtiz, B.V.Ortiz, Brenda V.Hoogenboom, GerritHoogenboom, GerritHoogenboom, G. and Hoogenboom, Gerrit
European Journal of Agronomy, vol. 32, (no. 4), pp. 279, 2010. | Journal Article
Gender Differences in Reproductive and Physiological Traits in a Gynodioecious Species, Geranium maculatum (Geraniaceae)
Etten, Megan LPrevost, Luanna BDeen, A COrtiz, Brenda ValeskaDonovan, Lisa A and Chang, Shu Mei
International Journal of Plant Sciences, vol. 169, (no. 2), Feb 2008. | Journal Article