Research Areas:

  • Evaluation of site specific management practices with the use of precision agriculture technologies,
  • Evaluation of precision agriculture technologies for variable rate application of inputs (e.g., water, nutrient, seed), on-farm demonstration of precision irrigation strategies and technologies
  • Study and evaluation of technologies and methodologies to assess within-field soil, crop and yield variability,
  • Study of the impact of weather and climate on agriculture especially corn and wheat crops,
  • Identification of adaptation strategies to reduce climate-related risk in agriculture,
  • Use of field studies and crop growth simulation modeling to evaluate different management strategies for improving grain production.

Program Areas: Agronomic Crops

Environmental Science, Agronomy
PhD, University of Georgia, Athens, Biological, Agricultural Engineering, 2008
BS, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad del Valle, Colombia, Agricultural Engineering, 1997
agronomy soil sciences