11 Publications
Aerobic bacterial pretreatment to overcome algal growth inhibition on high-strength anaerobic digestates
Wang, QichenWang, QichenPrasad, RishiPrasad, RishiHiggins, Brendan T. and Higgins, Brendan T
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Facile one-pot synthesis of homologous (ZnO)k.In2O3 based thermoelectric ceramics (k = 3, 5 & 7) by glycine nitrate combustion method and their potential application in photocatalysis
Prasad, RishiWalke, Pravin S and Bhame, Shekhar D
Materials Research Express, vol. 6, (no. 8), pp. 85054, 2019-05-17. | Journal Article
Leaching and anaerobic digestion of poultry litter for biogas production and nutrient transformation
Chaump, KristinChaump, KristinChaump, KristinPreisser, MatthewPreisser, MatthewPreisser, MatthewShanmugam, Saravanan RShanmugam, Saravanan RShanmugam, Saravanan RPrasad, RishiPrasad, RishiPrasad, RishiAdhikari, SushilAdhikari, SushilAdhikari, SushilHiggins, Brendan THiggins, Brendan T and Higgins, Brendan T
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Projected heat stress challenges and abatement opportunities for U.S. milk production
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Global field experiments for potato simulations
Raymundo, RubiAsseng, SentholdPrasad, RishiKleinwechter, UlrichCondori, BrunoBowen, WalterWolf, JoostOlesen, JørgenDong, QiaoxueZotarelli, LincolnGastelo, ManuelAlva, AshokTravasso, Maria and Arora, Vijay
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Projected climate and agronomic implications for corn production in the Northeastern United States
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Crop model- and satellite imagery-based recommendation tool for variable rate N fertilizer application for the US Corn system
Jin, ZhenongPrasad, RishiShriver, John and Zhuang, Qianlai
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Performance of the SUBSTOR-potato model across contrasting growing conditions
Raymundo, RubíAsseng, SentholdPrassad, Rishi and Wolf, Joost
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Environmental Nitrogen Losses from Commercial Crop Production Systems in the Suwannee River Basin of Florida
Prasad, RishiRishi PrasadHochmuth, George and George J Hochmuth
PLoS One, vol. 11, (no. 12), pp. e0167558, Dec 1, 2016. | Journal Article
Estimation of nitrogen pools in irrigated potato production on sandy soil using the model SUBSTOR.
Prasad, RishiHochmuth, George J and Boote, Kenneth J
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Modeling the Effect of Temperature and Precipitation on Crop Residue Potential for the North Central Region of the United States
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