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Explore the sludge stabilization process in sludge drying bed by modeling study from mesocosm experiments.
He, JiajieChen, ZhongbingDougherty, MarkHu, Shanshan and Zuo, Xingtao
Environmental research, pp. 110837, February 4, 2021. | Journal Article
Managing biofilm growth and clogging to promote sustainability in an intermittent sand filter (ISF).
Chen, SiqiDougherty, MarkChen, ZhongbingZuo, Xingtao and He, Jiajie
The Science of the total environment, vol. 755, pp. 142477, February 10, 2021. | Journal Article
Numerical assessment of a soil moisture controlled wastewater SDI disposal system in Alabama Black Belt Prairie.
He, JiajieDougherty, Mark and Chen, Zhongbing
Chemosphere, vol. 263, pp. 128210, January 2021. | Journal Article
Assessing Parkinson's disease severity using speech analysis in non-native speakers
Khan, TahaLundgren, Lina EAnderson, David GNowak, IrenaDougherty, MarkVerikas, AntanasPavel, MishaJimison, HollyNowaczyk, Slawomir and Aharonson, Vered
Computer Speech & Language, vol. 61, pp. 101047, May 2020. | Journal Article
RRNPP-type quorum-sensing systems regulate solvent formation, sporulation and cell motility in Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum.
Feng, JunZong, WenmingWang, PixiangZhang, Zhong-TianGu, YanyanDougherty, MarkBorovok, Ilya and Wang, Yi
Biotechnology for biofuels, vol. 13, pp. 84, 2020. | Journal Article
Assessing Parkinson's disease severity using speech analysis in non-native speakers
Khan, TahaLundgren, LinaAnderson, David GNovak, IrenaDougherty, MarkVerikas, AntanasPavel, MishaJimison, HollyNowaczyk, Sławomir and Aharonson, Vered
Computer speech & language (Print), 2019. | Journal Article
Dural Ectasia in Neurofibromatosis 1: Case Series, Management, and Review
Polster, Sean PPolster, Sean PDougherty, Mark CDougherty, Mark CZeineddine, Hussein AZeineddine, Hussein ALyne, Seán BLyne, Seán BSmith, Heather LSmith, Heather LMacKenzie, CynthiaMacKenzie, CynthiaPytel, PeterPytel, PeterYang, Carina WYang, Carina WTonsgard, James HTonsgard, James HWarnke, Peter CWarnke, Peter CFrim, David M and Frim, David M
Neurosurgery, 2019-Jul-27. | Journal Article
Lifelong Learning for Engineering Graduates
Dougherty, MarkDougherty, MarkDavis, JeremiahDavis, JeremiahDavis, JonathanDavis, JonathanFasina, Oladiran and Fasina, Oladiran
Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World, vol. 26, (no. 5), pp. 6, 20190901. | Journal Article
Quantifying Thermal Characteristics of Stormwater through Low Impact Development Systems
LeBleu, CharleneLeBleu, CharleneLeBleu, CharleneDougherty, MarkDougherty, MarkDougherty, MarkRahn, KeithRahn, KeithRahn, KeithWright, AmyWright, AmyWright, AmyBowen, RyanBowen, RyanBowen, RyanWang, RuiWang, RuiWang, RuiOrjuela, JeissonOrjuela, JeissonBritton, KayleeBritton, Kaylee and Britton, Kaylee
Hydrology, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 16, 2019-02-05. | Journal Article
A comparative study between vehicle activated signs and speed indicator devices
Jomaa, DialaYella, Siril and Dougherty, Mark
Transportation Research Procedia, vol. 22, pp. 115, 2017. | Journal Article
Laboratory Methods Examining the Effects of Pavement Runoff
Rahn, Keith ADavis, Phillip and Dougherty, Mark
Procedia Engineering, vol. 196, pp. 534, 2017. | Journal Article
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue : Part 3 - An elephant never forgets
Dougherty, Mark
Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2017. | Journal Article
Verification of a Method for Measuring Parkinson's Disease Related Temporal Irregularity in Spiral Drawings
Aghanavesi, SomayehMemedi, MevludinDougherty, MarkNyholm, Dag and Westin, Jerker
Sensors, vol. 17, (no. 10), 2017. | Journal Article
Building Technical Skills and Success Skills
Dougherty, Mark
Resource Magazine, vol. 23, (no. 5), pp. 21, 2016. | Journal Article
Impacts of Forest to Urban Land Conversion and ENSO Phase on Water Quality of a Public Water Supply Reservoir
Elias, EmileElias, EmileRodriguez, HugoRodriguez, HugoSrivastava, PuneetSrivastava, PuneetDougherty, MarkDougherty, MarkJames, DarrenJames, DarrenSmith, Ryann and Smith, Ryann
Forests, vol. 7, (no. 2), pp. 29, 2016-01-27. | Journal Article
Machine Learning Algorithms in Heavy Process Manufacturing
Hansson, KarlYella, SirilDougherty, Mark and Fleyeh, Hasan
American Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2016. | Journal Article
A simple Landsat-MODIS fusion approach for monitoring seasonal evapotranspiration at 30 m spatial resolution
Bhattarai, NishanBhattarai, NishanQuackenbush, Lindi JQuackenbush, Lindi JDougherty, MarkDougherty, MarkMarzen, Luke J and Marzen, Luke J
International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 36, (no. 1), pp. 143, 1/2/2015. | Journal Article
Corrigendum to "A computer vision framework for finger-tapping evaluation in Parkinson's disease" [Artif. Intell. Med. 60 27-40]
Khan, TahaNyholm, DagWestin, Jerker and Dougherty, Mark
Artificial Intelligence In Medicine, vol. 64, (no. 2), pp. 159, 20150601. | Journal Article
Cost Effectiveness of Erosion Control Covers during Vegetation Establishment under Simulated Rainfall
Sidhu, Ramandeep SDougherty, MarkZech, Wesley C and Guertal, Beth
Journal of Water Resource and Protection, vol. 7, (no. 2), pp. 129, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Investigation on cu height process control method in BEOL Cu CMP
Yang, JiScheffler, DanielYocum, GerettMazzotti, Jason and Dougherty, Mark
2015 International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology (ICPT), pp. 3, 2015-Sept.. 2015-Sept.. | Conference Proceeding
Reliability of manual assessments in determining the types of vegetation on railway tracks
Yella, SirilNyberg, RogerGupta, Narendra and Dougherty, Mark
Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Information Systems and Applications, 2015. 2015. | Conference Proceeding
Reliability of manual assessments in determining the types of vegetation on railway tracks
Yella, SirilNyberg, Roger GGupta, Narendra K and Dougherty, Mark
Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2015, pp. 391, 2015. 2015. | Conference Proceeding
International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing, 2015-05-21. | Journal Article
Cepstral separation difference : a novel approach for speech impairment quantification in Parkinson’s disease
Khan, TahaWestin, Jerker and Dougherty, Mark
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 2014. | Journal Article
Data based Calibration System for Radar used by Vehicle Activated Signs
Jomaa, DialaYella, SirilDougherty, Mark and Edvardsson, Karin
Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing, 2014. | Journal Article