Subject Area(s):

  • Ecological and Water Resources Engineering
    • Ecological Engineering
      • Algal Bloom Prevention
      • Ecological Systems Modeling
      • Climate Variability
      • Low Impact Development
    • Soil & Water Conservation Engineering
      • Aquatic System Engineering
      • Agricultural & Landscape Irrigation
      • Water Quality and Quantity Modeling
      • Erosion & Sedimentation Control
      • Fate & Transport of Nutrients in Environment
      • Watershed Analysis & Management
      • Non-point Source Pollution
      • Nutrient Management & Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater
      • Ecological Waste Treatment
      • Sustainable Water Reuse for Irrigation

Keywords/Tags: Urban Water Management Irrigation Scheduling Erosion Control

PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2004
MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Agricultural Engineering, 1995
BS, Texas Tech University, Agricultural Engineering, 1990
BS, Clarion State College, Geography, 1978
biological engineering