25 Publications
Sediment Core Sectioning and Extraction of Pore Waters under Anoxic Conditions.
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Microbial community analysis of Deepwater Horizon oil-spill impacted sites along the Gulf coast using functional and phylogenetic markers.
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Level and Degradation of Deepwater Horizon Spilled Oil in Coastal Marsh Sediments and Pore-Water
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The binding nature of humic substances with arsenic in alluvial aquifers of Chianan Plain, southwestern Taiwan
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A comparative study on arsenic and humic substances in alluvial aquifers of Bengal delta plain (NW Bangladesh), Chianan plain (SW Taiwan) and Lanyang plain (NE Taiwan): implication of arsenic mobilization mechanisms
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Geochemical characterization of arsenic-affected alluvial aquifers of the Bengal Delta (West Bengal and Bangladesh) and Chianan Plains (SW Taiwan): Implications for human health
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Interrelationship of TOC, As, Fe, Mn, Al and Si in shallow alluvial aquifers in Chapai-Nawabganj, Northwestern Bangladesh: implication for potential source of organic carbon
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Characterization of copper bioreduction and biosorption by a highly copper resistant bacterium isolated from copper-contaminated vineyard soil
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Geochemical characteristics of the fluids and muds from two southern Taiwan mud volcanoes: Implications for water-sediment interaction and groundwater arsenic enrichment
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Reactive transport of trace elements and isotopes in the Eutaw coastal plain aquifer, Alabama
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Numerical Analysis of Poroelastic Processes in Crustal Rocks and Alluvial Sediments During Strong Earthquakes
Lee, Ming-KuoBaird, J. PWolf, L.Wang, C.jean, J.Meir, Amnon J and Affane, c.
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Numerical Analysis of Poroelastic Processes in Crustal Rocks and Alluvial Sediments During Strong Earthquakes
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Effects of hydrocarbon generation, basal heat flow and sediment compaction on overpressure development: a numerical study
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Effects of pH on Metals Precipitation and Sorption
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Effects of pH on Metals Precipitation and Sorption -- Field Bioremediation and Geochemical Modeling Approaches
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Effects of geologic heterogeneities on pump-and-treat and in situ bioremediation: A stochastic analysis
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Effects of Geologic Heterogeneities on Pump-and-Treat and In Situ Bioremediation: A Stochastic Analysis
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Paleohydrology of the Delaware basin, Western Texas: overpressure development, hydrocarbon migration, and ore genesis
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Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer in Deformed and Stratified Aquifers Associated with Frasch Thermal Mining
Williams, DDLee, Ming-KuoCrawford, JE and Tyree, PO
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Hands-On Laboratory Exercises for an Undergraduate Hydrogeology Course
Lee, Ming-Kuo
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A model of isotope fractionation in reacting geochemical systems
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Groundwater flow, late cementation, and petroleum accumulation in the Permian Lyons sandstone, Denver basin
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Quantitative models of fluid flow, chemical reaction, and stable isotopic fractionation and their application to sediment diagenesis and hydrothermal alteration (Dissertation)
Lee, Ming-Kuo (1993).