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A retrospective review and reflection on the alignment of SIMULATION with the evolving professional realm of Modeling and Simulation. SIMULATION
. | Journal Article
A Critical Review of Inductive Logic Programming Techniques for Explainable AI.
Zhang, ZhengYilmaz, Levent and Liu, Bo
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, vol. PP, April 5, 2023. | Journal Article
Scherer, W.T.Tolk, A.Loper, M.L.Barry, P. and Yilmaz, L.
Simulation of online food ordering delivery strategies using multi-agent system models
Zou, GuangyuGao, MingTang, Jiafu and Yilmaz, Levent
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Explainable Neuro-Symbolic Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Hitzler, P.Sarker, M.K.Lyu, D.Yang, F.Kwon, H.Liu, B.Dong, W. and Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 235-252)
Model credibility revisited: Concepts and considerations for appropriate trust
Yilmaz, L. and Liu, B.
Journal of Simulation, vol. 16, pp. 312-325. | Journal Article
Online food ordering delivery strategies based on deep reinforcement learning
Zou, G.Tang, J.Yilmaz, L. and Kong, X.
Applied Intelligence, vol. 52, pp. 6853-6865. | Journal Article
TDM: Trustworthy Decision-Making Via Interpretability Enhancement
Lyu, DaomingYang, FangkaiKwon, HughDong, WenYilmaz, Levent and Liu, Bo
(pp. 450–461). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Understanding Narrative-Driven Intergroup Conflict Dynamics Using Computational Cognitive Coherence Maps
Yilmaz, Levent
Social Science Computer Review, vol. 40, pp. 1285–1301. | Journal Article
TDM: Trustworthy decision-making via interpretability enhancement
Lyu, D.Yang, F.Kwon, H.Dong, W.Yilmaz, L. and Liu, B.
Learning Rule-Based Explanatory Models from Exploratory Multi-Simulation for Decision-Support under Uncertainty
Rodriguez, B. and Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 2293-2304)
Managing structural variability in agent-based models with feature coherence graphs
Yilmaz, Levent
International Journal of Simulation & Process Modelling , vol. 15, (no. 5), pp. 439-453, 2020. | Journal Article
Transformation from SysML to RePast and Back
?am, S.Görür, B.K.Ledet, J.O?uztüzün, H. and Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 845-850)
A cognitive architecture for verifiable system ethics via explainable autonomy
Yilmaz, L. and Sivaraj, S.
A quantum cognition model for simulating ethical dilemmas among multi-perspective agents
Yilmaz, Levent
Journal of Simulation, pp. 9, 2019-04-19. | Journal Article
Cogent: a coherence-driven cognitive agent modelling and experimentation framework
Yilmaz, Levent and Sivaraj, Sunit
International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling, vol. 14, (no. 1), pp. 36, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Credible Agent-Based Simulation - An Illusion or only A Step Away
Onggo, B.S.Yilmaz, L.Klugl, F.Terano, T. and MacAl, C.M.
(pp. 273-284)
On the use of model-driven engineering principles for the management of simulation experiments
Day?ba?, O.O?uztüzün, H. and Y?lmaz, L.
Journal of Simulation, vol. 13, pp. 83-95. | Journal Article
Panel discussion: Moving social-behavioral modeling forward
O’Mahony, A.Davis, P.K.Appling, S.Brashears, M.E.Briscoe, E.Carley, K.M.Epstein, J.M.Matthews, L.J.Rand, W.Reilly, S.N.Rouse, W.B.Swarup, S.Tolk, A.Vardavas, R. and Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 753-787)
Predetermined Rollbacks: An extension to Time Warp for spatially parallel agent-based simulation
Görür, Bilge Kaanİmre, Kayhan MOğuztüzün, Halit and Yilmaz, Levent
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, vol. 95, pp. 77, September 2019. | Journal Article
Rapid prototyping of cognitive agent simulations using C-BML transformations
Topçu, Okan and Yilmaz, Levent
The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology, pp. 154851291986022, 2019-07-04. | Journal Article
Self-organization models of urban traffic lights based on digital infochemicals
Zou, Guangyu and Yilmaz, Levent
SIMULATION, vol. 95, (no. 3), pp. 285, 20190300. | Journal Article
Toward self-aware models as cognitive adaptive instruments for social and behavioral modeling
Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 569-586)
Generative parallax simulation: Creative cognition models of emergence for simulation-driven model discovery
Yilmaz, L.
(pp. 59-75)