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The Legal Implications for Privies, as Compared to Real Parties in Interest, in Patent Office Post-Grant Proceedings
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Effects of changing climate and cultivar on the phenology and yield of winter wheat in the North China Plain.
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Large increase in dissolved inorganic carbon flux from the Mississippi River to Gulf of Mexico due to climatic and anthropogenic changes over the 21st century.
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North American terrestrial CO2 uptake largely offset by CH4 and N2O emissions: toward a full accounting of the greenhouse gas budget
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Post-validation of SWAT model in a coastal watershed for predicting land use/cover change impacts
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Responses of Crop Water Use Efficiency to Climate Change and Agronomic Measures in the Semiarid Area of Northern China.
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Climate and land use controls on soil organic carbon in the loess plateau region of China.
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Complex spatiotemporal responses of global terrestrial primary production to climate change and increasing atmospheric CO2 in the 21st century.
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Multi-factor controls on terrestrial carbon dynamics in urbanized areas
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An Interview with Paul J. Luckern chief administrative law judge : U.S. International Trade Commission
Pan, Susan
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Recent patent decisions in the intermediate people's courts of China
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Considerations for modifying inter-partes reexam and implementing other post-grant review
Pan, Susan
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Considerations for modifying inter-partes reexam and implementing other post-grant review
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