2 Grants
INFEWS: U.S.-China: Integrated systems modeling for sustainable FEW nexus under multi-factor global changes: Innovative comparison between Yellow River and Mississippi River Basins
Tian, HanqinLu, ChaoqunPan, Shufen and Miao, Ruiqing
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate For Geosciences, Division Of Earth Sciences (ID: 1903722), $500,000USD, 07/01/2019 -- 06/30/2023
NRT: Addressing resiliency to climate-related hazards and disasters through data-informed decision making
Srivastava, PuneetMc Neal, KarenPan, ShufenBurton, Christopher and Tian, Di
National Science Foundation (NSF), Direct For Education and Human Resources, Division Of Graduate Education (ID: 1922687), $2,998,770USD, 09/01/2019 -- 08/31/2024