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Parent and peer social-emotional support as predictors of depressive symptoms in the transition into and out of college
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Close relationships and depression: A developmental cascade approach
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Personality, romantic relationships, and alcohol use disorder symptoms in adolescence and young adulthood: An evaluation of personality × social context interplay
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Close relationships and depression: A developmental cascade approach.
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Genetic and Environmental Influences on Parent-Child Conflict and Child Depression Through Late Adolescence
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Key personality traits and alcohol use disorder symptoms in first and second year college students: detangling antecedent from consequence.
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The Developmental Unfolding of Sibling Influences on Alcohol Use over Time
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A Genetic Epidemiological Mega Analysis of Smoking Initiation in Adolescents
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Co-Development between Key Personality Traits and Alcohol Use Disorder from Adolescence through Young Adulthood
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Increased Risk for Smoking in Female Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Childhood
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Antisocial peer affiliation and externalizing disorders: Evidence for Gene × Environment × Development interaction.
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Antisocial peer affiliation and externalizing disorders in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood: Selection versus socialization effects.
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A Test-Replicate Approach to Candidate Gene Research on Addiction and Externalizing Disorders: A Collaboration Across Five Longitudinal Studies
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Romantic relationships and alcohol use: A long-term, developmental perspective
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Gene-environment interplay between parent-child relationship problems and externalizing disorders in adolescence and young adulthood.
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Identity Development in a Transracial Environment: Racial/Ethnic Minority Adoptees in Minnesota
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Parent involvement, sibling companionship, and adolescent substance use: A longitudinal, genetically informed design.
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Sibling Facilitation Mediates the Association Between Older and Younger Sibling Alcohol Use in Late Adolescence.
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Externalizing Disorders and Environmental Risk: Mechanisms of Gene-Environment Interplay and Strategies for Intervention.
Samek, Diana R and Hicks, Brian M
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General and Specific Predictors of Nicotine and Alcohol Dependence in Early Adulthood: Genetic and Environmental Influences
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The developmental progression of age 14 behavioral disinhibition, early age of sexual initiation, and subsequent sexual risk-taking behavior
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Adoptees’ curiosity and information-seeking about birth parents in emerging adulthood
Wrobel, Gretchen MillerGrotevant, Harold DSamek, Diana R and Korff, Lynn Von
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Overview of Behavioral Genetics Research for Family Researchers.
Samek, DianaRueter, Martha and Koh, Bibiana
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Peer Deviance, Alcohol Expectancies, and Adolescent Alcohol Use: Explaining Shared and Nonshared Environmental Effects Using an Adoptive Sibling Pair Design
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