Dr. Murray's teaching interests center on research-based methods for introducing literacy to children, particularly in elementary school. He has taught survey courses in reading methods and in reading and writing across the curriculum, and clinical courses in reading acquisition and in remediation of reading difficulties. He has also addressed issues in language arts and children's literature. Dr. Murray's research has focused on children's development of phoneme awareness, the recognition that ''sounds'' represented by letters are the phonemes that compose spoken words. Phoneme awareness has been closely linked to success in beginning reading. Dr. Murray has worked on defining and assessing phoneme awareness, and on teaching phoneme awareness to young children through explicit instruction and through children's literature. Children's development of phoneme awareness; The recognition of phonemes in spoken word contexts; Teaching spelling, vocabulary, fluency, and letter recognition, and in scaffolding oral reading.

Academic Area: Reading Education

Curriculum and Instruction
PhD, University of Georgia, Reading Education, 1995
MSEd, Southwest Missouri State University, Reading Education, 1990
MSEd, Southwest Missouri State University, Educational Administration, 1981
BA, Quincy University, Philosophy and Psychology, 1973
children's literature human learning and memory language arts reading education writing or composition education curriculum development literacy elementary education