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Abstract 3856: Elucidating the role of fibroblasts in CRPC and ADPC progression using 3D engineered prostate cancer tissues
Habbit, Nicole L.Anbiah, BenjaminSuresh, JoshitaTian, YuanAnderson, Luke S.Davies, Megan L.Hassani, ImanGhosh, Taraswi MitraPrabhakarpandian, BalabhaskarArnold, Robert D. and Lipke, Elizabeth A.
(pp. 3856–3856). American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
Pharmacokinetics of Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole in the Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)
Kehoe, Spencer P.Divers, StephenMayer, JoergComolli, JessicaJasper, Shanese and Arnold, Robert
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV)
pH-Sensitive Liposomes for Enhanced Cellular Uptake and Cytotoxicity of Daunorubicin in Melanoma (B16-BL6) Cell Lines
Pharmaceutics. | Journal Article
Recent Advancements of Stimuli-Responsive Targeted Liposomal Formulations for Cancer Drug Delivery
Alrbyawi, HamadPoudel, IshworAnnaji, ManjushaArnold, Robert D.Tiwari, Amit K. and Babu, R. Jayachandra
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, vol. 10. | Journal Article
Tunable three-dimensional engineered prostate cancer tissues for in vitro recapitulation of heterogeneous in vivo prostate tumor stiffness.
Acta biomaterialia. | Journal Article
Abstract 1354: Deciphering the functional basis of synergy between taxanes and TAK715: A novel repurposed drug candidate in treatment-refractory aggressive prostate cancer
Chakravarti, SayakMazumder, SumanHemmati, FarnazAmiri, FarshadGhosh, Taraswi MitraMukherjee, Ujjal KumarMistriotis, PanagiotisMoore, TimothyArnold, RobertYates, Clayton and Mitra, Amit Kumar
American Association for Cancer Research
Abstract 1355: A novel andrographolide analogue (3A.1) synergizes with Taxane derivatives in aggressive metastatic prostate cancers through upregulation of heatshock proteins and downregulation of MAT2A-mediated cell migration and invasion
Ghosh, Taraswi MitraKansom, TeeratasMazumder, SumanDavis, JoshuaAlnaim, AhmedBird, AedanOpanasopit, PMitra, Amit K. and Arnold, Robert
American Association for Cancer Research
A Dietary Intervention High in Green Leafy Vegetables Reduces Oxidative DNA Damage in Adults at Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer: Biological Outcomes of the Randomized Controlled Meat and Three Greens (M3G) Feasibility Trial
Nutrients. | Journal Article
Determination of amikacin stability at 1% and 3% concentrations in four topical solutions over a 56 day period
Klinczar, Arden M.Griffies, Joel D.Bateman, Fiona L.Arnold, Robert D.Jasper, Shanese L. and Brown, Austin R.
Veterinary Dermatology. | Journal Article
Doxorubicin induces dysregulation of AMPA receptor and impairs hippocampal synaptic plasticity leading to learning and memory deficits
Alhowail, Ahmad H.Alhowail, Ahmad HPinky, Priyanka D.Pinky, Priyanka DEggert, MatthewEggert, MatthewBloemer, JennaBloemer, JennaWoodie, Lauren NWoodie, Lauren N.Buabeid, Manal ABuabeid, Manal A.Bhattacharya, SubhrajitBhattacharya, SubhrajitJasper, Shanese L.Jasper, Shanese LBhattacharya, DwipayanBhattacharya, DwipayanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanDhanasekaran, MuralikrishnanEscobar, MarthaEscobar, MarthaArnold, Robert D.Arnold, Robert DSuppiramaniam, Vishnu and Suppiramaniam, Vishnu
Heliyon, vol. 7, pp. e07456. | Journal Article
Effects of 12-Week Multivitamin and Omega-3 Supplementation on Micronutrient Levels and Red Blood Cell Fatty Acids in Pre-menopausal Women
Osburn, Shelby C.Roberson, Paul A.Medler, Jessica A.Shake, JacobArnold, Robert D.Alamdari, NimaBucci, Luke R.Vance, ArianneSharafi, MastanehYoung, Kaelin C. and Roberts, Michael D.
Frontiers in Nutrition, vol. 8. | Journal Article
Identification and Characterization of Key Differentially Expressed Genes Associated With Metronomic Dosing of Topotecan in Human Prostate Cancer
Ghosh, Taraswi MitraMitra Ghosh, TaraswiWhite, JasonWhite, JasonDavis, JoshuaDavis, JoshuaMazumder, SumanMazumder, SumanKansom, TeeratasKansom, TeeratasSkarupa, ElenaSkarupa, ElenaBarnett, Grafton S.Barnett, Grafton S.Piazza, Gary A.Piazza, Gary A.Bird, R. CurtisBird, R. CurtisMitra, Amit K.Mitra, Amit K.Yates, ClaytonYates, ClaytonCummings, Brian S.Cummings, Brian S.Arnold, Robert D. and Arnold, Robert D.
Frontiers in Pharmacology, vol. 12. | Journal Article
Recent Advances in Lipid-Based Nanovesicular Delivery Systems for Melanoma Therapy
Kurakula, MalleshKurakula, M.Chen, LiChen, L.Tiwari, Amit K.Tiwari, A.K.Srinivas, Nuggehally R.Srinivas, N.R.Dash, Ranjeet PrasadDash, R.P.Panizzi, Peter R.Panizzi, P.R.Arnold, R.D.Arnold, Robert D.Babu, R. Jayachandra and Jayachandra Babu, R.
Critical Reviews™ in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems, vol. 38, pp. 1–38. | Journal Article
Resveratrol-loaded nanomedicines for cancer applications
Annaji, M.Poudel, I.Boddu, S.H.S.Arnold, R.D.Tiwari, A.K. and Babu, R.J.
Cancer Reports. | Journal Article
The Andrographolide analogue 3A.1 synergizes with Taxane derivatives in aggressive metastatic prostate cancers by upregulation of Heat Shock proteins and downregulation of MAT2A-mediated cell migration and invasion
Ghosh, Taraswi MitraMitra Ghosh, TaraswiKansom, TeeratasKansom, TeeratasMazumder, SumanMazumder, SumanDavis, JoshuaDavis, JoshuaAlnaim, Ahmed SAlnaim, Ahmed SJasper, Shanese LJasper, Shanese LZhang, ChuZhang, ChuBird, AedanBird, AedanOpanasopit, PraneetOpanasopit, PraneetMitra, Amit KumarMitra, Amit KumarArnold, Robert D and Arnold, Robert D
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, pp. JPET–AR–2021–000898. | Journal Article
Application of Extrusion-Based 3D Printed Dosage Forms in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Annaji, M.Ramesh, S.Poudel, I.Govindarajulu, M.Arnold, R.D.Dhanasekaran, M. and Babu, R.J.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 109, pp. 3551-3568. | Journal Article
Co-Delivery of Hispolon and Doxorubicin Liposomes Improves Efficacy Against Melanoma Cells
Al Saqr, A.Al Saqr, A.Aldawsari, M.F.Aldawsari, M.F.Alrbyawi, H.Alrbyawi, H.Poudel, I.Poudel, I.Annaji, M.Annaji, M.Mulabagal, V.Mulabagal, V.Ramani, M.V.Ramani, M.V.Gottumukkala, S.Gottumukkala, S.Tiwari, A.K.Tiwari, A.K.Dhanasekaran, M.Dhanasekaran, M.Panizzi, P.R.Panizzi, P.R.Arnold, R.D.Arnold, R.D.Babu, R.J. and Babu, R.J.
AAPS PharmSciTech, vol. 21. | Journal Article
Dexamethasone eluting 3D printed metal devices for bone injuries
Therapeutic Delivery. | Journal Article
Elucidating the anti-melanoma effect and mechanisms of Hispolon
Life Sciences. | Journal Article
Pharmacokinetics of multivesicular liposomal encapsulated cytarabine when administered subcutaneously in dogs
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. | Journal Article
Role of PLA2R1 and sPLA2 on Drug Release and Uptake of Liposome Nanoparticles in Prostate Cancer
Alnaim, Ahmed SaadArnold, RobertEggert, MatthewNie, BenJasper, ShaneseDavis, JoshuaPanizzi, PeterCummings, Brian and Quach, Nhat
(pp. 1–1). Wiley
Safe Nanoparticles: Are We There Yet?
International Journal of Molecular Sciences. | Journal Article
Abstract 991: Secretory phospholipase A2 as a trigger for drug release in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer. Cancer
-Book chapter-
In Animal-Based Materials in the Formulation of Nanocarriers for Anticancer Therapeutics. Polymeric Nanoparticles as a Promising Tool for Anti-cancer Therapeutics
Co-delivery of Doxorubicin and Ceramide in a Liposomal Formulation Enhances Cytotoxicity in Murine B16BL6 Melanoma Cell Lines
AAPS PharmSciTech . | Journal Article