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High performance polypyrrole coating for corrosion protection and biocidal applications
Nautiyal, AmitNautiyal, AmitNautiyal, AmitQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuCook, Jonathan EdwinCook, Jonathan EdwinCook, Jonathan EdwinZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuHuang, Tung ShiHuang, Tung-Shi and Huang, Tung-Shi
Applied Surface Science, vol. 427, pp. 930, 2018-01-01. | Journal Article
Recent progress on nanostructured conducting polymers and composites: synthesis, application and future aspects
Zhang, Lin张麟Du, Wenya杜文雅Nautiyal, Amit柳祯Liu, ZhenZhang, Xinyu and 张新宇
Science China Materials, vol. 61, (no. 3), pp. 352, 20180300. | Journal Article
Co-delivery of zinc and 5-aminosalicylic acid from alginate/N-succinyl-chitosan blend microspheres for synergistic therapy of colitis
Duan, HaogangDuan, HaogangLu, ShaoyuLü, ShaoyuQin, HongyanQin, HongyanGao, ChunmeiGao, ChunmeiBai, XiaoBai, XiaoWei, YuhuiWei, YuhuiWu, Xin’anWu, Xin'anLiu, MingzhuLiu, MingzhuLiu, ZhenZhang, XinyuZhang, Xinyu and Liu, Zhen
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, vol. 516, (no. 1-2), pp. 224, 2017-01-10. | Journal Article
Highly efficient flame retardant, flexible, and strong adhesive intumescent coating on polypropylene using hyperbranched polyamide
Li, XuesongLi, XuesongZhao, ZhileiZhao, ZhileiWang, YuanhangWang, YuanhangYan, HongYan, HongZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuXu, Bingshe and Xu, Bingshe
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 324, pp. 250, 2017-09-15. | Journal Article
Microwave energy assisted carbonization of nanostructured conducting polymers for their potential use in energy storage applications
Poyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukFlogel, MarissaFlogel, MarissaLiu, ZhenLiu, ZhenZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Pure and Applied Chemistry, vol. 89, (no. 1), pp. 182, 2017-1-1. | Journal Article
Structural modification of ammonium polyphosphate by DOPO to achieve high water resistance and hydrophobicity
Yan, HongYan, HongZhao, ZhileiZhao, ZhileiWang, YuanhangWang, YuanhangJin, QingJin, QingZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Powder Technology, vol. 320, pp. 21, October 2017. | Journal Article
Synthesis of PEGylated polyglutamic acid peptide dendrimer and its application in dissolving thrombus
Zhang, XinyuZhang, Shao-FeiZhang, Shao-FeiGao, ChunmeiGao, ChunmeiLü, ShaoyuLü, ShaoyuLu, ShaoyuHe, JiujunHe, JiujunLiu, ZhenLiu, YijingLiu, MingzhuLiu, MingzhuWu, CanWu, CanLiu, YijingZhang, Xinyu and Liu, Zhen
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, vol. 159, pp. 292, 2017-11-01. | Journal Article
Co-delivery of zinc and 5-aminosalicylic acid from alginate/N-succinyl-chitosan blend microspheres for synergistic therapy of colitis.
Duan, HaogangLü, ShaoyuQin, HongyanGao, ChunmeiBai, XiaoWei, YuhuiWu, Xin'anLiu, MingzhuZhang, Xinyu and Liu, Zhen
International journal of pharmaceutics, vol. 516, (no. 1-2), pp. 214-224, November 13, 2016. | Journal Article
Nano-clip based composites with a low percolation threshold and high dielectric constant
Zhang, LinZhang, XinyuZhang, LinLiu, ZhenLiu, ZhenLu, XuLu, XuYang, GuangYang, GuangZhang, XinyuCheng, Z.-Y and Cheng, Z-Y
Nano Energy, vol. 26, pp. 557, August 2016. | Journal Article
Ultrafast Microwave Nano-manufacturing of Fullerene-Like Metal Chalcogenides
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenZhang, LinZhang, LinWang, RuigangWang, RuigangPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukCook, JonathanCook, JonathanBozack, Michael JBozack, Michael J.Das, SiddharthaDas, SiddharthaZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuHu, Liangbing and Hu, Liangbing
Scientific reports, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 22503, 2016-Mar-02. | Journal Article
Conductive interpenetrating networks of polypyrrole and polycaprolactone encourage electrophysiological development of cardiac cells
Spearman, Benjamin SSpearman, Benjamin SHodge, Alexander JHodge, Alexander JPorter, John LPorter, John LHardy, John GHardy, John GDavis, Zenda DDavis, Zenda DXu, TengXu, TengZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuSchmidt, Christine ESchmidt, Christine EHamilton, Michael CHamilton, Michael CLipke, Elizabeth A and Lipke, Elizabeth A
Acta Biomaterialia, vol. 28, pp. 120, December 2015. | Journal Article
One-step solution combustion synthesis of cobalt–nickel oxides/C/Ni/CNTs nanocomposites as electrochemical capacitors electrode materials
Kang, LitaoKang, LitaoDeng, JiachunDeng, JiachunLiu, TiejunLiu, XuguangLiu, TiejunCui, MangweiCui, MangweiZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuLi, PeiyangLi, PeiyangLi, YingLi, YingLiu, XuguangLiang, Wei and Liang, Wei
Journal of Power Sources, vol. 275, pp. 135, 2015-02-01. | Journal Article
Ultrafast Microwave Welding/Reinforcing Approach at the Interface of Thermoplastic Materials
Poyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukZhang, LinZhang, LinSchroder, AlbrechtSchroder, AlbrechtZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 7, (no. 40), pp. 22477, 20151014. | Journal Article
An ultrafast microwave approach towards multi-component and multi-dimensional nanomaterials
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenLiu, ZhenZhang, LinZhang, LinZhang, LinPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukSmith, JamesSmith, JamesSmith, JamesKushvaha, VinodKushvaha, VinodKushvaha, VinodTippur, HareeshTippur, HareeshTippur, HareeshZhang, XinyuZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
RSC Advances, vol. 4, (no. 18), pp. 9308, 2014-00-00. | Journal Article
One-step synthesis and characterization of poly(o-toluidine) nanofiber/metal nanoparticle composite networks as non-enzymatic glucose sensors
Poyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukLiu, ZhenLiu, ZhenLiu, YangLiu, YangLu, NingLu, NingKim, Moon J.Kim, Moon JZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, vol. 201, pp. 74, 2014-10-01. | Journal Article
Ultrafast Cr(vi) removal from polluted water by microwave synthesized iron oxide submicron wires
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenChen, LongChen, LongZhang, LinZhang, LinPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukGuo, ZhanhuGuo, ZhanhuZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuZhu, Jiahua and Zhu, Jiahua
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), vol. 50, (no. 59), pp. 8039, 2014-Jul-28. | Journal Article
Conducting Polymer - Metal Nanocomposites Synthesis and Their Sensory Applications
Liu, Z.Liu, ZhenZhang, L.Zhang, LinPoyraz, S.Poyraz, SelcukZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, X. Y.
Current Organic Chemistry, vol. 17, (no. 20), pp. 2267, 2013-October. | Journal Article
Devulcanization of Scrap Ground Tire Rubber and Successive Carbon Nanotube Growth by Microwave Irradiation
Poyraz, S.Poyraz, SelcukLiu, Z.Liu, ZhenLiu, Y.Liu, YangZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, X. Y.
Current Organic Chemistry, vol. 17, (no. 20), pp. 2248, 2013-October. | Journal Article
Self-assembly behavior of pH- and thermo-responsive hydrophilic ABCBA-type pentablock copolymers synthesized by consecutive RAFT polymerization
Chen, JiucunChen, J. C.Liu, M. Z.Liu, MingzhuGao, C. M.Gao, ChunmeiLu, S. Y.Lü, ShaoyuZhang, XinyuZhang, X. Y.Liu, Z. and Liu, Zhen
RSC Advances, vol. 3, (no. 35), pp. 15085, 2013-00-00. | Journal Article
Ultra-small and innocuous cationic starch nanospheres: preparation, characterization and drug delivery study.
Huang, YinjuanLiu, MingzhuGao, ChunmeiYang, JinlongZhang, XinyuZhang, Xinjie and Liu, Zhen
International journal of biological macromolecules, vol. 58, pp. 231-9, 2013/Jul. | Journal Article
Facile synthesis of polypyrrole coated copper nanowires: a new concept to engineered core–shell structures
Liu, YangLiu, YangLiu, ZhenLiu, ZhenLu, NingLu, NingPreiss, ElisabethPreiss, ElisabethPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukKim, Moon JKim, Moon JZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), vol. 48, (no. 20), pp. 2623, 2012-Mar-07. | Journal Article
Recent advances in microwave initiated synthesis of nanocarbon materials
Zhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuLiu, Zhen and Liu, Zhen
Nanoscale, vol. 4, (no. 3), pp. 714, 20120119. | Journal Article
Green-nano approach to nanostructured polypyrrole
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenLiu, YangLiu, YangPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), vol. 47, (no. 15), pp. 4423, 2011-Apr-21. | Journal Article
Poptube approach for ultrafast carbon nanotube growth
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenWang, JialaiWang, JialaiKushvaha, VinodKushvaha, VinodPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukTippur, Hareesh VTippur, HareeshPark, SeongyongPark, SeongyongKim, MoonKim, Moon JLiu, YangLiu, YangBar, JohannesBar, JohannesChen, HangChen, HangZhang, Xinyu and Zhang, Xinyu
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), vol. 47, (no. 35), pp. 9914, 2011-Sep-21. | Journal Article
Oxidative Template for Conducting Polymer Nanoclips
Liu, ZhenLiu, ZhenZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuPoyraz, SelcukPoyraz, SelcukSurwade, Sumedh PSurwade, Sumedh PManohar, Sanjeev K and Manohar, Sanjeev
Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 132, (no. 38), pp. 13159, 20100929. | Journal Article