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Identification of potential QTLs and genes associated with seed composition traits in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) using GWAS and RNA-Seq analysis.
Zhang, HuiLi Wang, MingDang, PhatJiang, TaoZhao, ShuzhenLamb, Marshall and Chen, Charles
Gene, vol. 769, pp. 145215, February 15, 2021. | Journal Article
Transcriptome Profile Reveals Drought-Induced Genes Preferentially Expressed in Response to Water Deficit in Cultivated Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.).
Wang, XuWang, XuYang, XinleiYang, XinleiFeng, YuchengFeng, YuchengDang, PhatDang, PhatWang, WenwenWang, WenwenGraze, RitaGraze, RitaClevenger, Josh PClevenger, Josh PChu, YeChu, YeOzias-Akins, PeggyOzias-Akins, PeggyHolbrook, CorleyHolbrook, CorleyChen, Charles and Chen, Charles
Frontiers in plant science, vol. 12, pp. 645291, 2021. | Journal Article
Identification of QTLs for resistance to leaf spots in cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) through GWAS analysis.
Zhang, HuiChu, YeDang, PhatTang, YueyiJiang, TaoClevenger, Josh PaulOzias-Akins, PeggyHolbrook, CorleyWang, Ming LiCampbell, HowardHagan, Austin and Chen, Charles
TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, vol. 133, (no. 7), pp. 2051-2061, July 2020. | Journal Article
Comparison of Arachis monticola with Diploid and Cultivated Tetraploid Genomes Reveals Asymmetric Subgenome Evolution and Improvement of Peanut
Yin, DongmeiJi, ChangmianSong, QingxinZhang, WankeZhang, XingguoZhao, KunkunChen, Charles YWang, ChuantangHe, GuohaoLiang, ZheMa, XingliLi, ZhongfengTang, YueyiWang, YuejunLi, KeNing, LonglongZhang, HuiZhao, KaiLi, XumingYu, HaiyanLei, YanWang, MingchengMa, LimingZheng, HongkunZhang, YijingZhang, JinsongHu, Wei and Chen, Z. Jeffrey
Advanced Science, pp. 1901672, 2019-11-28. | Journal Article
Construction of High-Density Genetic Map and Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci for Growth Habit-Related Traits of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Chen, Charles Y
Frontiers in Plant Science, 2019-06-01. | Journal Article
Development of a goosegrass (Eleusine indica) draft genome and application to weed science research
Zhang, HuiZhang, HuiZhang, HuiHall, NathanHall, NathanHall, NathanGoertzen, Leslie RGoertzen, Leslie RGoertzen, Leslie RBi, BoBi, BoBi, BoChen, Charles YChen, Charles YChen, Charles YPeatman, EricPeatman, EricPeatman, EricLowe, Elijah KLowe, Elijah KLowe, Elijah KPatel, JineshPatel, JineshPatel, JineshMcElroy, Joseph SMcElroy, Joseph S and McElroy, Joseph S
Pest Management Science, vol. 75, (no. 10), pp. 2784, October 2019. | Journal Article
Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Unique Relationships Among Eleusine Species and Heritage of Eleusine coracana
Zhang, HuiZhang, HuiZhang, HuiHall, NathanHall, NathanHall, NathanGoertzen, Leslie RGoertzen, Leslie RGoertzen, Leslie RChen, Charles YChen, Charles YChen, Charles YPeatman, EricPeatman, EricPeatman, EricPatel, JineshPatel, JineshPatel, JineshMcElroy, J ScottMcelroy, J. Scott and Mcelroy, J. Scott
G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, vol. 9, (no. 6), pp. 2036, 2019-04-01. | Journal Article
Changes of Seed Weight, Fatty Acid Composition, and Oil and Protein Contents from Different Peanut FAD2 Genotypes at Different Seed Developmental and Maturation Stages
Wang, Ming LiChen, Charles YTonnis, BrandonPinnow, DavidDavis, JerryAn, Yong-Qiang Charles and Dang, Phat
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 66, (no. 14), pp. 3665, 20180411. | Journal Article
Identification of expressed R-genes associated with leaf spot diseases in cultivated peanut.
Dang, Phat MLamb, Marshall CBowen, Kira L and Chen, Charles Y
Molecular biology reports, November 30, 2018. | Journal Article
Population structure and association mapping to detect QTL controlling tomato spotted wilt virus resistance in cultivated peanuts
Li, JingLi, XiaoLi, JingLi, XiaoLi, XiaoLi, JingTang, YueyiTang, YueyiTang, YueyiJacobson, Alana LJacobson, Alana LJacobson, Alana LDang, Phat MDang, Phat MDang, Phat MWang, Ming LiWang, Ming LiWang, Ming LiHagan, AustinHagan, AustinHagan, AustinChen, Charles YChen, Charles Y and Chen, Charles Y
The Crop Journal, vol. 6, (no. 5), pp. 526, October 2018. | Journal Article
Refining a major QTL controlling spotted wilt disease resistance in cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and evaluating its contribution to the resistance variations in peanut germplasm
Zhao, ZifanTseng, Yu-ChienPeng, ZeLopez, YolandaChen, Charles YTillman, Barry LDang, Phat and Wang, Jianping
BMC genetics, vol. 19, (no. 1), pp. 17, 2018-03-23. | Journal Article
Soybean Resistance to White Mold: Evaluation of Soybean Germplasm Under Different Conditions and Validation of QTL
Kandel, RamkrishnaChen, Charles YGrau, Craig RDorrance, Ann ELiu, Jean QWang, Yang and Wang, Dechun
Frontiers in plant science, vol. 9, pp. 505, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
A genome-wide association study of seed composition traits in wild soybean (Glycine soja)
Leamy, Larry JLeamy, Larry JZhang, HengyouZhang, HengyouLi, ChangbaoLi, ChangbaoChen, Charles YChen, Charles YSong, Bao Hua and Song, Bao-Hua
BMC genomics, vol. 18, (no. 1), pp. 18, 2017-01-05. | Journal Article
Environmental versus geographical effects on genomic variation in wild soybean (Glycine soja) across its native range in northeast Asia
Leamy, Larry JLeamy, Larry JLee, Cheng‐RueiLee, Cheng RueiSong, QijianSong, QijianMujacic, IbroMujacic, IbroLuo, YanLuo, YanChen, Charles YChen, Charles YLi, ChangbaoLi, ChangbaoKjemtrup, SusanneKjemtrup, SusanneSong, Bao Hua and Song, Bao‐Hua
Ecology and Evolution, vol. 6, (no. 17), pp. 6344, September 2016. | Journal Article
Seed Protein Percentage and Mineral Concentration Variability and Their Correlation with Other Seed Quality Traits in the U.S. Peanut Mini-Core Collection
Wang, Ming LiGrusak, Michael AChen, Charles YTonnis, BrandonBarkley, Noelle AEvans, StaciePinnow, DavidDavis, JerryPhillips, Robert DHolbrook, C. Corley and Pederson, Gary A
Peanut Science, vol. 43, (no. 2), pp. 125, 2016-07-00. | Journal Article
Development and Utilization of InDel Markers to Identify Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Disease Resistance
Dang, Phat M and Chen, Charles Y
Frontiers in Plant Science, 2015-11-01. | Journal Article
Registration of Purified Accessions for the U.S. Peanut Mini‐Core Germplasm Collection
Chen, Charles YBarkley, Noelle AWang, Ming LHolbrook, C. Corley and Dang, Phat M
Journal of Plant Registrations, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 85, January 2014. | Journal Article
Evaluation of five peanut (Arachis hypogaea) genotypes to identify drought responsive mechanisms utilising candidate-gene approach
Dang, Phat MChen, Charles Y and Holbrook, C. Corley
Functional Plant Biology, vol. 40, (no. 12), pp. 1323, 2013-00-00. | Journal Article
Heritability and Genetic Relationships for Drought-Related Traits in Peanut
Chen, CharlesNuti, RussellRowland, DianeFaircloth, WilsonLamb, Marshall and Harvey, Ernest
Crop Science, vol. 53, (no. 4), pp. 1392-1402, Jul/Aug 2013. | Journal Article
Modified method for combined DNA and RNA isolation from peanut and other oil seeds
Dang, PhatDang, PhatChen, Charles and Chen, Charles
Molecular Biology Reports, vol. 40, (no. 2), pp. 1568, 20130200. | Journal Article
Oil, fatty acid, flavonoid, and resveratrol content variability and FAD2A functional SNP genotypes in the U.S. peanut mini-core collection.
Wang, Ming LChen, Charles YTonnis, BrandonBarkley, Noelle APinnow, David LPittman, Roy NDavis, JerryHolbrook, C CStalker, H T and Pederson, Gary A
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, vol. 61, (no. 11), pp. 2875-82, 2013/Mar/20. | Journal Article
Registration of ‘AU‐1101’ Peanut
Chen, Charles YErnest Harvey, JLamb, Marshall C and Touchton, Joseph T
Journal of Plant Registrations, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 21, January 2013. | Journal Article
An integrated genetic linkage map of cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) constructed from two RIL populations.
Qin, HongdeFeng, SupingChen, Charles YGuo, YufangKnapp, StevenCulbreath, Albert KHe, GuohaoWang, Ming LZhang, XinyouHolbrook, C COzias-Akins, Peggy and Guo, Baozhu
TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, vol. 124, (no. 4), pp. 653-64, 2012/Mar. | Journal Article
Identification of drought-induced transcription factors in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Holbrook, Corley CDang, Phat M and Chen, Charles Y
Journal of Molecular Biochemistry, 2012-10-01. | Journal Article
Variability in Field Response of Peanut Genotypes from the U.S. and China to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Leaf Spots
Li, YanCulbreath, Albert KChen, Charles YKnapp, Steve JHolbrook, C. Corley and Guo, Baozhu
Peanut Science, vol. 39, (no. 1), pp. 37, 2012-01-00. | Journal Article