A large component of my current research program is also focused on better understanding vector-virus interactions responsible for transmission of plant pathogens, including genetic mechanisms of vector-transmission in insect and pathogen populations, how population-level processes shape viral genetic diversity and evolution, and the epidemiological significance of these interactions. My lab researches thrips transmitted tospoviruses, aphid transmitted Cotton leafroll dwarf virus, and whitefly transmitted begomoviruses. Currently, my lab is investigating the effect of whitefly transmission on evolution of East African cassava mosaic virus, African cassava mosaic virus, Tomato mottle virus and Tomato yellow leaf curl virus to better understand the impact of whitefly transmission on begomovirus genetic diversity and evolution.


  • Toxicology, Resistance Management, Row Crop Pests
  • Cryptic Species Complexes
  • Field Crops Entomology
Plant Pathology, Entomology
PhD, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, Entomology, 2012
MS, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Entomology, 2008
BS, New Mexico State University, Agricultural Biology, 2004