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Biotic and abiotic stress distinctly drive the phyllosphere microbial community structure
Estimating peanut and soybean photosynthetic traits using leaf spectral reflectance and advance regression models
Buchaillot, Ma. LuisaBuchaillot, Ma LSoba, DavidSoba, DavidShu, TianchuTianchu, ShuLiu, JuanLiu, JuanAranjuelo, IkerAraus, José LuisAraus, José LBrett, Runion GRunion, G. BrettPrior, Stephen APrior, Stephen A.Kefauver, Shawn C. and Sanz-Saez, Alvaro
Planta, vol. 255. | Journal Article
Montes, Christopher MFox, CarolynSanz-SáezSerbin, Shawn PKumagai, EtsushiKrause, Matheus DXavier, AlencarSpecht, James EBeavis, William DBernacchi, Carl JDiers, Brian W and Ainsworth, Elizabeth A
Genetics. | Journal Article
Selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria strains for the capability to use orange peel show significant yield increases in soybean grown under field conditions
The Response to Inoculation with PGPR Plus Orange Peel Amendment on Soybean Is Cultivar and Environment Dependent
Silva, Maria Letı́cia PachecoMoen, Francesco S.Liles, Mark R.Feng, Yuchen and Sanz-Saez, Alvaro
Plants, vol. 11, pp. 1138. | Journal Article
Tolerance to mid‐season drought in peanut can be achieved by high water use efficiency or high efficient use of water. Crop Science
Effects of elevated [CO2] on photosynthesis and seed yield parameters in two soybean genotypes with contrasting water use efficiency
Soba, DavidShu, TianchuRunion, G. BrettPrior, Stephen A.Fritschi, Felix B.Aranjuelo, Iker and Sanz-Saez, Alvaro
Environmental and Experimental Botany, vol. 178, pp. 104154. | Journal Article
Changes in environmental CO.sub.2 concentration can modify Rhizobium-soybean specificity and condition plant fitness and productivity
Sanz-Saez, AlvaroPerez-Lopez, Usuedel-Canto, ArantzaOrtiz-Barredo, AmaiaMena-Petite, AmaiaAranjuelo, IkerMunoz-Rueda, Alberto and Lacuesta, Maite
Environmental and Experimental Botany, vol. 162, pp. 133, 20190601. | Journal Article
Drought tolerance response of high‐yielding soybean varieties to mild drought: physiological and photochemical adjustments
Physiologia Plantarum. | Journal Article
Impact of elevated CO.sub.2 and drought on yield and quality traits of a historical durum wheat
Erice, GorkaSanz-Saez, AlvaroGonzalez-Torralba, JonMendez-Espinoza, AnaUrretavizcaya, InesNieto, MariaSerret, MariaAraus, JoseIrigoyen, Juan and Aranjuelo, Iker
Journal of Cereal Science, vol. 87, pp. 194, 20190501. | Journal Article
Using Carbon Isotope Discrimination to Assess Genotypic Differences in Drought Resistance of Parental Lines of Common Bean
Sanz-Saez, AlvaroMaw, Michael J.WPolania, Jose ARao, Idupulapati MBeebe, Stephen E and Fritschi, Felix B
Crop Science, vol. 59, (no. 5), pp. 2153, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Carbon Isotope Ratio Fractionation among Plant Tissues of Soybean
The Plant Phenome Journal. | Journal Article
Leaf and canopy scale drivers of genotypic variation in soybean response to elevated carbon dioxide concentration
Sanz Saez, AlvaroSanz-Sáez, ÁlvaroKoester, Robert PRosenthal, David MMontes, Christopher MOrt, Donald R and Ainsworth, Elizabeth A
Global Change Biology, vol. 23, pp. 3908–3920. | Journal Article
P Deficiency: A Major Limiting Factor for Rhizobial Symbiosis
Sanz Saez, AlvaroMorales, Fermı́nArrese-Igor, Cesar and Aranjuelo, Iker
(pp. 21–39). Springer International Publishing
Wheat ear carbon assimilation and nitrogen remobilization contribute significantly to grain yield
Zhou, BangweiSanz Saez, AlvaroSerret, Maria DoloresElazab, AbdelhalimPie, Jordi BortAraus, José LuisAranjuelo, Iker and Sanz-Sáez
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, vol. 58, pp. 914–926. | Journal Article
Agronomic and physiological responses of Chinese facultative wheat genotypes to high-yielding Mediterranean conditions.
Sanz Saez, Alvaro
Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 154: 870-889. | Journal Article
Carbon balance, partitioning and photosynthetic acclimation in fruit-bearing grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Tempranillo) grown under simulated climate change (elevated CO2, elevated temperature and moderate drought) scenarios in temperature gradient greenhouses.
Sanz Saez, Alvaro
Journal Plant Physiology, 174: 97-109. | Journal Article
Differential CO2 effect on primary carbon metabolism of flag leaves in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)
Sanz Saez, Alvaro
Plant, Cell, and Environment, 38: 2780-2794. | Journal Article
How Does High Temperature Affect Legume Nodule Symbiotic Activity?
Sanz Saez, AlvaroAranjuelo, IkerAldasoro, JosebaArrese-Igor, CésarErice, Gorka and Sanz-Sáez
(pp. 67–87). Springer International Publishing
Inoculation with an enhanced N2-fixing Bradyrhizobium japonicum strain response to elevated [CO2]
Sanz-sáezSanz Saez, AlvaroSanz-saez, AlvaroHeath, KatyHeath, Katy D.Burke, PatriciaBurke, Patricia V.Ainsworth, Elizabeth A. and Ainsworth, Elizabeth
Plant, Cell and Environment, vol. 38, (no. 12), pp. 2589, 20151201. | Journal Article
Inoculation with an enhanced N2-fixingBradyrhizobium japonicumstrain (USDA110) does not alter soybean (Glycine max\hspace0.25emMerr.) response to elevated [CO2]
Sanz-sáezSanz Saez, AlvaroSanz-saez, AlvaroHeath, KatyHeath, Katy D.Burke, PatriciaBurke, Patricia V.Ainsworth, Elizabeth A. and Ainsworth, Elizabeth
Plant, Cell & Environment, vol. 38, pp. 2589–2602. | Journal Article
Harvest index combined with impaired N availability constrains the responsiveness of durum wheat to elevated CO2 concentration and terminal water stress.
Sanz Saez, Alvaro
Functional Plant Biology, 41: 1138-1147. | Journal Article
Photosynthetic down-regulation in N2-fixing alfalfa under elevated CO2 alters rubisco content and decreases nodule metabolism via nitrogenase and tricarboxylic acid cycle
Erice, GorkaSanz Sáez, AlvaroAroca, RicardoRuı́z-Lozano, Juan ManuelAvice, Jean-ChristopheIrigoyen, Juan JoséSanchez-Diaz, Manuel and Aranjuelo, Iker
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, vol. 36, pp. 2607–2617. | Journal Article
Physiological traits contributed to the recent increase in yield potential of winter wheat from Henan Province, China
Zhou, BangweiSanz Saez, AlvaroSanz-SáezElazab, AbdelhalimShen, TianminSánchez-Bragado, RutBort, JordiSerret, Maria Dolors and Araus, José Luis
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, vol. 56, pp. 492–504. | Journal Article
Harvest index, a parameter conditioning responsiveness of wheat plants to elevated CO2
Aranjuelo, IkerSanz Saez, AlvaroSanz-SáezJauregui, IvánIrigoyen, Juan J.Araus, José L.Sánchez-Dı́az, Manuel and Erice, Gorka
Journal of Experimental Botany, vol. 64, pp. 1879–1892. | Journal Article