I am interested on studying how plants react to abiotic stress, and which strategies they use to thrive in in adverse environmental situations. I focus my research on detecting genotypic variation to abiotic stress such as drought, high temperature and elevated [CO2]. I am also interested on how symbiotic organisms such as bacteria (rhizobium) associate with agronomical crops and how this association can improve the plant response under a stress situation.

As the techniques used to measure plant responses to environmental stress are tedious and difficult to apply in field conditions, I am also interested in the research of new techniques that allow us to measure plant traits in a cheaper and high pace way (high-throughput phenotyping), such as NIRS, thermal cameras, and hyper-spectral cameras and analyzers.


Crop Production, Management, Physiology

Past Affiliations
PhD, University of Navarra, Spain, Plant Biology, 2011
BS, University of Navarra, Spain, Biology, 2007
BS, University of Navarra, Spain, Biochemistry, 2007
abiotic stress phenotyping drought high temperature water use efficiency crop science photosynthesis plant breeding plant sciences nitrogen fixation symbiosis phenotype carbon dioxide
English, Spanish
Crop Science Society of America