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25 patents on disinfection agents since 1984
Worley, Shelby D (Inventor).
Auburn University (Assignee). US
Biocidal siloxane coating material containing N-halogenated amine and amide functional groups
Worley, Shelby DChen, YongjunLiang, JieWu, RongBarnes, KevinBroughton, Roy MCho, Unchin and Lee, Jaewoong (Inventors).
N-halamine acrylamide monomers and copolymers thereof for biocidal coatings
Worley, Shelby DBroughton, Roy MKocer, Hasan B and Cerkez, Idris (Inventors).
N-halamine siloxanes for use in biocidal coatings and materials
Worley, Shelby DChen, YongjunWang, Jia-WangWu, Rong and Li, Yanjun (Inventors).