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Biotic and abiotic stress distinctly drive the phyllosphere microbial community structure
Crosstalk and trade-offs: Plant responses to climate change-associated abiotic and biotic stresses
Impact of climate change on storage conditions for major agricultural commodities across the contiguous United States
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Haplotype-phased genome and evolution of phytonutrient pathways of tetraploid blueberry
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Genome sequence of M6, a diploid inbred clone of the high‐glycoalkaloid‐producing tuber‐bearing potato species Solanum chacoense, reveals residual heterozygosity
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Impact of choice of future climate change projection on growth chamber experimental outcomes: a preliminary study in potato
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Differential iridoid production as revealed by a diversity panel of 84 cultivated and wild blueberry species
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Meiotic crossovers are associated with open chromatin and enriched with Stowaway transposons in potato
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Genome Reduction Uncovers a Large Dispensable Genome and Adaptive Role for Copy Number Variation in Asexually Propagated Solanum tuberosum
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Ozone Exposure Response for U.S. Soybean Cultivars: Linear Reductions in Photosynthetic Potential, Biomass, and Yield
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The effects of salinity on photosynthesis and growth of the single-cell [C.sub.4] species Bienertia sinuspersici
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