My overall research interests focus on understanding plant responses to their environment, with a focus on abiotic stress imposed by future climate change. Specifically, my research focuses on understanding plant responses to climate variability using a multi-faceted approach that integrates physiology, genomics, modeling and metabolomics. A major goal of my research program is to link complex physiological phenotypes associated with plant production, quality and nutritional losses with their underlying biochemical and genetic mechanisms in order to engineer a sustainable future food supply in light of global climate change. My teaching interests align with my research interests and are focused on plant physiology, plant specialized metabolites and genomics/bioinformatics.

Biological Science
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Plant Biology, 2014
MSc, Washington State University, Botany, 2009
BS, College of William and Mary, Biology and Environmental Science, 2007
agriculture bioinformatics natural products climate change plant physiology or morphology stress response genomics