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Larval development of Culex quinquefasciatus in water with low to moderate.
Noori, NavidehLockaby, B Graeme and Kalin, Latif
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Urbanization effects on leaf litter decomposition, foliar nutrient dynamics and aboveground net primary productivity in the subtropics
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Urbanization effects on soil nitrogen transformations and microbial biomass in the subtropics
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A comparison of carbon and nitrogen stocks among land uses/covers in coastal Florida
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Soil Biogeochemical Processes across a Lateral Toposequence in an Old-Growth Floodplain Forest
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Changes in Wetland Forest Structure, Basal Growth, and Composition across a Tidal Gradient
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Emerging issues along urban-rural interfaces: an introduction to the special issue
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The effect of increasing salinity and forest mortality on soil nitrogen and phosphorus mineralization in tidal freshwater forested wetlands
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Assessment of Fecal Coliform and Escherichia Coli Across a Land Cover Gradient in West Georgia Streams
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Century-Scale Responses of Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Flux to Multiple Environmental Changes in the Southern United States
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Impacts of urbanization on carbon balance in terrestrial ecosystems of the Southern United States.
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Research Gaps Related to Forest Management and Stream Sediment in the United States
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Urbanization in the Southeastern United States: Socioeconomic forces and ecological responses along an urban-rural gradient
Nagy, R. C and Lockaby, Bruce Graeme
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Water resources and land use and cover in a humid region: the southeastern United States.
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Biogeochemical Influences Associated with Sedimentation in Riparian Forests of the Southeastern Coastal Plain
Jolley, Rachel LLockaby, Bruce Graeme and Governo, Robin M
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Predicting Water Quality in Unmonitored Watersheds Using Artificial Neural Networks
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The effect of Amazonian Eucalyptus plantations on soil aggregates and organic matter density fractions
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Floodplain Ecosystems of the Southeast: Linkages Between Forests and People
Lockaby, Bruce Graeme
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Horticulture, hybrid cultivars and exotic plant invasion: a case study of Wisteria (Fabaceae)
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Performance of compost filter socks and conventional sediment control barriers used for perimeter control on construction sites
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Productivity of Ephemeral Headwater Riparian Forests Impacted by Sedimentation in the Southeastern United States Coastal Plain
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Bi-Parental Cytoplasmic DNA Inheritance in Wisteria (Fabaceae): Evidence from a Natural Experiment
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Channel morphology and sediment origin in streams draining the Georgia Piedmont
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