Lockaby is an expert in floodplain biogeochemistry and ecology, water quality, and environmental health.

Research Interests: Biogeochemistry of Floodplain Forests; Decomposition, Relationships between Nutrient Circulation and NPP; Effects of Urban Sprawl on Water Quality, Biogeochemistry of Riparian Forests

Research interests:

  • Biogeochemistry of floodplain forests
  • Decomposition, relationships between nutrient circulation and NPP
  • Effects of urban sprawl on water quality, biogeochemistry of riparian forests.

Subject areas:

  • Forest Biology and Ecology
  • Water and Soils
  • Health
  • Forestry
  • Natural Resources Management
Wildlife and Wetlands Science, Forestry
PhD, Mississippi State University, Agronomy, 1981
MS, Clemson University, Forestry, 1977
BS, Clemson University, Forestry, 1975
vector borne diseases one health mosquito ticks forest ecology biogeochemistry water quality