Research Interests:

  • Comparative and functional genomics in animal health and diseases:
  • Genomics and metagenomics on host-microbial interactions
  • Assorted topics in evolutionary genomics

Keywords: Genomics; Epigenomics; Metagenomics; Evolution; Gene Expression

Our lab is focused on the health and disease in animals to improve companion animal heath, enhance livestock and aquaculture production, health and welfare, through the advancement of veterinary genomics and biotechnology. 


  • Genomic Imprinting
  • X Chromosome Inactivation
  • Allelic Imbalance
  • cis vs. trans Regulation
  • DNA Methylation

The Wang laboratory's primary research area is multi-omics analysis of health, performance, production, welfare and disease in companion and farm animals, with emphasis in both fundamental sciences to veterinary/agricultural applications.

One research interest is genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression in vertebrates and insects. The main focus is allele-specific expression (ASE), allele-specific DNA methylation (ASM) and allele-specific histone modifications.

Another research interest is the DNA methylation evolution, sex-biased gene expression, host-microbe interaction, mitochondrial-nuclear genome interaction, telomeric repeat and satellite repeat evolution using the model of parasitoid jewel wasps. 


Assistant Professor, Department of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University

Adjunct Faculty Investigator, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

Past Affiliations

Research Associate, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University (past)

Veterinary Medicine
PhD, Cornell University, Genetics and Genomics, 2011
BS, Fudan University, Biological Sciences, 2004
veterinary medicine human population and genetics epigenetics gene expression entomology genetics dna sequencing ribonucleic acid, rna genomics evolution
Chinese, English
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Entomology Society of America
Genetics Society of America
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
The American Society of Human Genetics