15 Publications
Parkinsonian Balance Deficits Quantified Using a Game Industry Board and a Specific Battery of Four Paradigms
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An Entropy-Based Model for Basal Ganglia Dysfunctions in Movement Disorders
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Non-linear dynamics in parkinsonism.
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Effect of rate-alteration on speech perception in noise in older adults with normal hearing and hearing impairment.
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Intertester reliability of the acceptable noise level.
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The audiology capstone.
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Effects of reverberation on acceptable noise level measurements in younger and older adults
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Effects of reverberation on acceptable noise level measurements in younger and older adults
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Effects of reverberation upon the perception of dysarthric speech
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Effects of Reverberation upon the Perception of Dysarthric Speech (Clinical Report)
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Effects of speech rate, background noise, and simulated hearing loss on speech rate judgment and speech intelligibility in young listeners.
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Effect of noise on judgment of speech rate and speech understanding performance with and without simulated hearing loss (Dissertation)
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Effect of Noise on Judgment of Speech Rate and Speech Understanding Performance with and without Simulated Hearing Loss (Dissertation)
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Older adult performance on an altered version of the SSI test.
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